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    The Red Pill LIVE!- "Awakening the Kundalini" w/Barry Raccio, Yogi

    in Pop Culture

    This week Joe Peterson & Steve McManus explore the intriquing woorld of Yoga with Yogi Barry Raccio, Kundalini Yoga Practicioner. We will discuss the various forms of Yoga & how they are different, what Kundalini energy is and how it works, the importance of the Chakras, how meditation fits in and how and why we should open up this amazing source of power.

    Barry has studied Kundalini Yoga with esteemed teachers Yogi Bhajan, Gurmukh and Mahan Rishi. His Hatha and Vinyasa training comes from Shiva Rea, Bryan Kest and and certified through Rolf Gates. Barry has close to 500 hours of yogic education.He's through many incarnations as an actor, dancer, yoga entrepreneur, salesman, fitness trainer, celebrity massage therapist, event producer, seminar producer, published songwriter and devoted son. With over 15 years of teaching experience, He draws from the moment, through intuition to share what yoga means; aligning body, mind, heart and breath with the present divine moment. Barry thrives on introducing beginners to the practice of yoga and taking the intermediate Yogi to new levels.


    Twitter: @Truth_is_Scary


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    Green Peace On Earth

    in Environment

    Rolf Skar
    Director of Greenpeace’s USA’s Forest Campaign

    From protecting our oceans to protecting our forests to promoting toxin free living to promoting sustainable agriculture, Greenpeace is front and center on issues that impact all of our lives. Since 2007, Rolf has contributed to international Greenpeace campaigns to stop deforestation in the Canadian boreal forest, the Paradise forests of Southeast Asia and the Brazilian Amazon. Be prepared to hear about why the kind of toilet paper and tissue paper you use matters. Get ready to have some of the myths you might have in your mind about Greenpeace challenged as Rolf shares with us Greenpeace’s leadership role in ancient forest protection as well as their pioneering work with a new certification system called the Forest Stewardship Council. Skar will explain why we need to do logging, that we do it the right way, and that it’s sustainable for the future. Listen and learn with me! This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Special Edition- AWAKENING 101 With Cohost Fernando Vossa

    in Spirituality

    This is a special event show free for everyone! Michelle Walling and Fernando Vossa of Searle Magnetics will present Awakening 101, which is a topic many people are needing to understand as the masses of humanity awaken to who they are and why they are here. Topics will include awakening symptoms, the dark night of the soul, what to tell your friends and family, the 11:11 phenomena, synchronicity, and basic awakening terminology and practices. We will also talk about the exciting changes Searle Magnetics will be bringing to humanity this year, as this is THE year to advance in leaps and bounds.

    We will be taking your calls in the second half of the show. We already have two special guest callers lined up to share their experiences with you:

    Bryony Rolf will be joining us from the UK. Bryony is a meditation teacher and light healer and has great information to share about beginning practices. Dustin Bond is joining us from Texas, USA and is an avid Facebook group leader and activist with important basic information about what is happening with our control systems and how to deal with it.

    We will have a whole hour alloted to taking YOUR calls!

    So, you are awake but you want to know where to go from here? Tune in and hang on, because we all have a very important job to do!

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    Recovering from Recovery guest Rolf Ankermann

    in Health

    This episode of Saint Jude Retreats' Radio show features author Rolf Ankermann, author of Freedom to Recover, which chronicles his reflections along his very personal journey of addiction and recovery including why AA doesn’t and can’t work and how the end of selfishness leads to an authentic and meaningful life without relapse. Topics in the news include if medical marijuana can pass in NY, how Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe quit drinking when it didn’t make him happy, and listener questions on moderating alcohol use in midlife and how to seek help with post partum feelings of depression.

     “Altruistic and empathetic intent, followed by intuitive and thoughtful action, equals an authentic and meaningful life.”  Rolf Ankermann

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    Project Empowerment - Mario Hostios

    in Self Help

    Project Empowerment is excited to have on Mario Hostios.

    Mario Hostios has over 25 years experience in the field of fitness and holistic health. He holds credentials from the Russian Kettlebell Certification, Functional Movement Screen, Chek Institute, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and others. Unique and different from others in his field; Mario’s consistent message and method of  natural hormone optimization and functional fascial integration guarantees life changing, transformational results for his clients! And yes, it works for both men & women!

    Hailed by experts as a breakthrough in the management of chronically slowed metabolism and painful joints, Mario’s proprietary approach to addressing issues such as thyroid, diabetes, inflammation, and arthritis with exercise, organic food, and natural means yields results where others fall short. As hormonal and joint problems are becoming more common, Mario’s methodologies are the missing link to real success in your efforts to get in shape…and stay in shape!

    Mario also works with select fitness professionals to teach his system of Functional Fascial Integration on a monthly basis. Functional Fascial Integration represents Mario’s innovations on the work of Ida Rolf (Rolfing), Paul St John (neuromuscular therapy), Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains) to create a system of bodywork that seamlessly integrates with corrective exercise to approximate the benefits of care by elite level body therapists in a way you can reproduce yourself!

    Visit him on the web at mariohostios.com

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    Aquatic Experience - Meet the Manufacturers - Hikari, Hagan and Cobalt

    in Education

    On Thursday October 30th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Natures Talk Show is pleased to welcome representatives from Hikari, Cobalt International and Hagan for a discussion with Joe Mason regarding the Aquatic Experience in Chicago the weekend of November 7-9.

    Joe's guests will be

    Les Wilson co-owner of Cobalt Aquatics. a former research biologist and director of marketing for United Pet Group Aquatics, Viral Surati, a pioneering high end African cichlid importer, TFH magazine and United Pet Group key accounts manager

    Chris Clevers - President of Hikari Sales USA, Inc. who has been  been involved in aquatics related businesses for 35 years in varying capacities, including; live, wholesale and now manufacturing.

    And Jeff San Souci - Marketing Director, of Rolf C Hagan

     Aquatic Experience – Chicago combines everything aquatic under one roof at the Schaumburg Convention Center. From saltwater to freshwater with pond and aquatic animals, we have it all. Consumers and retailers are invited to join us for educational seminars and a thriving show floor filled with hobbyists from entry level to the most sophisticated aquarium keepers as well as livestock and equipment experts and the industries best and trend-setting manufacturers. Add in a bevy of high powered speakers you’ve heard of and read articles from but have not had the chance to meet in person and you’ve got a must see for any aquarist no matter what their experience level. 






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    Board Leadership with Rolf Crocker

    in Management

    Rolf Crocker joins Dave & Randy. ..
      Rolf is currently Chief Marketing Officer for Axis Construction and Consulting located in the San Francisco Bay Area.    His monthly column, "The Book Report," can be read in the HOA Manager NewsLine, published by Adamen, Inc (www.adamen-inc.com). In his `spare' time, he is a husband, father to six children, and a musician. He is also actively involved as a volunteer and board member for a faith-based non-profit organization serving the homeless and at-risk children locally in San Francisco and internationally in Brazil, Honduras, Guyana, Viet Nam, and Cambodia.

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    in Paranormal

    ParaCrap is just a fun show about anything and everything in the Paranormal World that's just kind of crap (T.V. shows, Movies, articles, rules and regulations, haters, etc.). They also discuss all kinds of hot topics. 

    So please join Slav, June and Dutch to talk about anything and everything in the Paranormal field!  There is no subject too crappy to discuss. 

    TONIGHT though we have a VERY special Guest calling us all the way from Germany (it will be 4:00 a.m. his time so we REALLY want to thank him for that). Here is a little bit about him: 

    Following his studies in chemistry, Dr. Rolf Froböse worked as a research assistant at the Max Planck Institute, was division manager at technology magazine highTech and chief editor of the journals Chemie Industrie and Europa Chemie. Since 1995, he has worked as a freelance science and economic journalist, reporting on research and technology issues. He has also penned numerous popular non-fiction books, including "The Secret Physics of Coincidence: Quantum phenomena and fate"

    The book is be available in the most common American and international bookstores within a few days.

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    California Teachers' s Job Security

    in Politics

    In Vergara vs. California Judge Rolf M. Treu ruled, in effect, that it was too easy for teachers to gain strong job protections and too difficult to dismiss those who performed poorly in the classroom."This decision today is an attack on teachers, which is a socially acceptable way to attack children, Instead of providing for smaller classes or more counselors, “you attack teacher and student rights.”Alex Caputo-Pearl, president-elect Los Angeles teachers union.Silicon Valley entrepreneur David Welch made his money creating breakthrough technology in fiber optic communication and building hardware to run the massive interenet networks of the future.He's spending it - at least some of it - on a pet project that could substantially change teaching in California and the rest of the country.Welch is the man behind Students Matter, the advocacy group that recruited nine public school students to sue the state of California, saying teacher job protections harm their ability to get the 'adequate' education they are promised in the state constitution.

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    Rolf Smith - 7 Levels of Change

    in Business

    Working from his experience as a strategist with the U.S. Air Force and as a consultant to some of the world's largest corporations (Exxon, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Texaco, EDS, CSC, General Mills, Hoechst Celanese, Procter & Gamble, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chase Manhattan Bank, R.J. Reynolds - and the US Army, Navy and Air Force), 7 Levels of Change, Smith shares the strategies behind the thinking expeditions he has led many of the world's largest corporations on so that they can experience new energy, commitment, and self-confidence at any level and within every sector of their organizations during these most trying times. Complete with 8 Mindmaps for visual learners, each designed to capture ideas in chunks and make them easy to see. Mindmaps make it possible to use your whole brain-both the creative and analytical sides-by freeing you from linear thinking.
    Author's CV: Known as "Colonel Innovation," Rolf Smith retired from the United States Air Force in 1987 after founding the first military Office of Innovation. Through his company, the Office of Strategic Innovation, Inc., he has led executives of the world's leading companies on "Thinking Expeditions" to learn how to innovate and manage change. He lives in Fredericksburg with his wife, has 6 adult children, and is a frequent speaker and guest at business forums of all sorts throughout the world.Rolf Smith can be reached at (830) 992-2122 & think@diffferent.com andwww.thinking-expedition.com/book2.html

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    Rolf Dobelli-The Art of Thinking Clearly Live on P I Radio

    in Books

    Join Scott Cluthe's Weekly Newsletter of TV/Radio Highlights & More by Clicking Here: Positively Incorrect! Newsletter
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    Scott Cluthe interviews Rolf Dobelli, best selling author & entrepreneur. Rolf is founder of Zurich.Minds, and cofounder of getAbstract.
    Why should you walk out of a movie you don't like, not accept a free drink or watch the news? All part of the discussion.
    In his new book, THE ART OF THINKING CLEARLY (Harper; May 14th), world-class thinker Rolf Dobelli identifies the cognitive errors we make every day and reveals how we can identify and minimize them, to avoid them in the future.  In the book, Dobelli provides unique insight into thinking errors, such as:
    ??Why you should walk out of a movie (The Sunk Cost Fallacy)
    ??Why we prefer a wrong map to none at all (The Availability Bias)
    ??Why bonuses destroy motivation (Motivation Crowding)
    ??Why you shouldn’t read the news (News Illusion)