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    Ride and Die or Dumb and Dumber?

    in Romance

    This is Shawn Hill author of The Single Black Woman's Guide to Dating and Blackwealthcreation.com and Patrick Bishop author of The Way of the Scarecrow and Keisha Stoute of The Cruise Controlled Blog http://cruisecontrolled.weebly.com.
    Tonight's show we will look at Ride and Die or Dumb and Dumber?  Every day women are making poor relationship choices and blaming it on love.  Paying rent, giving guys money, letting them stay rent free in their house are just some of the issues we will cover tonight.  When does giving a hand up turn into giving a hand out.
     We will answer these and other questions on tonight’s show.  You do not want to miss this show.  Tell your mother, sister, cousin and friend to tune in tonight.
    This show is sponsored by Busteddisgusted.com.  Start today to live the life you have imagined.

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    Ride or Die

    in Romance

    "Ride or Die" It's a phrase used a lot to describe doing time with a partner. What does it mean? Is it realistic or not? Is a fair standard?

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    Are You A Ride Or Die Women?

    in Spirituality

    You ride until the very end, I'm mean until that person you're claiming as a true friend, sister girlfriend that you are loyal too pass from this life to the next. You find yourself cheering them on more than yourself. You're reliable because your presents& deeds don't hold a hidden agenda.. You have No problems being You... 

    You die to do everything possible to destroy the person. The dreams aspirations & goals that person has shared with you. You fail to be true... You're a living fake waiting to say " I told you so".

    Kimberly Arrington...It was an amazingly hot summer day, on August 31, 1972 in a small town by the name of  Tuskegee Alabama,  and there was 5 pound preemie  being born in John Andrews Hospital. The mother of the child was frantic, because her baby was coming too soon, and there was only one Doctor on staff. As the nurse ran out to go and retrieve the Dr, they both rushed back in , only to find that a little baby girl had been born. That little girl was ready for the WORLD.  This baby girl was named Kimberly Kashanda Arrington.

    This morning help me welcome... Kimberly Arrington to the show... She is the CEO / Founder of I Am Me University..how you doing girl? I hope you're ready to beautiful us with your words of wisdom.. 

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    The Queen Me Show: The Original Ride or Die Chicks ( The Amazon African Women)

    in Radio

    For the better part of 200 years, thousands of female soldiers fought and died to expand the borders of their West African kingdom. Even their conquerors, the French, acknowledged their "prodigious bravery." According to Greek accounts, the earliest Amazons came from Libya (then a name for most of North Africa). They wore red leather and carried crescent-shaped shields. It was these Libyan Amazons, they said, who later founded cities and temples in the Aegean and Anatolia. At a much later period, the Amazons of Dahomey were crack all-female troops, all female, who also served as royal bodyguards. They were also priestesses and wore crescent moon crowns.The Hausa had a number of warrior queens, notably Amina of Zau Zau. A woman named Bazao-Turunku led warriors and founded a town south of Zaria. Nupe women warriors called Isadshi-Koseshi fought as fiercely as the men, opposing invasions of the Fulbe conquerers who raided the Nupe for cattles and slaves, especially women. We are going to pay respect to the woman warriors and explain why and who were the original ride or die chicks.

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    I Need a Ride or Die Chick...

    in Romance

    It seems that we have become a culture that celebrates the "Ride or Die Chic"... the woman that will hold it down for her man, be faithful while he is on lockdown, remain loyal despite what he does.
    While that sounds great for the man, how realistic is it? Furthermore, what exactly are the rules and procedures that govern the "Ride or Die" chic? Do men even want this type of chic or is this something reserved for videos and street fantasies?
    We're going to discuss dig deep with this mentality with Jocelyn Mills of The Brownness Series.
    Also in our initial, "Give and Go" segment, Stacey J. Gholar is going to share some insight on Domestic Violence.

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    Ride or Die. Stupid or in Love?

    in Romance

    Guest starring Palmetto Star from blogtalkradio.com/2raw4tv
    What does it mean to Ride or Die? Should lovers ride or die? Is it just stupid? Is there a line of reason? What do you all think? Join us tonight for this discussion of Bonnie & Clyde-esque love affairs. 
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    Something Like a Wife (Foodie Book 1)-by Lola K. available at:http://tinyurl.com/8hnwsw5
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    If there is time there will be a book review of Taken By the Tentacle Monster (The complete collection)-by K.J. Burkhardt available at:

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    KNICKS TALK: For Tha Ride Or Die Fan

    in Sports



    Co HOST STAFF Ms Knickstape,Guru,Bow Tie,Cheerleading Tackler, and King of Queens.


    Changing The Culture is a Uphill Battle

    Fisher disappointed by Knicks' effort against Thunder 

    JR Not Filling the Void in Melo Absense

    Knicks Streaky Shouting 

    Melo Injury Is it better he takes his time?

    Are Knicks Fans Prepared for a semi rebuilding season? 


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    The Ladies Room Ep 12: Ride or Die Chicks

    in Entertainment

    The Ladies Room will discuss what are the parameters around the ride or die chick stereotypes.

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    Bruce Jenner, Baby Mama Shade, & Ride Or Die Chicks

    in Entertainment

    Listen to the "Ice Cream Convos Morning Show" as we give you the scoop on Bruce Jenner, Blac Chyna's latest stunt to expose Tyga, Yandy Smith and Mendeecees, and more delicious scoops of Entertainment, Celebrity News, and Hot Topics.

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    Ride or Die mate

    in Radio

    Are you a ride or die chick or dude? When your boyfriend or girlfriend is in need of your support do you have their back or do you run for higher ground?