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    The Velvet Rider on Southern Horse Talk

    in Family

    Join Becca Salamone as she talks with Jennifer Landers, owner and founder of The Velvet Rider, an equestrian lifestyle blog.  Jennifer shares how she was inspired to start her company, as well as how she has grown the business over the past few years and what makes The Velvet Rider blog so successful.

    Also on the show, Mary Miller Jordan shares her thoughts on family and the holidays on another episode of Mary Miller Jordan's Mustang Mentors.

    Be sure to also watch the interviews on the Southern Horse Talk YouTube channel.




    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW7u5IEBDpTuemCeDW2m_lQ (Southern Horse Talk YouTube)

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    Suzy Godsey | Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider

    in Self Help

    Conscious Horse,Conscious Rider

    We will delve into the background of the 'who/what/why" of Conscious horse, conscious rider and what the clinic has to offer both horse and rider

    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider is a dynamic, leading edge Clinic inviting you to a totally different way of “being with” and “working with” horses. Horsemanship that includes BOTH horse and rider ~ every step of the way!

    Utilizing the “Language of the Horse” and the pragmatic tools and techniques of Access Consciousness®, Gary inspires horse and rider to create a Partnership founded in a conscious connection, that few know is even possible as horsemanship!

    No matter what the state of your current partnership with your horse, no matter what obstacles rider or horse perceives they have to overcome, this class is the invitation to change that and so much more!

    We use the tools of Access Consciousness on the show, which includes the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement.  You can find more information on the Clearing Statement at www.theclearingstatement.com.

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    Anna Ullenius | Conscious Horse Conscious Rider

    in Self Help

    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider is for horse lovers and everyone who would like more connection with horses. 

    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider combines stunning and unique outlooks on communicating with horses, to improve the performance of both horse and rider.Included are instructions in applying hands-on techniques. Is your horse having difficulty and not responding to conventional treatment or techniques? This can really give you a different outlook on what else is possible!

    Both horse and rider are being worked on which has facilitated remarkable change in many areas. Develop a deeper connection with the animals, the ability to talk to, and hear them, and to facilitate a different possibility.

    We use the tools of Access Consciousness on the show, which includes the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement.  You can find more information on the Clearing Statement at www.theclearingstatement.com.

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    Buskers|s Solar Community Centre - Live Life Drawing Lounge

    in Travel

    We are performers of all the arts, entertaining children waiting to get outside and breathe fresh atmosphere.


    Call in and crowd fund with Rider & friends so that at Buskers|s Solar Community Centre, Extreme Women's Wellness Vendors can use that Money to get the movie trailer to pick our workshop/ studio from off of the streets.


    At that point Vendors will witness the very first deliveries of smudge wand to stores who carry the style of art/ medicine we Rider wraps as we get around to new locations and venues.


    Support this pre-launch project online with your great intention of sustainable living. 

    In the day travel and follow our shows every morning for those who have flexible schedules around our posted events and workshops as citizens on the Backwards Virtual Trips.  PACKAGES 2. Smudge Wands: For special occasions: Weddings, Birthday's, Get Well, Congrats! Private/ Public Functions.  3. Sustainable Community Building


    At the moment we created 3 packages to keep in mind to motivated to by the quality of air in areas around the world.  


    As a wholistic Live Life  Drawing Lounge/ Boutique you will be able to be with relax, retreat, recover from work and fun!

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    "Definition of A Rider"

    in Hip Hop Music


    Also, this week on the ?#‎Teambbw? segment we have a special guest I'll be interviewing by the name of Nathaniel Peterson. 
    Nathaniel is an up and coming RnB singer/ song writer born and raised in Fort Greene, Brooklyn who has a song he has dedicated to plus size women entitled "A Little More Love" that's making a major wave ??.



  • An In-Depth Interview with Civil Rights Activist & Freedom Rider Joan Mulholland

    in History

    Original freedom rider and civil rights activist Joan Mulholland joins your national family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton to discuss segregation, voting rights, activism and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This  one-on-one exclusive interview will reveal her thoughts on today's political landscape and her hope for the future. Join #LTA for a very special show segment. 


    Visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you.  

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    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider ~ Special Guests Viv Adcock & Hanne Stigaard

    in Pets

    The relationship between horse and rider is an extensive and intricately woven tapestry of trust, communication, honor, allowance, vulnerability, joy and gratitude.  How could it be ANYTHING less when ....a prey animal willingly puts its life in the hands of its predator, allowing said predator to mount it while agreeing to take on the responsibility of keeping that predator safe? WOW!!!

    Join Charlie, Suzy and their special guests, Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitators Viv Adcock and Hanne Stigaard as they explore the plethora of ways the Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Clinics empowers BOTH horse and rider to step fully into and use to their advantage, all aspects of the horse/human relationship.  What else is possible with horses and horsemanship, that you may NEVER have considered? 

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    What Is a Rider Contract, When, Where and Why Will I Need One?

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Estl

    UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com
    To listen or participate call: 213.559.2995

    Show Date: 8/3/2015

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    knight rider

    in Television

    ''one man can make a differents.'' that was the theme of the hit 80's tv show knight rider. and car that can talk and do more things then any other car. and man who is dead but brought back to life with a new name cause micheal long is dead. so wilton knight gave him a second chance go after bad guys who work above the law. so he was sent to go after them. but u ever image if it wasn't for uk hero james bond we wouldn't have knight rider. u come to think about it almost like james bond. and man going after the bad guys and car that has everything u can image and it talks. and devon was like the person setting up the mission for bond telling him where to go. and female working on kitt like q was with bond car and making micheal toys like a watch where he can talk to kitt. so the americans had knight rider and uk james bond so they are almost alike. the person who did make kitt is george barris he made famous cars for tv shows and movies even kitt. but u come to think about it david is james bond in knight rider and went after crime just like bond. but there been times when they have to rebuild kitt cause of villains like karr and other villains who knew  the car secerts. so in 91 they made a tv movie call knight rider 2000 and in 2008 they made a new tv show call knight rider but kitt was mustang instead of trans am. and now there talk about a big screen movie and it been talk about for awhile i hope it happens big time. but call in and tell us what was your favorite moment in knight rider and who can u see play the parts in the movie.

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    PG 183

    in Sports

    Nick Nugent joins the program to discuss all things Knight Rider. We also break down RAW and the upcoming Royal Rumble and of course Mike Piazza getting into the Hall of Fame finally.

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    Andy Red Rider BeeBee Gun Dalton, Johnny "Be Good" Manziel, Playoffs?!?

    in Football

    We will be taking callers all hour long, so listen in live and call (347) 850-8627!  In the news we will give our takes on all the news of the NFL.  We will go through the NFL News and talk about the following:


    We will also play SHOCK THE JOCK so you can ask us ANY QUESTION, we will pick three questions to answer and Nash or Matt will LIE on one of the answers, if the audience is most correct, we will shock the liar with enough volts they will feel like they touched an electric fence.  Text 77948 and type the word text and then space, then your message.