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    FHK Today - Rockets & Pacers '14-15

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    On this show the Staff of FantasyHoopsKing.com preview the Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers 2014-15 season. Only on Fantasy Hoops King Radio.

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    ChabDog Radio Looks in on Rockets vs. Clippers -- 2nd half (8:30 pst) 2/11

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    Listen in as ChabDog covers 2nd half of this important Western Conference showdown.
    Can the Clipps continue to right the ex-Sterling ship?
    Can the Rockets rub Sir Charles' nose in it once again?
    Will Grady Harden give Quipper Chris Paul a once over?
    Will Doc have the secret formula to give LAC some cojones?
    NHL updates (let's give some creds to the Preds!)
    NBA 1st half report cards

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    Celtics at Rockets: Postgame Show | Call into the Studio 347-215-7771

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    The Boston Celtics kick off their 2014-15 road schedule by traveling to Houston, TX to take on Dwight Howard, James Harden and the Rockets.  As always CLNS Radio will bring you the Celtics Postgame Show LIVE immediately following the game. Your broadcast crew tonight is Cal Lee of The Baseline and Nick "The Boss" Gelso from Beats n Eats.

    Nick is pulling double duty tonight and will be hanging in our new virtual Sports Pub interacting with YOU the fan to get your reaction to tonight's game!  Nick will also be manning CLNS Twitter account @CLNSRadio

    Will the Celtics stay unbeaten, or will the better-on-paper Rockets prevail at home?  Tune in tonight to find out and call the show at 347-215-7771 to give your thoughts on the game.

    Don't forget to download CLNS Radio's new MOBILE APP for a chance to win Celtics tickets! Get #OnBoard today - www.clnsradio.com/iOSfree OR www.clnsradio.com/Android. 

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    Knicks Fan Forum - Post Game (Vs. Houston Rockets)

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    Dial 929-477-4171 to join the post game Knicks Fan Forum immediately after the game. Immediate reaction of the J.R. Smith & Iman trade to Cleveland.  We will discuss the results of the game of what was positive, what was negative.  Items that fans liked what they saw, things that can use improvement.  We will discuss player personnel & coaching moves that occurred in the game.  Progression of the triangle offense and the new regime.  We encourage fan interaction with other fans respectfully & verbally by bringing your opinions to this platform Most  importantly, this is about YOU….the fans!!  Twitter: @BleedBlueShow

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    Hoops Lounge 041 Houston Rockets | Findlay Prep

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    This week on Hoops Lounge Phil Boileau, Marc Griffin, and Mota Elb discuss the Houston Rockets, Knicks woes, and Findlay Prep. 

    "1st Quarter" Houston Rockets:

    Are they legitimite contenders?
    Fear The Beard? Is James Harden an MVP type leader?
    How valuable is Chandler Parsons?
    Why is Dwight Howard buying in?
    How have GM Daryl Morey and Kevin McHale led them towards success?

    "In The Post" head to head battle between Phil and Mota:

    Where is Carmelo Anthony headed this summer?
    Is Phil Jackson the new Knicks saviour?
    Would you rather draft a young Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?
    What would make the Detroit Pistons a winning team again?
    How amazing are the Reebok Retro Shop commercials?
    If you were an NBA All-Star, what pins would you have on your warmup jacket? (via @HabItHerWay)

    Naismith Moment: A look at basketball history, culture, and Canadian ballers.

    Former Toronto Raptor JYD Jerome Williams coaching high school powerhouse Findlay Prep.  
    1st Annual "JYD Classic" at Air Canada Centre and how Jerome is coming back to his Toronto roots, and supporting Canadian Basketball. 
    An interview with Findlay Prep star Justin "Action" Jackson from Toronto who may be the next big Canadian NBA star.

    Checkout video versions of our show:  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheHoopsLounge

    Join the conversation on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/HoopsLounge

    Twitter: @SportingPhil @montrealmarc @MotaElb and @HoopsLounge 


    #HoopsLounge | Where Basketball Is The Official Language. Ici On Parle Basketball.

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    Rockets, NFL Draft and Southland Conference tournament

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    The Houston Rockets are legitimate contenders in the Western Conference. The Houston Texans have the No.1 overall pick in the NFL Draft and desperately need a franchise QB. Is there one available? And a quick word on the Southland Conference tournament in Katy, which I'll be covering this week.


    (We might get into some Astros talk if we have time. Couple of interesting notes there.)

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    Midnight After Easter: Blazers-Rockets & The Curious Fall of Teddy Bridgewater

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    Fresh off Game 1 of the Blazers-Rockets series, how far can Houston really take this thing? Also, the football media has waned on Teddy Bridgewater in startling fashion. All of a sudden, everything that's been said about him as a promising NFL prospect is out the window. Hard to make sense of it. But let's discuss. 

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    NBA Free Agency Day Two: More MeloDrama as he visits Rockets, Mavs

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    Welcome to Day 2 of NBA Free Agency, when we will learn how the lack of state income taxes could have an impact on Carmelo Anthony's future.

    A day after being feted by the Chicago Bulls, Anthony will visit the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets today. If he signs with either team, he will not have to pay any state income taxes because Texas does not levy them. 

    New York? Oh yeah.Not only is there a state ioncome tax, but there is a city income tax for residents of the five boroughs. California? Yup. And not only is there a state income tax, there is a millionaire's tax that makes the NBA's luxury taxes look tame by comparison.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that both the Rockets and Mavs will make sure this is made known to Anthony, and you can bet your other bottom dollar that the Mavs will point out the fact that they can give Anthony a max salary, whereas the Rockets and Bulls cannot.

    Plenty more on the Melo situation along with lots of other news from the first day of NBA free agency in this interview with The Fan Morning Show on WHFS in Tampa, Florida.

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    Celtics vs Rockets Post-Game Show | Studio: 347-215-7771

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    CLNS Radio's Celtics Postgame Show, powered by Lynda.com/CLNS will be live immediately following the late night action to break it down after the game.  Rich Conte and Nick Gelso will have you covered with everything you need to know for the game tonight. 

    Call the guys to give your opinion on the game at 347-215-7771 and tweet @CLNSRadio to get your thoughts #OnBoard where Jerome Almeida will be handling your tweets!  You can also get involved in the action by joining the CLNS Sports Hub Discussion Group on Facebook.

    Jared Weiss will call in with the Celtics Locker room report.

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    Support CLNS! We are now entering our 6th year servicing Celtics fans. Support CLNS for less than $1.99 and receive tshirt, travel mugs and/or entry in to our monthly autograph drawing. Click here for more info!   

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    Engineering, Rockets and ULTRA Marathons with Carl Tedesco

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    Carl Tedesco was introduced to ULTRA marathons in 2007.  As he continued his engineering career with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University and working as a professor at San Diego State University, one of his students helped to inspire him to run more.  Since then he has run numerous ULTRA marathons and completed five 100 mile races, San Diego 100 miles twice, Javalina Jundred, Chimera 100M, and Zion 100M. He continues to inspire students at San Diego State University to pursue careers in engineering as an advisor for the Rocket Club.

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    NFL news; NBA news; MLB news; early retirement in the game of football

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    NFL news

    'Skins: is QB a choice at #5 in the draft?
    Bears & Ray McDonald: bad move (two incidents)
    Jordy Nelson gets hip surgery
    Adrian Peterson: will he be a Viking next season?
    Difference between Greg Hardy and Ray Rice

    NBA news

    Dwight Howard back for the Rockets
    Warriors clinch first division title since 1976
    Derrick Rose "pain free", return before playoffs?
    What's the big deal about Kevin Love's MVP choice?

    MLB news

    Forbes said the average MLB team is worth $1.2 billion
    Scherzer is tabbed the opening day starter for the Nationals

    Early retirement in the game of football

    Jack Miller, ex-Michigan C left the team
    Clint Trickett left the team
    Onus is now on college football and the NFL

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