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    Making Right Decisions (Part 2)

    in Health

    How do you make sure you’re making the right decisions after you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis? Join us as Mark Burright continues to share some tips about how to deal with your cancer diagnosis and treatment. He also has some tips on how to pick the right doctor for you. This is part two of this three part series.

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    in Motivation


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    Making “Right Decisions” Set the Standard

    in Current Events

    Join Host Dr. Loretta Faith Harris and Co-Host Yolanda “Yo-Trip” Triplett as they discuss the show topic, “Making Right Decisions: Set the Standard” during the Triumphant Living radiobroadcast. During childhood, we are taught essential principles and practices to develop character designed to embed within us the ability to accomplish making the “right decisions” when faced with challenging situations and circumstances. So has this principle of “right decisions” changed in our adult life? How hard is it to make the right decision in our personal relationships, business partnerships, finances, taxes, and political views? We will share intimate conversations with individuals who will discuss his or her personal victory, triumph, or obstacles with making “right decisions.” The Blog Talk Radio community is invited to tune in Wednesday, September 5, 2012 from 6:30-7:00 pm EST.

  • The Minds Behind Mind Right Radio

    in Spirituality

    Everyone's got a Story....memoirs from person to person can range from the dramatic & tragic to the miraculous & mystical!  In this episode, the Hosts of Mind Right Radio will open up their SubConscious Diaries to share personal adventures, challenges, and secrets of their Spiritual journeys. Tune in for the discussion, to share your own personal story, or for questions & comments.

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 to listen and/or chime in

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    The Right of knowledge and the Exaltation of God

    in Education

    The Lord Tommy L. Hart has given to his people a certain right, a right which their enemies have kept from them; it is a fundamental right. The people should give thanks to the Lord Tommy L. Hart for his wonderfuful works he has done for them. The people have a fundamental duty, which is to praise the Lord their God Tommy L. Hart. Praise the Lord Tommy L. Hart.

  • An A in Country: 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton, President

    in Elections

    ARE YOU READY FOR THIS: a President from the people’s center of mass: c2. The EPA has a PR, Public Relations BUDGET of OVER $160,000,000.00 wasted on FEEL GOOD but REAL BAD     WASTE    . Who allows for this. YOU DO. Am I screaming at you now.  YES and NO. you are looking in the mirror at yourselves and seeing RED without the WHITE and BLUE. I am here to unite our COLORS.    I am that good and take taken up with it. PLEASE   PLEASE   PLEASE   See me, listen in to BLOGTALK RADIO. Some of us on the BLOG are not crazy, stupid, egotistic, Un-important, Wrong.   I am here since 8 ½ years worth of your time and our Country’s failure to see me and have me lead.   bwell    c2it.   I am Curtis Clinton   c2 and undiscovered. Remember, Christopher Columbus didn’t sound too good to his crew all the time.   I don’t sound good to you when I say: Everyone must serve our Country; Every Gov’t Agency: IRS FBS EPA FDA and all the other ALPHAbetical Monstrosities, Like The COMMERCE Dept and Homeland Security ( my eye and my foot and my socks) will be looked at and cleaned up. Our DEA will be strong and respected. Our IRS agents will be right and respected and welcomed. I am here 4U. I am a Clinton Who doesn’t lie and Who money can’t buy.

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    Waiver Pickup Week 6 NFL Fantasy

    in Football

    Listen to the NFL Tlaking Heads discuss their top waiver pickups for the upcoming week in fantasy football. We will also recap the week 5 in the NFL, fantasy stars and duds and who can keep it going in the season. If you want a new fresh take on fantasy football, simplistic advice to help you and your fantasy team in your league, you have come to the right spot, NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast. You can also get your fantasy questions answered on our website www.nfltalkingheads.com 

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    F. A. W. C (For Anyone Who Care)

    in Lifestyle

    Life drama, children, blended families, culture issues, community concerns, creative people, social concerns, relationships, spirituality, cooking, traveling, dreaming out loud, entrepreneurship, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, self-esteem, self-worth, teen drama, self-respect, character building, racism, sports, interactive, stinking thinking, mindsets, role models, mentors, bullying, peer pressure, neighborhoods, creative thinking, mental illness, impaired thinking, poor impulses, profiling, social conscience , sense of right and wrong, family dynamics, environments, social justice, moving forward, positive people, integrity, honor, home associations, economy, education, we the consumers, child development, stages of life, liberty, empowerment, embracing life challenges, keep life moving, self-evaluations, assessments, political red tape, it's who you know not what you know

  • The China Syndrome

    in Basketball

    The Charlotte Hornets got their China trip started off right...by playing NBA2K...and also winning!

    We'll discuss the first preseason game without MKG and what it means for the season ahead. And several individual performances stood out, who played their best ball in Shenzhen?


    Hornets owner, Michael Jordan says Jeremy Lin is going to be the Hornets "biggest acquisition." Bold prediction, we'll share our thoughts.
    Just when we thought we were out (of ways to talk about Lance Stephenson), he pulls us BACK IN. We'll share his biting commentary on his time with Charlotte and the historically bad stats that the "star" player put up.


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    Bible Study Time on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    October is showing signs of fall.  A beautiful time of the year for trees to dress up in their most festive attire.   For pumpkins to sprout up and show out for fun and food and fellowship.  Don't you just love Autumn.  God changes seasons for our attention to His creation on this earth.  What will Heaven be like?  I don't know, but first I just want to enjoy appreciation of an artist that cannot be equiled to in heaven or in earth.  Read his word and watch the gift of autumn pour out of you as you describe splendor unfold.  and guess what you do not have to travel anywhere.  He has come to you right where you are.  So enjoy this segment of Bible Study surrounded by God.

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