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    Nicky Sylvester, boyhood friend and lifelong pal of Rocky Marciano joins Tony and Rich on this Rocky Marciano Tribute show. Tonight Rich and Tony celebrate the 58th anniversary of the fight in Philadelphia that secured Rocky the Heavyweight Championship of the World with his 13th round knockout of Jersey Joe Walcott.

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    FNU Combat Sports Show: Denis Marrese of The Rocky Marciano Foundation

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    Denis Marrese of the Rocky Marciano Foundation will join Rabble Rousin' Rich Bergeron and Tony "The Tornado" Penecale for tonight's show.

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    The Liberal Redneck ~ Feeding Time At The Hog Trough

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    Noon on Thursdays join LR, PD, and Rocky.  One thing about the Republican run Congress, LR and company will have plenty of lies, bull shit, and Republifiction to expose.  Join us live so you can call in or catch the archived shows at your leisure.


    This week, a Republican cures cancer!  A pastor gives sex advice to keep married couples out of hell.  Texas calls for bathroom police.  And the best fucking granny in the whole world!  This granny is fighting for your right to get baked. Serving up Texas sized helpings of the bull shit the Republics are trying to feed us, join us for lunch on Thursdays here on The Liberal Redneck


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    Zutes Boxing Talk

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    Discussion of the boxing world straight up with no twists. Rocky Juarez is scheduled to open the show. Rocky will discuss his great career and what is in store for him in the future.  After Rocky, hot prospect Lamont Roach Jr. will join the show. Lamont is a great talent and will discuss his passion for the sweet science. Joey Eye will stop by to talk about his unique honor, as he has been inducted in the Philadelphia Boxing hall of Fame.  Joey Eye will be followed by J. Russell Peltz & Ron Christian, as Zutes Boxing Talk pays tribute to one of the greatest men to ever lace up the boxing gloves, Harold Johnson. We will also discuss the great performance of Gennady Golovkin and the major news of the now superfight Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. Boxing News

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    In The Gap 'The Power of Prayer WORK' February 25, 2015

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    General Description:

    'In the GAP', is a weekly hour of powerful global prayer aimed at immersing ourselves in the Spirit and letting God direct our attention to current areas of practical need. Together, we can bridge 'gaps' and build 'hedges' here on earth from the heavenly dimension. Join us in an effort to do more than talk about problems or pretend they don't exist! Jesus is still the answer to the pressing conditions and critical world affairs we all face - so lets 'BE' His Body!  

    Specific Episode:    'The Power of Prayer WORK'

    Among other things, Rocky discusses the famous prayers found in Ephesians and Colossians.  Highlighting a seldom discussed principle found in these passages, he reveals something important about prayer that will change the way you think about it going forward.  This teaching naturally helps the listener understand and practice prayer at the same time!  In the end you will have a better grasp on how prayer really 'works.'

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    Stories From The Heart

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    Please call in to join Libby and jolly Wednesday’s at 5:30pm Eastern US time weekly, for sharing stories from the heart about both earthly experiences while moving through the matrix without a legal name, and spiritual connections to the big part of you, of who you really are! Sharing our stories is so valuable to both the teller and the ones listening.

    We suggest that we all are open, and share while we remain aware of how we are expressing ourselves.

    When relating stories, a great way to give perspective is to speak in the present moment as you are describing what happened… as if you are a camera recording what is happening; speaking in the third person can bring objectivity to situation.

    Libby and jolly are here not to correct you, but to simply remind you [with some flexibility] of the rocky waters of getting lost in the memories and to stay in the now… as in the gift or gem that comes with the story. Remember, it is all about balance.

    Standing in our power is so much fun. Come join us in this inflowment of empowerment.

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    RTWFC Bible Talk - Episode #158 - When Sin Is Finished

    in Religion

    On this episode Evangelist Lloyd Yearwood and his wife Betty is joined by Brother Billy Keeler in Rocky Face, Georgia, USA / Sister Robin Gresham in Thomaston, Georgia, USA / Brother Clinton Green & Sister Joanna Green in Springboro, Ohio, USA / Missionary Franklin Bennett in Nahunta, Georgia, USA / Music by Betty Sledge & Stephanie Sledge in Madisonville, Tennessee, USA / Music by Timothy Dockery in Madisonville, Tennessee, USA / Music by The Branham Family in Jasper, Georgia, USA

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    Long Road to Ruin: Rocky 5 and Rocky Balboa

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    Sean Comer and Mark Radulich welcome Pat Mullin back to the show to FINALLY conclude the Rocky series.  We pick up where we left off 2 years ago with Rocky 5 and Rocky Balboa.

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    The Agenda: More instability and rocky times ahead for the Abbott Government

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    The Australian federal government under the leadership of Tony Abbott doesn't seem to be getting any better.

    Instead we seem to see continued leaks as Abbott dumped his Chief Whip and the longest serving member in Parliament, Philip Ruddock. But despite promising that he's learned his lessons we continue to see an aggressive and confrontational Prime Minister more interested in political battle and less interested in addressing real issues like inequality, climate change and the need for advanced manufacturing and investment in the clean energy economy.

    Join the team as they explore and delve into more instability and rocky times ahead for the Abbott Government.

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    Real Eyeez Radio Show with Dr Bruce and Ronnie

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    REAL EYEEZ" WITH DR. BRUCE provides a medium for open and honest communication to discuss many aspects of the social world. We have “Real-Talk” about Real-Lives to Real-Eyes our Eagle vision. As we start to Realize how our lives, social dilemmas and bigger pictures are interrelated, the group builds trust and synergy helping each other interpret and navigate our everyday lives.

    Join Dr Bruce and Ronnie as they discuss Marriage or Nah?.... Relationship Choices for the Future Generations. With Young Professional Desiree Blackstone and Transformative Life Coaches Russell, Rocky, Gaskins and Stephon Moore.

    Join Real Talk with Dr Bruce on Facebook and @realeyeez on Twitter

    Call in or tweet questions to @MWHYRadio

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    Live@ Newtown 'How miracles are WORKED' February 22, 2015

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    LIVE@ General Description

    Sometimes the Underground Church surfaces in physical ways the internet can only record and broadcast…but this can also be our best stuff!  Unforeseen crises or inclement weather can disrupt our real life speaking schedules today and create opportunities for us to go live in this format. Let this be an inspiration for your Christian life - you are "going live" somewhere every day! 

    Specific Episode:  How miracles are WORKED

     In this live service, Rocky focuses on a peculiar word in the New Testament. He talks about the clash between kingdoms; the mystery of iniquity vs. the mystery of godliness that has always been at work on planet earth and how you and I are an inescapable part of it.  The word, 'work' as used by Paul in 1 Corinthians 12 is the key.   Find out how you can become a more integral part of the work of God in this hour.  Learn how to be the antidote to a fallen world...be the church! Don't miss this!

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