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  • Next Fan Up - Ball-ghazi; Brady's Suspension Remains at 4 Games - 7/29/15

    in Football

    This episode of Next Fan Up is dedicated to the NFL's decision to maintain Brady's suspension at 4 games. Patrick, the Patriot Superfan, defends his team's honor against the Ravens' Superfan (Rex), the new Dolphins' Superfan (Ron), and the Eagles' Superfan (Sitko).

    Podvader calls with his son in on their ride home from Fenway to rant into the void - not to be missed. 

    Reach out on Twitter: @nfupodcast, @therealpodvader

    Facebook: facebook.com/nfupodcast

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    #137 Fireside Chat: Trailer Bash 6

    in Books

    Can you believe Mockingjay: Part 2 is just five months away? Neither can we. To all our old fans and future listeners, please join us as we do another one of our "famous" second-by-second, obsessive breakdowns of the new 'Mockingjay Part 2' trailer. We are absolutely salivating to know what YOU think about the new trailer, so please leave a comment on our website, and don't be afraid to express your feelings!

    In addition, we will talk/come to grips with the end of shooting, reflecting on what an extraordinary franchise this has become and how wonderful it has been to be part of this fandom. How could we not be touched by the tweets from Nina Jacobson and Francis Lawrence? This has been our journey almost as much as it has been theirs, and we hope you jump on board for the final stretch.

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    Brady suspension upheld 4 games and LeVeon Bell

    in Sports

    I have lived in Tampa, Fl for over 22 years and I am an avid sports fan. I do my research and get all the facts before I give my opinion. My passion is for all sports but the most important one to me is by far football. I have worked for the Tampa Tribune for 3 years, radio broadcasting, and even covered the Arena Football League. I have covered every sport from volleyball to the UFC and I look forward to bringing my years of sports experience to my new radio show. Like the great Herm Edwards said “ You play to win the game, Hello? You play to win the game. You don't play it to just play it. That's the great thing about sports: you play to win, and I don't care if you don't have any wins. You go play to win. When you start telling' me it doesn't matter, then retire. Get out! 'Cause it matters."

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    Talking Motorcycles HD X-Games Wrap Up!

    in Sports

    Daytona Beach, FL (June 10, 2015) - We begin this show with our opening monologue where I give my take on the Harley-Davidson Flat Track at the ESPN X-Games Austin.

     Kris Schoonover of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company joins us to discuss their marketing strategy and their plan of action going forward. Will there be  

    Flat Track at the Winter X-Games?  Will there be a future for Harley Davidson at the X-Games?  


    Dan Johnsen is no stranger to the Flat Track community and was the Flat Track Director for X-Games. We will discuss the track conditions and get his view point on the behind the scenes events that we didn't see... or hear!  


    Bryan Smith rode the Howerton Motorsports Crosley Kawasaki to a Gold Medal. We get his opinion on the race track and... what's the deal with Kid Rock!  


    Scottie Deubler was the Color Analyst for ESPN for what was easily his biggest event in his career. How did it go for him? Scottie and I will discuss the race and how it will impact AMA Pro Flat Track as we move forward.


    Relax and have a SOZO. We scheduled extra time for this special edition show and we are going to use every minute of it to bring you the most complete Harley-Davidson Flat Track ESPN X-Games Austin wrap-up show you will hear anywhere!

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *Bye Felicia "No More Games ALLOWED!!!"*

    in Entertainment

    Ever been treated unfairly by the opposite sex??....Stood Up, Looked Down On, Passed Judgement On, Skipped Over, Got Head Games Played With You, etc....??? Well....tonight on the program....The fellas will be sharing horror stories on real life experiences with trying to find true love and demanding answers!!! Donnie Mnemonic, CD aka Crazy Dirk, and Crispy Creame will NOT be holding anything back and nor will they be bitting their tounge. They will be keeping it real and if you don't like what they have to say......then you are obviously GUILTY of playing head games and claiming that you know what you want...when all the while.....YOU REALLY DON'T!!! If the shoe fits......WEAR THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! BYE FELICIA!!! NO MORE GAMES ALLOWED!!! NO feelings will be spared tonight!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The Madhouse Radio Network!!!!

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    Masterclass:Lee Grimes/Make-up/The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

    in Movies

    Lee Grimes is a well sought after artist with 90 + Film & TV series credits, Lee still enjoys the art of makeup and special makeup effects. The profession has taken him as far away as Istanbul, Turkey, London and all around the country. You can can see his work on the upcoming Walt Before Mickey,The Hungar Games: Mockingjay - Part 2  and Frank and Cindy. In 2011 Lee was referred to by KNB FX Group to travel with Lady Gaga for a 5 city leg of her Monster Ball Tour applying her "Born this Way" prosthetics. Also that year Lee worked on "Oz the Great and Powerful" headed by Howard Berger of KNB FX.In 2003 Lee got the opportunity to Department Head the Makeup for "Monster", the project that afforded Charlize Theron's an Oscar for her performance, Charlize makeup was done by the talented Toni G. while Lee did the makeup for Christina Ricci and the rest of the cast.Some of Lee's more recent work can be seen on AMC's "The Walking Dead" headed by Greg Nicotero. HBO's "True Detective", "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay", "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters", "The Butler", "Grown Ups 2" and "Pain and Gain". He did "Salem" working with the oscar winning makeup artist Matthew Mungle of W.M.Creations. Lee has also worked with  Michelle Williams, Jane Fonda, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Paul Giamatti, Shia LaBeouf, Ben Foster and Justin Timberlake to name a few. We will discuss 1. Being a special effects makeup artist is more than just blood and guts 2. The process of applying old age makeup 3. What's in your makeup kit and what should be. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    This Week on That Nerd Show 2.0 - 2015 E3 Roundup and Our Favorite Video Games

    in Radio

    This week on That Nerd Show 2.0, Join Marcus Blake and Brendan Smith as we bring you the latest nerd news for the week of June 15th - June 21st, 2015. We are doing our roundup of E3 2015. We will tell about our favorite games of the past year and what we are looking forward too while also discussing if we need more Call fo Duty and Assassin Creed Games.  In addition, we will be doing reviews on the movie DOPE, TV shows Dark Matter, Humans, and Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Premier. Get your nerd Fix this week with That Nerd Show and if you want to discussiong the topics with us, call into the show, we would love to hear from you. (347) 989-1732

  • GWA Uncut - Season 23, Week 4

    in Wrestling

    All the latest happenings in the Global Wrestling Alliance.

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    Board & Tabletop Games: Interview with Calliope Games

    in Hobbies

    Kat and Josh delve deep into the battle of the Tabletop games world. With a little help from Calliope Games, creators of famous board games like Tsuro, Got Em!, Titans, and Roll For It! We discuss what goes into board game decisions, why board games are important, and a secret to playing a Calliope Game.

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    VOC Video Games: Co-op Multi Live E3 2015: Nintendo & Square-Enix Conferences

    in Video Games

    Welcome to the official 411mania.com Games Zone podcast, which is hosted by 411 Games staffers Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison and also feature's appearances from other staff members as well. We really appreciate the opportunity to be on VOC Nation and hope you enjoy the podcast.  We will be coming to you each week via on-demand on Wednesday mornings at 9am. We usually discuss what's going on in gaming news each week, talk about what we are playing, if we are reviewing any games, and go over the video games coming out the following week.


    What a contrast of styles we had within one hour of each other. Nintendo showed off Star Fox, Muppets, and lots of Mario content, while Square-Enix showed a lot of stuff that had already been revealed, plus Star Ocean 5.

    Sean and Marc are joined by Stephen Randle, and Backlog Busting Project's Wes Harrington and Randy Isbelle to discuss and break down everything that happened.

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