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    Dr. Jerry Brown and Marvin Bishop with Peter Mingils from PM Marketing

    in Business

    You can learn more about Dr. Jerry Brown and what he does on: www.DrJerryBrown.com.

    For more ways to learn how to build your business check out: http://www.networkleads.com 

    Dr. Jerry Brown is a dynamic entrepreneur and he blends God's work with network marketing to create an interesting opportunity for all types of people.

    Listen in to all of his archived shows at: http://www.BuildingFortunesRadio.com/dr-jerry-brown

    For MLM Leads, MLM Training, and Lead Management Systems, Visit: http://www.NetworkLeads.com

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    Welcome to Lash Addict Radio - Episode 1

    in Fashion

    Lash Addict was created to keep Lash Artists informed and up-to-date on trends, techniques, training and other events in the industry. Designed to bring an elevated level of communication to our field, educate Lash Artists on the new, or updated products and build strong bonds between professionals nationwide. We strive to assist in opening the lines of communication between Manufacturers, Distributors, and Artists globally, in order to ensure top quality products and services are being used to satisfy and protect our clients. 

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    Black Love & Relationships

    in Culture

    Black Love & Relationships will be on the air this Tuesday October 13th at 6 PM PST. discussing Black Education: From Early Childhood To College vs. From Pre School to Prison.
    Black Love and Relationships is a place where we promote love and unity among melanated brothers and sisters. Our commitment is to promote love, peace, and unity between all of the survivors of the global diaspora. Every week we will bring you hot topics that delve into the Black experience.

    Joining us will be Logic Amen. As a Seattle local artist, father and educator, his area of expertise include but are not limited to:

    How To Influence People

    Media Education

    Conflict Resolution


    Areas Of Motivation

    We will Also be joined by Ladonna R. Tardy.With over 20 years of experience in education and Professional Development she has provided training for educators and health professionals in her industry. Ladonna is also the creator of TEMBC Education using the knowledge and experience in education management, psychology and curriculum. Ladonna holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Counseling Psychology degree, Educational Specialist, and also a Turnaround Certification.

    We will discuss relationships, hardships, and solutions. Join SiSi Harry and a special guest every Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST as we explore, discuss, and sometimes debate Black relationships, Black family, Black history.

    Call in at (917)889-2830

  • Cancer a Warriors Journey with Chris Molinari

    in Business

    Chris has been a successful author, distributor, consultant and loves to help people learn and do well in their life.

    She's trained with the best... and writes for many as a ghost-writer... so you can see her all over.

    She's a home based business guru with a pinch of NLP thrown in for effectiveness.

    Catch us live if you can, or check out the archived shows at: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/chris-molinari-cancer-a-warriors-journey/

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    All About Service Dogs Hosted by Doc Vencil Featuring Rachel Pasela

    in Pets

    This episode we will interview Rachel Nicole Kat.  We will be discusing Rachel's life with her service dog and the positive impact the service dog has on her quality of life.

    I am pleased to share the benefits of a service dog from the handlers point of view.

    This episode is a production of Saint Bernards Service Dog Academy, Inc. A non profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. This is a listener supported broadcast. We appreciate your support by PayPal at stb.sda@aol.com or email for directions.


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    Clarifying Your Life w/Associate Pastor Kimberly Horvath

    in Christianity

    Are you  stuck, stressed, confused,,,just plain ready to do something different because you are stuck in a rut? 
     As a ChristianLife  Coach, I assess your readiness to change and where you are spiritually.  
     During our sessions I allow myself to be led by the Holy Spirit, utilize my training and determine a course of action to assist you in moving forward. I am a certified Christian Life Coach 
    My call is to help christian people move forward in life. My motto is MAXIMIZE Your Life

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    Become a Virtual Judge or Have Your Case Settled on the Net- Part 2

    in Relationships

    Brav is a new way for people of any age to find a solution to bullying, violence, and conflict. Find out why this is so important and join our guest, Remi Alli to learn how to settle family, school, and workplace disputes online.

    Along with her JD, Remi Alli is a psychology graduate of the University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Health Law and Policy from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She has mediated for over 15 years, resolving thousands of cases, and is a trained and certified mediator through the Supreme Court of Ohio. She has written for Forbes, Neuroscience for Kids, among others, and received the top prize in the nation for her legal writing through the American Judges Association. She also served as a teacher of law through the Law & Leadership Institute.

    Stephen Kotev is a Washington D.C. based conflict resolution consultant offering mediation, negotiation and facilitation services, conflict coaching, training and somatic education to private and government clients. Helping people resolve problems and improve their performance is his passion and profession.

    Stephen is one of only two individuals to have been employed by both of the nation’s two largest Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) membership organizations – the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

    Stephen has conducted trainings to international and national audiences in, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Germany, Northern Ireland and across the United States.

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    St Germain Radio Show,Tues, Oct 13, 8pm EST

    in Spirituality

    Brigitte Boyea and Mike Snyder, One Tuesday each month 8:00-9:30PM EST (Next show is Oct 13)

    St. Germain Radio Show channeled by Brigitte Boyea with celestial music by Mike Snyder, Tech support and Deeksha Blessing Giver Mark Rawson

    In these times of great change and new beginnings, it becomes increasingly more difficult to walk the path alone. Therefore use this radio show as an opportunity to receive love and support from someone who has walked the path of enlightenment and ascension before you.

    Brigitte Boyea, born and raised in Germany and living in the USA since 1994, has been an intuitive healer all her life. Having completed extensive training in many different healing modalities, Brigitte offers effective tools of self empowerment and self-realization to assist her clients in their individual healing processes.  Working primarily with St. Germain and his violet flame as well as Archangel Michael as her guides and teachers, Brigitte’s messages offer a deeper clarity and understanding of life circumstances and one’s role in them.

    You can find more information about her on her website at www.lightbridge101.com.

    Mike Snyder and I offer sound energy healing sessions through the my music.  Here is a little bit of information about myself and how I came into using music to help heal and relax people.  I have been a student of Metaphysics for most of my life.   I have been playing the piano since I was 8 years old but always refused to take music lessons. 

    My Website  http://www.mikesnydercc.com

  • Thunder and lightning out of the community. # 273

    in Motivation

    Training and retraining , will prepare you for almost anything.

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    in Military

    Petty Officer First Class Shannon Book grew up with a appreciation of music and has expressed that appreciation both vocally and by playing various musical instruments throughout his life.Feeling an urgency to serve his country after Desert Storm,Shannon joined the United States Navy in July of 1993 and trained as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman at the Naval School of Health Sciences in San Diego,Field Medical Service School,Camp Pendleton,CA. Shannon served as Corpsman in two combat deployments in Iraq: the first in 2003 with 2nd Battalion 1st Marines as part of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq and again in 2004 during Vigilant Resolve as the Regimental Combat Team 1 Personal Security Detachments Corpsman. To help relieve the stresses of combat and deployment felt by both himself and others in his unit, would play guitar and sing during down tim.and most importantly, began to write his own music about how he and others felt about their experiences.After returning home from his 2nd deployment,Shannon served as an instructor at the Field Medical Training Battalion at Camp Johnson,NC,and worked to insure that his students could perform their jobs under the pressures of combat.Recently retired from the United States Navy due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),he is working on a complete collection of original songs reflecting his time in combat, his injuries (both physical and emotional), and living with the aftermath of war. Shannon hopes his music will help to educate military families and civilians, as well as help to heal those that have shared in some of his experiences.Shannon joined with Redcon 1 Music Group to be a part of the force to help educate our people about the troubles faced by war fighters and their families.Shannon is now the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for Vetted. The band once called Warrior Spirit. He still works with the new band of all wounded warriors to spread as much hope and understanding as possible

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    John Eberhard Gives Internet Marketing Updates on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso

    in Business

    In this episode of Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso, we welcome John Eberhard, President of Real Web Marketing who gives us the latest Internet marketing updates.

    Having been in marketing over a quarter of a century and his own company, Real Web Marketing Inc., for seven years, with clients all over the country in a wide variety of industries, John tells us that you have to keep up with the latest techniques, and always with an eye toward what works and gets results today. He says you need more than just a very good looking website--you have to market it properly in order to achieve the leads, sales and other results that you want.

    John’s company performs web design (well over 100 websites designed), pay per click advertising management (he’s a Google Partner and Google AdWords Certified), search engine optimization, social media marketing, video marketing, and local online marketing.

    John knows how to drive traffic and is going to give you some of the latest info about Internet marketing.