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    Nancy Lee Andrews ,New Book , Ringo Starr, Modeling, Photography and much more!

    in Pop Culture

    Former Ford model turned international photographer Nancy Lee Andrews spent her early educational days, as she refers to them, in front of the camera.   She became more interested in clicking the shutter rather than being the subject.  One day while working for Milton Green and asking too many questions about photography,  he handed her a camera and showed her how to load film and told her to go out and shoot and bring the film back.  That was the beginning of a life long love affair with the camera.

    A Dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll, a coffee table book, reveals the intimate access to music royalty that was accorded to Nancy Lee Andrews while she was engaged to Ringo Starr for six years.  The photographs, beginning in 1970, present assorted iconic images that have become an historical imprint of that era.  Among legendary names pictured in this compilation besides Ringo are John Lennon, George Harrison, Keith Moon, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Gregg Allman, to name a few.  Currently, her photographs can be seen for the cover of Billy Ray Cyrus memoir, Hillbilly Heart, for Amazon.

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    Interview with Mark Rivera of Billy Joel, Ringo Starr, etc.

    in Rock Music

    The great Mark Rivera joins Miles live in his Maine studio to talk Billy Joel, Ringo, 12-12-12 and his opinion on whats going on with his old band, Foreigner. Mark is entering his 31st year in Billy Joel's band and is a regular in Ringo Starr's All-Starr band.
    Mark's twitter: https://twitter.com/markriveramusic
    Marks website: http://www.markrivera.com/

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    Starr welcomes Selena Rodriguez on the Show

    in Spirituality

    A spiritual master teacher with over 25 years of experience, Selena Rodriguez is known internationally for her unique way of sparking the magic in individuals and groups on the deepest of levels, and for her profound gifts as an initiator, activator and light seeder.

    She has studied with a variety of teachers, including a 20-year apprenticeship with master curandera Starr Fuentes, and has taught in over 17 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas.

    Being in Selena’s presence, you will know that there is a deep connection to the ancient wisdom that is full of magic and wonder.

    In her clear, precise and supportive approach, she will bring you to the dimensions needed for huge shifts and healing on all levels in your life.

    Selena connected naturally to the Hanafuda as a young child, and first learned of them on the conscious level from a Korean friend when she was in high school, during which time she became an avid Hanafuda player.  The Hanafuda Activations came to her soon thereafter, and she has found great joy in witnessing the profound blossoming that has continued to occur in individuals worldwide.  Selena is delighted to offer the Blossom Retreat and Hanafuda Activations as part of her original signature works.

    Click here for details about Selena’s Blossom retreat.

    You can also learn about Selena’s upcoming events in Singapore and Malaysia.

    Learn more about Selena and her offerings at SelenaRodriguez.net.

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    TWHS S05E43-Spliforifis Stigmatism

    in Comedy

    This week on That's What He Said, we do a random show on Saturday night thanks to some unknown sports event! Tomorrow is the Sooper Boul, or some such thing, so we're doing a late night special. The hosts are unprepared, sleep deprived, and completely unaware of what's going on. Join us for a strange and exciting episode where no one knows what could possibley happen. IF you happen to be up at this late hour, join us live at 323-693-3811 to join the fun!!!


    Captain Tiberius L. Deckard of the Jefferson Star Plane Starr's Triple Sneeze

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    Caucus Raucous

    in Spirituality

    The Pagan Pundit joins us to explain the impact the Caucuses really have on the run for the Presidency. Who is still in the race, who has dropped out, and has Jeb finally lost his patience?

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    "I was submissive and obedient...then he treated me like a bitch!"

    in Relationships

    Table Talk Thursdays

    Host- Cleopatra

    Co Host- Sweet T

    Panelists- Miss Nikki, Osha Cerese and Jaynea

    Correspondent- Starr with the Dish


    Join us as we take a look into the idea of being submissive in relationships.  We will have a powerful discussion with our host, co-host, panelists and correspondent along with guest callers!!  Feel free to call in if you have questions or comments to 929-477-1220 and press 1 ONLY if you'd like to be heard.  Meet us at the table!!! 

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    Catherine Kominos joins the show

    in Spirituality

    Catherine Kominos is the founder of Life As Yoga, LLC. She is a yoga instructor, life coach, and wellness consultant in Norfolk, VA. Prior to her retirement from Government in 2015, Catherine was a Pentagon Science Director, a U.S. NATO Representative, a Defense Legislative Aide to Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), and a Director at a Pentagon funded academic research center developing Star Trek’s “Holodeck”.  Catherine earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from George Washington University in Engineering and will shortly earn a doctoral degree from University of Southern California. The memoir of her spiritual awakening Swimming in the Ocean of the Divine: An Odyssey through Love, Loss and Rebirth was published in 2014, and is available on Amazon. She is currently working on a new book that encapsulates her yoga healing practice, which will be published in 2017.


    Catherine's website is:  www.lifeasyoga.org. She may be contacted at cathy@lifeasyoga.org. 

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    Beyond The Realm Radio

    in Paranormal


    Join Tasha Starr solo tonight, 9-10:30 pm est. Updates, all topics and music.

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    Journey Back to the Goddess

    in Spirituality

    Marie Langlie and Beth Jacobson, hosts of Divine Goddess Radio, will be joined by master mythologist, storyteller and life coach Renée Starr.  “Women today are out of balance. Today’s feminine imbalance is the result of generations of women living in a patriarchal society and striving to be treated and recognized in the same way as men. In their attempt to become equalized, many women have minimized their feminine essence and maximized their masculine".

    To restore balance, Starr has written the book You Are Woman, You Are Divine, which reconnects women with their ancient Goddess roots, reminding them that they are sacred, special, and divine. The book utilizes seven powerful myths from many cultures of the world—Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet, the Lakota, and the creation myths of the Judeo-Christian Bible—which Starr beautifully retells. Each myth centers on a goddess archetype whose story symbolizes for the modern woman a key essence she innately has. Together, the myths reconnect women to their Power, Creativity, Stillness, Passion, Voice, Wisdom, and Awakening.

    Join us as we learn more about this fascinating topic and discuss her book and her work.


    Contact info:  divinegoddessradio@gmail.com

    Beth Jacobson 651-900-4136

    Marie Langlie 651-303-0555



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    Love of Heart Movement Radio Show Spotlights Coach Mark Starr

    in Motivation

    Queen of Hearts interviews Coach Mark

    Top 6 reasons to LISTEN to this Interview:

    1. Coach Mark suggests that you do what you LOVE because time is short and you must be happy.

    2. Learn why Coach Mark wants to see others people get BETTER.

    3. Coach Mark states that people must be READY to change!

    4. Coach Mark states the key to success is focusing on ONE thing!!  Lazer focus is key!!!

    5. If you have NEVER done anything before what you think is a THEORY!

    6. Coach Mark states that most people have NO BELIEF!!!


    Coach Mark isn’t an athletic coach although he can help you win the biggest race of your life. He isn’t a life coach, but he can help you live the best life you could ever possibly imagine. Coach Mark is a believability coach. He helps others to increase what they believe is possible for them. That self-belief will help determine how far anyone can go in life. As a successful entrepreneur over the last 15 years, Coach Mark has built 2 exceedingly successful million-dollar businesses.  You can stay in touch with Coach Mark by visiting www.powerinahalfhour.com or on FB - Mark Starr, or on IG & Twitter @coachmarkspeaks  Mark recommends that we be Persistent and Consistent.  Build a POWERFUL habit and it will change your life. When you BECOME the RIGHT Person, EVERY Opportunity is the RIGHT Opportunity. Mark recommends the following books: Repeat After Me-Mark Starr--www.repeataftermebook.com 

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    Everything's Coming Up Dorothy!

    in Spirituality

    The Mistress of Mojo joins us with her amazing bag of goodies. I hear that Mary Poppins gets her supplies from our favorite Witch ;) Whether you need someone to permanently vacate or stay, she has the perfect oil, spray or candle to get the job done. As of Febuary 1st, she is launching her Kick Ass Social Media Sale, so keep an eye out for the link.

    You can peruse her other offerings HERE beforehand, check out her Website, or follow her on Facebook.

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