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    Politics, Religion, and Romantic Love

    in Lifestyle

    Tme passes too quickly to have our romantic loved messed with!  Do you feel somthing is lacking in your love life?  Are you looking for something more than a romp in the hay?  Do you know that politics and religion affect your love life or the other person you are with?  How?  Today we will talk about love and the subtle impacts on your love life.

    Would you like to me more aware (conscious) in the love making department.  You will learn the secret today and you will learn how easy it is to play a new love song!  I know you want it!

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    Erotic Talk with King Noire

    in Romance

    Join me in this sensual erotic and intimate conversation with our special guest, King Noire. The king of Fetish and fantasies. Tonight we’ll unleash the juicy and the steamy with Kings experience in the adult entertainment industry. As well as how he brings out the true desires of the sensual and seductive fetish of the lovely queens, he comes into contact with. Breaking through their fears and connecting with their hidden fetish, fantasies, and passionate desires. This is a show you won’t want to miss. It’s about to get hot, and wet, right here, on Erotic Talk Radio.

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    Happy New Year full of Romantic Love and Wealth!

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    What could make your new year the best ever?  Would you like power, money, romantic-love?  Would you like to be at the right place at the right time to welcome in your new year?  Are you looking for a sweetheart?  Are you tired of being in the lonely heart club year after year?

    What do you want out of life?  Do you feel like something is missing?  It is, your ancestors left nature years ago and your family has not needed to follow nature or humans since that time. You have two minds and you can use them both, the choice is yours.  Follow as in the ancient bicameral mind, or, lead the way as in using the conscious mind that was man-created in order to leave living in nature.  Could it be this simple?  Yes, it can be this simple.  If someone or something is in your way, ask yourself:  WHY?

    Vow to be more awake in 2016. Make your New Year's Resolution, tonight at midnight, to leave the followign mentality behind.  You will look better from the front and rear if you do!  Smile I was trying to be funny!  Seriously now, knowing you have two minds gives you options in romantic-love, money and power situations!   Do not let your value slide!  

    Go after the beauty queen or the handsome prince who will let you think for yourself and value you for doing so!  A win-win situation is what you need and if one is of greater value the other will suffer!

    Don't let your next year be one of missing "Tonight's the night!"  I promise you will find tips to bring in a more prosperous new year!

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    Erotic Stimulation and Sexual Sensation with Pink Heffs Natural Herbal Blend

    in Romance

    Join us, for another steamy erotic conversation tonight, right here, on Erotic Talk Radio. Tonight we’ll be talking to Mr. Magic, of Pink Heffs. A natural herbal blend, that gets you wet, and so sexually stimulated, you will want to climb up on your man again and again and….. did I mention again. Tonight, we are going to get into how this herbal blend can open your sex centers, and have you feeling  so aroused, it will send you on a sexual high. And as always, this is a stimulating conversation you don’t want to miss.

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    An Evening of Erotic Open Discussion & Q & A

    in Romance

    Join us tonight for an evening of erotic open discussion, where anything goes. You never know where this evenings topic will take us, or where we’ll take it. But if you want to bring up a topic, have a question or a comment, or just want to get into what we’re getting into… then join us right here on Erotic Talk Radio, where we always keep it hot, juicy, and erotic.

    We’ll be touching on some topics from FB, and speaking of FB, if you’re on FB check out our group page, Erotic Talk Radio and ask to join the group. Hope to see you there.

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    Romantic Relationships

    in Film

    In my line of work i see people go in and out of Romantic Relationships hell the world can see my peers do it on Magizines and TV News shows Like TMZ it has been my experiance at the age of 29 that my Romance has always taken too much of my time Romantic Relationships there really is no benfit for men when it comes to Romance society likes to teach young men that they are lucky when a woman has sex with them but i digress I am to selfish to want to put a high maintince Romantic Relationship over my goals and my career i took the RED PILL and I am Proud to be a Thriveing MGTOW a Man Going His Own Way 

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    in Spirituality

    “All my life men have told me I wasn’t pretty enough–even the men I was dating. And I’d be like, ‘Well, why are you with me, then?'” Lil’ Kim confesses. “It’s always been men putting me down just like my dad. To this day when someone says I’m cute, I can’t see it. I don’t see it no matter what anybody says.”


    If you can’t believe that you’re worth anything, then how can anyone else? Medically speaking, the mind is a powerful tool that make or your break your health. Tests have been done time and time again using people who have simply thought about getting better versus those who didn’t believe they would feel better. Using the same medical therapy across patients, 90% of those who did believe actually felt better and had a favorable feeling once leaving the hospital.

    Lets explore this provocative conversation today on the LOVE JOURNEY, INC. Tune in at 6:00am central/ 7:00 am eastern (602)753-1902 or (712)432-0900 772719

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    Romantic DIY Love Potions Ask The Aromatherapist w/ Monica Bickerstaff:

    in Spirituality

    Ask The Aromatherapist w/ Monica Bickerstaff:Romantic DIY Love Potions

    There are certain scents that arouse the senses, bringing forth an amorous mood that is perfect for Valentine’s Day romance. But how do you concoct just the right romantic love potion or aromatherapy recipe for the love of your life?

    Join us for some HOMEMADE LOVE! Grab your "recipe" books and wellness journals for a sensual half hour of romantic love potions, bath salts and titillating massage oils.

    Date: Friday February 5, 2016

    Time: 11:00 am

    Location: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thespiritwithinu

    Call in to speak to host 646.929.0765

    Show Host:

    Karen Marie Campbell, MBA, RScP (License Practitioner) Certified Transformational Coach through Dr. Wendy Dearborne, Adssa James Institute and a Certified Spirit Guide Coach through Deborah King, Deborah King Center.

     Monica Bickerstaff Riley, MSJ, ChP, is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach with clinical expertise as a Certified Aromatherapist/Master Herbalist and an Award-winning Journalist. She began her scientific study and received her clinical certification of practice from New York’s The Flynn School of Herbology in 1999. Monica then furthered her scholarship at The New York Open Center where she graduated with distinction and was awarded an internship with OB/GYN and Traditional Chinese Medicine Naturopath Dr. Jonathan Lu in 2000.

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    Orgasmic Erotica with the Erotic Tarot Deck!

    in Spirituality

    Join in the erotic mystery and fun with Rev. Goddess and use your sexual energy to help her give you messeges from the other side. Learn how to unite sex and spirit and be guided into your divine birthright of prosperity on earth! Your sexual energy if your life force and merging with your heart consciousness allows for your blessed life to manifest! Call in and get a quick reading live with Rev. Goddess. Listen to her give blind readings to us all and most importantly join in with her guided visualization into to erotic vortex we all need to raise our erotic vibration! Goddess Blessings 

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    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Goddess in the Erotic Spirit Bubble and help her test a new level of mystical readings of your spirit body.  She will guide all into a connecting sex and heart center and then into a sexual fantasy to arouse your erotic body into the dimension where your unconscious wants to be seen shared and used to help you remove what no longer serves and evolve into your healty balance to be in alignment with your Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth. Let's have fun while Rev. Goddess gives you messages and answers through her sensuous mystic consciousness!