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    Easy Ways to Live a Spiritual Life: Rivvy Neshama

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    My guest today today is Rivvy Neshama.

    From dancing to forgiving, from walking at dawn to sharing dinner with a stranger, Rivvy Neshama (spelled R-i-v-v-y) invites us to find the sacred in everday life-in both traditional and non-traditional ways.

    Written with heart and humor, these short, true tales are magical yet down-to-earth and steeped in ancient wisdom, connecting us more deeply with love, joy and purpose. This book is for everyone seeking inspiration and guidance to live a more spiritual life, and for anyone who enjoys a good story.

    Its going to be a fun and uplifting show. For more information visit www.rivvyneshama.com 

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    “Recipes for a Sacred Life,” by Rivvy Neshama

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    Who is Rivvy Neshama?

    At twenty-two years old, Rivvy Neshama's mother gave her a book of handwritten recipes that taught her how to make a good roast and not much else. Not advice on how to establish a good marriage or even a good life. Instead, Rivvy had to go on a path with many twists and turns in order to find a connection with the sacred and add purpose in life.

    Rivvy has held on to lots of jobs in the past. She has been a teacher and social worker in Harlem, a campaign manager in Boulder, a college instructor in Queens, and even a Tarot card reader at Macy's on Halloween. Given such a storied life, it's no wonder why she has an innate ability for storytelling, which is clearly shown in this book.

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    Recipes For A Sacred Life

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    Author Rivvy Neshama goes Online With Andrea to discuss her book Recipes for a Sacred Life - True Stories and a Few Miracles. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    Recipes for Living a Sacred Spiritual Life

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    Are you meandering through this ever changing life and hitting circumstances that challenge your beliefs, habits and engrained patterns to only bring up the deeper questions of existence?  Is there a place where you can hear stories of how other people may have experienced the same things you are thinking about and can share these with you in a simple way?  While you may hear a new language about gratitude, sacred sex, loving nature and forgiveness, how can you see this fitting into your busy life? 

    My guest is Rivvy Neshama, author of Recipes for a Sacred Life, which is a recipe book for how to live a sacred life in a world that is very busy.  She has collected meaningful and inspiring stories from her life that answer profound questions which no one before has provided even a template to start to answer.  Rivvy is a writer, editor and longtime community organizer whose spiritual path draws from many sources; Eastern/Western religions, Native traditions, shamans and her mom. 

    No matter your age, Rivvy has many true stories to lighten your load and let you know, there are many like minded people having the same experience; what is most important is to share these experiences so others can reflect back on 'your recipes' for a sacred life. 

    To purchase the book, click here and her website is here.

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    Shmitta year: What it means for Israel

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      Starting at Rosh Hashanah, Israel will be going through the Shmitta [Sabbatical] year. Why is that significant? Because it's one way of signifying that Israel [and the world] belongs to G-d. Just as the Jewish people get a rest day one day of the week [Shabbat], the land is to rest every seven years. The Torah gives two reasons to observe Shabbat: to acknowledge G-d as the creator and to remember their liberation form Egypt [Mitzrayim]. Shabbat ultimately sends the Jew two messages: that they acknowledge G-d as the ultimate sovereign and that they're not slaves. And with letting the land rest, it is to acknowledge that the land belongs to G-d. Just as the neshama Yehudi  [Jewish soul] naturally clings to Torah, G-dliness, and mitzvot, the land of Israel is a holy land, as seen even from Jewish law [Halacha]. Even when eating, the Jew acknowledges the holiness of Israel. For instance, for olives and apples, both of which is haetz, olives take priority just by being one of the seven species of fruit that Israel is praised for. And the Shmitta acknowledges G-d as the sovereign. It goes back to what Rashi said, when he said that the reason why the Torah did not begin with the first mitzvah, but with the creation of the world, was so then Israel can say that G-d ultimately gave the land to them if the other nations accuse Israel of stealing Canaanite land. Just as Shabbat is something from G-d that's out of this world, so too, Shmitta is something from G-d out of this world. The difference is that whereas the Jew goes by days, Eretz Yisrael [the Land of Israel] goes by years. But it's still the same principle. Shmitta also teaches that just as Klal Yisrael [the community of Israel] is holy, the land is also holy as well and is not merely something to be walked on and taken for granted.

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    S.O.U.L. Class 377 In Search Of Ancient Authentic Torah 97

    in The Bible

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Shalom and Blessings upon you Blessed Souls!!! Our next program is scheduled with Hashem's/Creator's Help will go live on 8/3/14 starting at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unifying Souls Actually!!! Program content focused upon the following subjects: 1. Genesis 4: 23, "Now Lemech said to his wives, "Adah and Zillah, hearken to my voice; wives of Lemech, incline your ears to my words, for I have slain a man by wounding (him) and a child by bruising (him)." 2. Teachings from Rambam 3. Chabad/Breslov Chassidus. 4 Proverbs 1: 12-13 "let us swallow them up alive like the grave, and the whole ones like those who descend into the pit. We will find all precious possessions; we will fill our houses with plunder." 5. Teachings relating to the Universal 7 Noahide Commandments. 6. Anything else that can transpire when human beings all blessed and annointed with a Divine Image dialogue upon matters pertinent to themselves and other Blessed Souls!!! Call in number is 347-838-8669!!! To prepare you for the program please meditate upon the following verse from the Book of Joshua 3:7 "And the Creator said to Joshua: This day I will begin to make you great in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that as I was with Moses, so will I be with you." Meanwhile, may the Eternal Creator Bless you and your loved ones peacefully and pleasantly!!!


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    Double Header: Recipes for Life & Ask Your Higher Self!

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    Tell your story, and others will be inspired to explore and tell theirs! When Rivvy Neshama married at the age of 22, her mother gave her a book of handwritten recipes. But not a book of recipes for how to live life! Now, telling her story, Rivvy offers you the most meaningful and inspiring “recipes” from her life to help others find the sacred meaning of their own lives. A “sacred” life does not have to be a “religious” life. Ordinary encounters with friends, strangers, nature, and love can connect us with the sacred. Come explore good feelings with me and Rivvy Neshama.

    Then, a special "bonus" immediately following, Call in and Sonya Rechnitzer will answer your life questions by accessing your "Higher Self". 10am-10:30 pacific; 12-noon - 12:30 eastern!

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    "Wonders" with Music Artist S.J. Tucker.

    Writer, Community Organizer, and Author of "Recipes for a Sacred Life" Rivvy Neshama.

    How to Realize Your Business Dreams with Leading Business Coach Teri Schneinzeit.


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    Hope42Day: Recipes For A Sacred Life

    in Spirituality

    Hope42Day interviews Ambassadors of Hope from across the globe. In other words, people who are up to good things that can inspire us take good action (or continue to do them) as well!
    Welcome!  Grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and join today's Hope42Day when our host, Lynn Kindler, will be interviewing writer and community organizer Rivvy Neshama on her newest book, "Recipes for a Sacred Life".   With all that life has cooking for us these days, Recipes For A Sacred Life fits perfectly into all cook books on life.
    In addition to her writing and community organizing, Rivvy Neshama holds degrees in philosophy, comparative literature, social work and education. Her writing has appeared in such publications as Ms. Glamour, and The New York Times. Her spiritual path draws from many sources: Eastern and Western religions, Native traditions, Sufis and shamans, elders and children.  Her website rivvyneshama.com
    Please join us for a soul pleasing half hour of recipes for sacred life.

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    Neshama - Creating an Interfaith Center

    in Spirituality

    My Guests Tonight are Cathy Crosby, Marian Monahan and Rabbi Mitch Cohen, the creative team who started the Neshama  Interfaith Center in Atlanta One question I have been asked is how to start an interfaith organization. Hear tonight from three people, of differing faiths, and how they came together to create an Interfaith Center open to all.
    Their Mission is 'Neshama Interfaith Center is a place for exploration, spiritual growth and healing. We offer diverse classes and services designed to nurture the whole person in a setting where all faith expressions are valued, building bridges of peace.'
    They have healers of many kinds as resources (Reiki/healing touch, Integrative medicine, massage therapy, yoga instruction, a nutritionist, and more) who are very much a part of their mission.  

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    The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio To Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    The Kerrie O'Connor Show - Weekly Energy Forecast
    Sunscreen is Public Enemy #1 with Jeff Barr of Neshama Living.
    An overview of the highly toxic brew that is in sunscreen, the dangers that they present, and the only safe alternative ~ Green Screen

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