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    Conflict Radio: Robbie Collum talks April title clash VS Anthony "TJ" Mitchell

    in MMA

    Join us on Conflict Radio for another exclusive interview; this time Featherweight champion Robbie Collum (6-1) joins us on the mic to discuss his upcoming title defense at Conflict 36 this April.

    That's right, fight fans! The Music Vault is ready to rock once more, and on April 2nd two titles will be up for grabs, one between Collum and 5-1 fireball Anthony "TJ" Mitchell. Each fought at Conflict 35 a few weeks ago, and the results have put these two on a path toward an unforgettable collision. That means more action, more thrill, and more surprises when the cage door closes and Conflicts 145 title is put on the line.

    Listen in today as we sit down with champ Robbie Collum to talk Conflict 35 AND 36, the title, Mitchell and much more! Please be sure to visit us on Facebook HERE and of course over at ConflictMMA.com for all the latest on your favorite MMA promotion in the Southeast!

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    Chamber Exchange With Robbie Pugh March 9, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    in Education

    Chamber Exchange with Michelle Miller and Jennifer Walker feature Robbie Pugh, Entrepreneur.

    Live on TV CHANNEL 17 and Blog-Talk Radio


    March 9, 2016 24, 2016 at 1:00 pm – Chamber Exchange with Michelle Miller and Jennifer Walker features Robbie Pugh, Entrepreneur with multiple businesses, who will discuss his businesses and his community involvement.



    Michelle Miller, Executive Director

    Jennifer Walker, Associate Director

    Gallia County Chamber of Commerce

    16 E. State Street

    Gallipolis, Ohio

    PH 740-446-0596

    EM: mmiller@galliacounty.org

    WEB:  Galliacounty.org

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    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Is Your Mirror Telling You The Truth About Your Skin

    in Self Help

    Attention all Babyboomers, Bombshells and Beauty Conscious Women!

    Is your mirror lying to you? Are you spending your hard earned money on skin care products that make a lot of promises about keeping you young and fall short of their promise? Are you caught up in all the hype of the commercials and movies, women of all ages are striving to stay youthful looking, even if it's a race they'll never win. Why? Because no one wants to get old!

    Tonight on Wise Woman Radio, Host Donna Schmid interview guest, Robbie Buckley, Skin Health Educator and Connoisseur. She will share her expertise so you can start taking care of the largest organ in your body (skin) and make it the most beautiful part of you!

    BONUS SEGMENT - Melissa Teel-Hartman, Spiritual Coach, Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master will provide some intuitive readings to some of our LUCKY LISTENERS!

    Are you ready to become your most powerful resource - to be understood and respected for who you are, what you do and your personal contrbution to the whole? Click on the link and get your FREE copy of "Beginning Your Inner Journey to the Wise Woman Within."

    Get your Daily Dose of Donna each day on Facebook, stay connected for the tips, tools and sugestions to help YOU create a better version of yourself so that you can live a ridiculously AMAZING LIFE!

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    Robbie Fulks with fun Country music

    in Music

    Robbie Fills and also music from the Cowgirl, the Diva and the Hussy. A fun different show just to help you laugh..

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    Fox Sports1340am:Soul N Sports W/Mike Pearman & The Crew WWE Raw Review

    in Sports

    FOX Sports introduces the educated, passionate, and objective voice of sports talk radio that belongs to none other than Mike Pearman. The Delaware native, by way of Chicago has found his home in the DMV area. The hardcore podcaster has been making waves in internet radio since he founded the BDSIR Network 7 years ago; covering everything from Pro-Wrestling, the entire gamut of sports, as well as entertainment, Mike brings barbershop-style talk to the airwaves. While Mike wears his heart on his sleeve, the devoted yet intelligent sports fan can appreciate the sometimes hot-blooded conversations between the host and The Untouchables as they delve deep into the current events in the world of America's favorite pastimes. Being a man of fairness, and a man of ethics, the show definitely doesn't shy away from lighting a flame under the biggest names in sports and entertainment in the event that they exhibit morally controversial behaviors. Listen in from 5pm to 7pm eastern standard time and be a part of the newest and most impactful voice in sports radio today. Soon enough, you will find yourself joining in with his signature ; ?How can you wake up and say to yourself, ‘I love me some me!' and don't love GOD?! That's crazy!? Listen to the Soul N Sports with Mike Pearman every weekday on WHAP Fox Sports Radio 1340 AM 5-7pm est

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    Weekly Wrestling Podcast Ep. 15 - 'Fangin & Fist Pumpin'

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling News Part 1 w/ Matthew, Landon & Alex - 0:48
    Interview w/ Robbie E - 59:28
    Pro Wrestling News Part 2 w/ Matthew, Landon & Alex - 1:24:56
    Interview w/ Gangrel - 2:16:16
    HOH14 Preview w/ Jimmy Korderas - 2:45:51

    Matthew Grant chats with Robbie E & Gangrel for the first time separately on WWP! Robbie talks the return of the Bro Mans, where the Robbie E character came from, working with Cookie, Rob Terry & Jesse Godderz & more! Gangrel talks the Church Kickstarter, working for BKPW, the Brood entrance & any scares from doing it + other topics.

    HOUSE OF HARDCORE 14 PREVIEW WITH JIMMY KORDERAS (@jimmykorderas @HouseofHardcore) -
    Jimmy Korderas is the special guest referee in the main event of HOH14 & he joins us on Weekly Wrestling Podcast to talk plenty including HOH9, working for Smash Wrestling, his WrestleMania weekend experience & thoughts on the show, WWE acknowledging the independents & so much more!

    PRO WRESTLING NEWS WITH MATTHEW, LANDON & ALEX (@m4tthewgrant @morriskombat @AlexKalil) -
    Matthew Grant, Landon Morris & Alex Kalil talk about the world of professional wrestling including such mainstream & independent topics as Monday Night RAW & what effects it had on the Payback card, MVP's situation with Lucha Underground, the future of TNA & what it holds, EVOLVE 60 & 61 cards, Smash, AIW, Alpha-1, PROGRESS announcements & many other topics.

    + SO MUCH MORE!!!

    @WeeklyWPodcast @elitepodcastnet




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    Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League! Jared Leto's Method Madness! | News

    in Film

    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #163 - Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League! Jared Leto's Method Madness! | News - Suicide Squad, Dafoe conjecture, a Krypton pilot order, and so much more!  This episode we discuss:

    Honest Trailers Does Superman Returns |

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Officially Beats Iron Man |

    Mattel Multiverse Batman v Superman line Reveals Mystery Figure |

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual Showcases Up-Close Looks at Weapons |

    New Suicide Squad Photo of Deadshot and Harley Quinn |

    MAFEX 6" Knightmare Batman and Suicide Squad Joker |

    Karen Fukuhara Talks Katana Suicide Squad |

    Leto and Robbie Talk Joker and Harley |

    David Ayer has new Comments on Suicide Squad |

    Suicide Squad with Friends Opening Credits |

    Harley’s Jestor Suit Hidden in Trailer |

    Wonder Woman brings on Model? |

    Wonder Woman Set Video |

    The Flash Sets Sights on Supporting Cast |

    JK Simmons Says His Role in Justice League Will Be Very Small |

    Green Lantern Corps To Featured 3 Earth Lanterns |

    SHAZAM Still Waiting on a SCRIPT Despite The Rock Threatening Superman |

    Krypton Gets Pilot Order From SyFy |

    Plus Supergirl, Arrow & The Flash News!

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    The Net Live 4/18/16 - Start of Summer Edition

    in Sports


    CVW - Vinnie / Jay and Robbie Are all about the Playoffs.  Plus Jay proves that he’s better than his Sensei.  
    USAV CEO Doug Beal joins us to talk about the current state of affairs headed into an olympic year, the FIVB voting and his impending retirement to a porch in Colorado
    Also, IN STUDIO - Matt Garthoff Chief Operating Officer of Vol-B-Que hangs all episode long to talk about the commercial side of VB and why VolBQue is the best thing you could do all year long.
    Our own Jeremy Roueche will call and talk about the Big Easy where the first tournament of the year is in the books.  Did anyone touch his stuff?  Was he fed at all?  
    Also, Our old friend Tim Kelly of Bring It Promotions calls in to detail a scam that has ensnared several in the VB community, INCLUDING ME!!!!!

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    Low Down and Dirty 4/5/2016

    in Radio

    To get it kicked off we will have the winner from the Sportsman division this past Saturday at Grandview Speedway. Craig Whitmoyer will be with us to tell his story about how he came from nowhere to pull off a thrilling win as we opened the 54th season of racing at the famed Bechtelsville oval.

    Next up we highlight the opening of the URC Sprint car season. The 69th Season of URC is set to kick off on Sunday April 10th at Bridgeport Speedway. Robbie Stillwaggon Vice President of URC will be with us to push off the 2016 season. "It's your club, it's racing the way you want it". That's not just a tag line in a logo. That's a concept that the URC organization believes in and that's why the United Racing Club will be around for another 50 years.

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    The Flash Talk Podcast #40- S 2 Ep 17 FLASHBACK

    in Television

    Barry travels back in time to when Hartley Rathaway attacked the team, and changes places with his past self in order to have Dr. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne help him solve the Speed Force equation. However, after a Time Wraith follows Barry to the past, Eobard deduces Barry's deception and attempts to kill him. Barry is able to convince Eobard that his plan succeeds in the future, but that in order to maintain it, he must help Barry become faster. The wraith comes to the lab, where Caitlin and Cisco are forced to accept help from a captured Hartley to deter the wraith. Afterward, the Barry from the current time arrives, forcing an explanation of the time travel event. Eobard provides the future Barry with the information needed to solve the formula, so that he can return to his time. Before he leaves, Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco to find a way to stop the wraith. As Barry prepares to make the jump through time, the wraith arrives, which forces the past timeline's Barry to intervene, so that his future self can return. Back in his time, Barry is confronted by the wraith again, but a reformed Hartley arrives with his sonic gauntlets and defeats the wraith.

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    Full Armor of God Ministries, Inc.

    in Christianity

    When Jesus hung on the cross, they beat Him and bruised Him from the top of His head to the soles of His feet. The church claims to want to be like Christ, but they want the Pastor to preach the message with a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down easier. So many have been in the church 20, 30, even 40 or more years already and they are still on the milk of the Word. This is why they are stuck. This is why there is no growth in the body of Christ. At Full Armor of God Ministries, Inc., the only way not to be offended is to live holy. This ministry speaks to those who want to change their life and be prepared for the coming of the Lord.

    Last Week, our special guest, Revival Robbie came on the line and shared his awesome testimony of how God not only delivered him from drugs and alcohol, but from cutting himself with knives and Schizophrenia. Tune in each Saturday at noon to see just what God has in store next and most of all what He can do for you.