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    Let's connect : Africa & leadership

    in Politics

    Hosted By Sulayman Badjie today show is focused on leadership 

    . Mr Badjie will be talking with executive coah Mr Abdoulaye Mbengue .

     Mr Mbengue is also  working on his doctoral degree in organisational leadershi

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    Radio Free South Africa with guests Patrick Fisher and Ed Begley

    in Current Events

    On Monday 28th March at 8 pm ET Radio Free South Africa's guest will be Ed Begley of the bank Tattoo Billy and Patric Fisher from Farmers Aid SA to discuss the situation in South Africa and the plans for a Farmers Aid concert

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    Radio Free South Africa with SAFRP, MSVS and the WAS Foundation

    in Current Events

    On Monday 22nd February at 7 pm CT Radio South Africa will be joined by Leigh from SAFRP, Quinton from the WAS Foundation and Englie from MSVS to discuss the evacuation of the children from Munsieville on Friday 19th February.

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    Intro to PAID Africa

    in Motivation

    PAID Africa is an community based organization founded to continue the work of Marcus Mosiah Garvey by bringing Africans from the Diaspora home as much need resources for our Motherland.

    I have been blessed to be able to sit at the strategic planning table with African ministers tasked with oversight of the development of Africa. 

    Yet when you sit in a meeting at any one of the African Administrative offices (aka ministries) everyone is represented except we... Africans from the Diaspora.

    You will see government representatives from USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Japan, China, Turkey, Saudi, UN you name it.... nearly every country has an opportunity to influence public policy on the African continent, except the people who stand to benefit from their ancestral inheritance.... Africans

    I have therefore dedicated my life to providing a platform for Africans in the diaspora to come home and invest in infrastructure on the African continent.
    Pan African Investment 4 Development of Africa seeks to fill the gap by organizing Africans in the Diaspora into one solid body of development professionals committed to the upliftment of our motherland, via grassroots donations to community based projects and volunteer programs where members of the African Diaspora can serve as technical advisors to rural communities, African governments and community based organizations.
    Support our humble mission
    PAID AFRICA is here to help you develop a plan to repatriate your love, skill sets and financial resources to ensure a brighter future for Africans globally.


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    One Africa Live: African Youth

    in Youth

    Talking about african youth

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    Radio Free South Africa with guest Frederick C. Blackburn (aka Blackbird9)

    in Current Events

    On Monday 15th February at 8 pm CT our guest will be NSA Whistleblower, 9-11 Truth Advocate and Former NC House Candidate Frederick C. Blackburn (aka

    We will discuss the situation in South Africa and how it is a template of what is coming to North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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    Director of JCI South Africa- Herman Ssebuliba shares on Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the constantly changing world that we live in , 

    waiting to understand and explore the causes and effects of current and future human 

    interactions. During my teenage years associating with people of different backgrounds and 

    cultures and reading internationally recognized magazines and journals.,

    I was born in Uganda a country which had civil wars and political instability. After the current 

    regime’s revolution and born of democracy, the radical change helped me to widen my 

    perspective and see the world from a different point of view. Today I am traveler, having visited 

    more than 16 countries. I have attended five exchange programs with partner schools, one in 

    Rwanda, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and South Africa.

     I like challenges, but also because I believed I will obtain a lot of all-around 

    knowledge and skills from them. Geography and Agriculture have helped me understand the 

    physical and abstract world around me, while English and Luganda my native language have 

    shown the beauty of literature which has become a great passion for me.

    Aside from academia. I have a passion for a number of hobbies, motivational speaking, social 

    interaction, sports, filming. My purpose in life is to serve with love, and to awaken, inspire and 

    empower others through who I am. I am my Creator's child and I am making a difference.

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    Radio Free South Africa with guest Schalk van der Merwe

    in Current Events

    On Monday 11th April at 8 pm ET our guest will be Schalk van der Merwe who will give us an overview of the history of SA.

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    in Politics

    “The criticism certainly stung King, but it also highlighted King’s seeming reluctance to accept that northern, urban blacks simply would not tolerate without fighting back the type of treatment suffered by African Americans in the South.  The reason had more to do with numbers than with temperament.  the urban blacks of the North lived in tall, crowded structures in all black communities which only a few whites—mostly policemen—entered each day.  The ghetto, with its numerous alleyways and abandoned buildings, was akin to bushland in Vietnam, making “guerrilla warfare” against policemen possible.  southern Blacks, on the other hand were geographically and spatially separated, affording less chance for quick assembly in instances where quick, decisive action was needed.

    Around August 8, The FBI interviewed housing activist Jesse Gary about his alleged role in the riots.  When Gary denied involvement, the FBI agents asked him wether black nationalists such as Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad might have been paid by “foreign agents” to incite the riots.  Specifically, the agents asked if that’s how Malcolm X was able to afford his current trip to Africa.” Judas Factor

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    Deepertruth: The Virgin Mary Reportedly Appearing In South Africa

    in Religion

    Kindly watch this video all the way to the end. Something striking happened here, and I admit that (assuming the video isn’t a hoax, along the lines of the countless bogus UFO videos out there) whatever it is resembles in some ways the traditional Catholic image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It appears to have been recorded with a smartphone. There is no descriptive information associated with the video except for that it is purported to have been taken in April of 2011 somewhere in “Africa.” Not much to go on. Whoever posted this on Youtube asks whether it’s really Our Lady appearing or a technology-driven light show courtesy of “Project Bluebeam” — something that I’d never known anything about till I Googled it just now. It’s possible, too, if this isn’t a hoax, that a demonic spirit could be masquerading as the Blessed Virgin Mary (see Galatians 1:8). The people in this video are obviously quite agitated by whatever it is they are seeing in the sky. Occasionally, their excitement spikes with startled cries and what sound to me like prayers being shouted. What do you think it is? Do any of you have any info on where and when this happened? This could very well be a hoax. Although it could be possibly an actual apparition recorded on a smart phone in a way similar to how images of the Miracle of the Sun during Our Lady’s apparition in Fatima, Portugal, in October, 1917, were photographed. The last part of the video shows what appears to be a hologram a cross in the sky somewhere over Russia. Whatever is going on here, it’s remarkable. Patrick Madrid

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