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    Roadmapping for 2012

    in Entrepreneur

    Ready for 2012? Join me on for this interactive planning session when we'll work together to plan for success in 2012. Please note the change of day and time due to the Christmas holiday. 
    Today’s show is sponsored by WIN Cleveland and Vision 21. WIN Cleveland is an organization that empowers female professionals by creating new access points for individual business development. They support one another by providing continual professional growth, sharing a wide variety of ideas and resources and assisting select women-based charities within their community. Visit www.wincleveland.org for more information. Vision 21 is an entrepreneur resource and development center that was created to assist established and aspiring entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow small business enterprises throughout Greater Cleveland. Visit www.visiontwentyone.org for details.

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    Brainrant #8 - Product Roadmapping

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    Brainrants from Brainmates Episode 8

    Brainmates will discuss how to develop a Product Roadmap.

    Hosted by Natalie Yan-Chatonsky chatting with Nick Coster.

    What is a Product Roadmap?
    What is the purpose of a Product Roadmap?
    Are there different types of Roadmaps?  How are they different?
    Who normally is involved with developing a Product Roadmap?
    How do you develop a Product Roadmap?
    What are the challenges that Product Managers face when they are developing their Product Roadmap?
    Who should you communicate your Roadmap to?
    Do you have any tips of how to communicate the Product Roadmap?


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    Brainrants #2: The Lean Product Plan

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    As the end of the year approaches it is easy to let the planning process get a bit “relaxed”, yet it is critical to keep the product team focused to ensure a good start for the new year.
    In this week’s Brainrant, Nick Coster and Natalie Yan-Chatonsky share their thoughts on Lean Product Planning to keep the short term focus that delivers on long term goals.
    Show notes:
    What is a Lean Product Plan? What is the difference between a Lean Product Plan and any other type of product plan? What types of businesses should create a Lean Product Plan? Why are the benefits of having a Lean plan?  
    More information:

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    Global Product Management Talk on Roadmapping w/Bill Galfano

    in Management

    Bill Galfano,  President And Co-Founder, MileMarker, believes that everyone who manages the development of a product--and who has customers--has a product roadmap. However, the formality and the maturity of the roadmap can differ wildly from organization to organization. Bill Galfano is joined by Cindy F. Solomon with co-host Roger Cauvin in responding to the twitter discussion about how others view the value of a roadmap, its role in managing the evolution of a product, and its role in communicating to executives, teams, and customers. Resources: http://bit.ly/tleW2j

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    Roadmap Your Way To Success

    in Entrepreneur

    It's that time of year again! Time to set the goals for your business. Join me for this impactful hour when we'll travel down the road of YOUR business goals and action steps for achieving them.
    I will be leading this process using guided visualization and my signature roadmapping system. Don't miss this opportunity to make sure you have a plan to reach great heights in the new year.
    Today's show is sponsored by Robert H. Gray, CPA, Inc. Robert H. Gray, CPA, Inc. is a business advisor to new and growing enterprises.  They provide timely, personalized accounting, planning and tax services.  They are also Certified QuickBooks Advisors.  The firm blends their technical expertise with the business owner’s knowledge to become trusted advisors for business and personal issues.  Their focus is on planning, rather than reacting to events.  Please visit www.rhgraycpa.com for more information.

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    Microsoft Customers: Why using a partner is better

    in Technology

    For years, Microsoft has invested in developing a Microsoft Partner Network and providing a way for businesses to prosper through implementing its technologies. It's often times what sets Microsoft apart from it's competitors in relying so heavily on the partner community. As part of that investment, Microsoft Partners become a trusted advisor and reliable source for roadmapping your current business and guiding you through future business investments based on your company needs.

    In this episode, we're live from the annual Microsoft's partner conference in Washington DC! Learn the value of Microsoft partners and how you as a customer can benefit from it.