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    What Are The Three Kinds Of Faith?

    in Christianity

    In this segment I will be talking about the three kinds of faith.  What are they and where do you stand? One of the biggest misconceptions is mixing saving faith with intellectual faith and intellectual faith with temporary faith.  We are going to delve into this subject and see what does the Bible say about faith. After this episode you will know exactly where you stand in your faith. Tune In!   

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    Living "Faith Strong" Through Your Circumstances

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    How did I get in this situation?  I will never be able to reach my goal!  Doing the right thing never seems to work for me! If these are questions you are asking yourself in what seems to be an impossible situation, then tune in tonight!  Life happens and when it does you need to know how to stay focused with the plan you are given and not let the situation rob you of your goals and dreams.   Join me tonight as we talk about Living "Faith Strong"  through your  Circumstances.  8:00pm tonight on Healing & Hope for the Heart with Phyllis.

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    Tim Janakos is back at you to rock your world on Sunday morning with healing.

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    Tim takes your call twice a week, to help you get out of your own way.  As an infinite being, only you can stop yourself from being absolutely amazing .  But sometimes you need someone to show you the doorway out of the boxes you put yourself into, when you bought into all the lies of this reality that you could in any way be limitated.  

    Watch Tim's Youtube Channel to see some of the best calls we ever had. 


    Please share this with your friends and family so we can drastically expand this circle of inner awakening to wake up the whole planet. 


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    How True Is Your Faith?

    in Religion

    How many of you claim to have faith?, well this bible study will teach you what true faith is and how faith works

    so join us Wendsday @6:pm for this very Inportant study it will change how you view faith and teach you how to have true faith.

  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

    in Books

    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    Prophetic Singing - Deliverance Through the Word and Your Faith

    in Religion

    Join our team of Prayer Warriors/Intercessors as we share scriptures and prayers of empowerment for self-deliverance and deliverance for families as listeners are encouraged to declare the word of God for your life and your family. We share testimonies that will help you or a loved one to become free from your bondages and lack. Come see what God is doing.

    We invite you to join us Monday thru Friday for early Morning Prayer 8 AM EST/5 AM PST on conference call:  Dial 347-326-9214 OR 641-715-3200, code 278961#, *6 to mute. 

    Prayers are offered for anyone who is in need of prayer during and after our programs.  Call in number during program 347-326-9214 and off the air 904-859-1022.

    Contact Darlene Bundage, Evangelist/Pastor to invite her to share the word of God at your church or other event via email at:  Dbundage@yahoo.com or by Phone at:  904-859-1022

    If you are blessed, helped or encouraged by our ministry you are welcome to send a seed offering to Prayer, Praise and Deliverance Ministries at: 20407 32nd PL S, Suite A106, SeaTac, WA 98198.

    Songs from album, “Love and Peace Flow All Over the World” available at: ITunes, CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darlenedbountiful, Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/nrckbgy

    Check out videos:

    “Let it Flow”: http://tinyurl.com/pmpxcpy
     “Love is the Way” sing along: http://tinyurl.com/ln3byns
    “Holy Spirit”: http://tinyurl.com/pcy82mo
    “Jesus is Coming Soon”: http://tinyurl.com/nkcn5wb

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    Walking By Faith In 2016 "Beleiving God For Your Destiny and Purpose

    in Relationships

    Tune in tonight as I speak with my special gueat Minister Ira Munn all the way from New Zealand. We will discuss the importance of having the God kind of faith to overcome every obstacle this life will attempt to throw at you.

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    Empowering Faith Series - The 3 Ways to Unlock Your Dreams

    in Motivation

    Dr. Aikyna Finch and Jessica Leichtweisz will be joined on the Empowering Faith Series by Minister Dr. Renee Sunday, The Platform Builder, as she discusses, "The 3 Ways to Unlock Your Dreams." We are have dreams that inspire us and keeps us going. Minister Sunday is going to tell us the 3 ways to unlock those dreams so they can come true! Call in at (949) 203-4763 or chat in at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST on 1/17 and join the conversation.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2016/01/18/empowering-faith-series--the-3-ways-to-unlock-your-dreams

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    Have faith in your guides and angels.

    in Spirituality

    Today we are talking about having faith and how to reach this goal. What has been lost with in you to make this faith you once had be lost? So many of us close our selves off after just one or two not so good example's in any area of our lives, marriage, business, faith, spiritualality, trust and so much more we have taught our selves to be not so forgiving. Join me today to learn how to get your faith back.

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    Laura Harris Smith - Revolutionize Your Life with the 30-Day FAITH DETOX!

    in Art

    Get Ready to PUSH the Reset Button for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit!

    In our fallen world, invisible toxins like doubt, disappointment, and discouragement can contaminate even the strongest of faiths, leaving behind symptoms that affect our entire being--body, mind, and spirit.

    Using a one-month detox structure, spiritual wellness expert and certified nutritional counselor Laura Harris Smith uncovers 30 universal faith-toxins that affect us all. Each day you will discover Scripture, prayers, and faith declarations to cleanse yourself spiritually and emotionally with truth and a biblical perspective. In addition, she includes a simple, corresponding nutritional cleanse using detoxifying foods from your own kitchen.

    Prayer by prayer, thought by thought, day by day, refresh and refuel your faith and bring healing to the whole temple--spirit, mind, and body.

    About Laura Harris Smith

    Laura Harris Smith is a certified nutritional counselor and the founding co-pastor of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Chris. Mentoring young writers all over the world in her online creative writing classes (LauraHarrisSmith.com), she is a playwright, poet, actress, media dynamo, was a TV host on the Shop at Home Network and is the author of multiple books. Laura and Chris have been married for 32 years and have six children, eight grandchildren and reside near Nashville, Tennessee.