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    Riddick Radio Live

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    Wall Street Protest and The Best of Riddick Radio Live

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    SSWAG - We "Gotta Win"; Find Out How As We Interview Jonathan Riddick!

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    Jonathan Riddick was born January 19 in Austin, Texas & raised in Houston, Texas. At age 12, Jonathan received the Holy Ghost at a youth camp he attended where his grandmother went to church. He stayed in Baton Rouge with his grandmother for a year and then went back to Houston, Texas. He had a stepfather who was instrumental in his life & was the neighborhood drug dealer. When Jonathan was 15, his stepfather died. His stepfather's death caused him to drop out of school that year. He was only in the 8th grade by this time. After this heartbreaking event, he felt as if his life began to have a down spiraling effect. Jonathan began to engage in gangbanging, but at the age of 17 he encountered God again and was renewed in the Holy Ghost. He began preaching at 19 for God but soon after that, he backslid caused by a bad relationship. He moved back to Texas. Later, in Texas back into his old environment, he went to jail for a pistol case. When things felt like they couldn't get any worse, God performed a miracle when he should've received a felony. After he was released from jail he was renewed again by the Holy Ghost. He began going to church. There he received a prophecy about crossing a bridge once again & repairing a breach, also that God has placed a heavy anointing on his life and God healed his back moments before the prophecy, he began experiencing family problems, which led to backsliding again. Staying in an abandoned apartment, he was rapping and in the streets. Living fast on drugs, he ended up going back to Baton Rouge visiting for a friend's wedding. While he was not planning on being renewed, he was renewed and now he's on a mission for Christ. He made his mind up, & decided for God I live! Prophecies have been coming to pass....God stopped him in his tracks just as He did the apostle Paul.

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    Riddick review

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    AreYouScreening.com host and BFCA film critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review Riddick.
    We'll also be playing some interview clips with Vin Diesel and the rest of the cast.
    Plus, don't forget that you could win a Blu-Ray of every movie we review this year.

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    Episode 20: Riddick

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    Who's Riddick you ask? Why he's the character most people associate with Vin Diesel...after Dominic Torreto of course. Pitch Black hit the scene about 10 years ago and made an instant sci-fi cult icon in the goggle wearing bad-ass. The Chronicles of Riddick also hit with fans...just not in such a big way. So, will the third adventure of Richard B. Riddick end the series on a high note? Find out this week on the Punch Drunk Podcast!

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    Black Geeks Review: Riddick

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    This week the Black Geeks review David Twohy's "Riddick" starring Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, and StarBuck. Wait...I mean Kara Thrace.  No, that's not right either.  I mean Katee Sackhoff.  Tune in to find out whether you should race to the multiplex, Redbox it, or wait till a Saturday morning in 2014.
    From imdb:
    Left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators. Activating an emergency beacon alerts two ships: one carrying a new breed of mercenary, the other captained by a man from Riddick's past.

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    Author Suzette Riddick discusses IT'S MY TURN on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb chats with author Suzette Riddick about her literary journey and the new book IT'S MY TURN.

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    TRU-Life Fridays: Elaine Riddick and Luis Dizon

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    Can anyone contextualize rape?  Apparently, if you are a proponent of White Privilege Theory, apparently you can.  We will be discussing the latest battle in the War on Women today.

    Also, TLFR welcomes Elaine Riddick from The Rebbeca Project for Justice back to the program.  New details on the class-action lawsuit for women harmed by Depo-Provera have emerged, and news about the emerging global use of Depo-Provera have recently come to light.  Elaine will be revealing for us the long-term detriment of Depo use and what has happened in areas of the world like Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.  

    We also welcome Toronto resident Luis Dizon to the show.  Canada has its own March for Life and political struggles with legal abortion.  We will be exploring more about how abortion is being protested by people of conscience to the north of us, Canadian style.


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    Author Suzettte Riddick stops by Good Deeds with Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Suzettte Riddick  has been an avid reader since childhood. Her favorite genres are romance and biographies. Victoria holds a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in nursing from LaSalle University. She's employed as an adult nurse practitioner and has dedicated her nursing career to taking care of adults with sickle cell disease. Victoria's debut novel A Special Summer was released in 2007. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and three children.

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    Pro-Life Fridays: Elaine Riddick and The Rebecca Project

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    Today, we maintain that if you knew the truth about Black History in America, you would be pro-life!

    Elaine Riddick will be joining us again to share recent developments at The Rebecca Project for Justice.  Elaine has been hard at work securing justice for those injured by Depo-Provera injections.  Plus, we will find out how far the pro-abortion forces are willing to go to undermine life-affirming efforts by pro-life people of conscience.  Elaine gives us an inside story you won't want to miss.

    About Elaine:
    Elaine Riddick is the Executive Director at the Rebecca Project for Justice. Ms. Riddick is a dedicated Women’s Rights activist who as a Depo Provera and contraceptive expert became the Victims Coordinator for Attorney Willie Gary’s Depo Provera class action lawsuit. Elaine studied psychology at New York City Tech and is building the Elaine Riddick Sister Sanctuary for girls at risk in Georgia—girls who are potential victims of sex trafficking, homeless or pregnant without a place to call home.  Ms. Riddick is an African-American woman who, as a 14-year-old girl in 1968, was forcibly sterilized by the Eugenics Board of North Carolina, after she gave birth to her brilliant Son Tony Riddick a successful businessman in North Carolina. The Eugenics board stated that Ms. Riddick was "feebleminded" and "promiscuous"; therefore, in accordance with the policies of Dr. Alan Guttmacher and Margaret Sanger, Ms. Riddick was sterilized without her consent. Elaine waged a 40 year battle for justice securing 10million dollars for surviving victims in North Carolina. 

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    Ministry of Information Elaine Riddick Story

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    Ministry of Information Elaine Riddick Story
    Tune in toniie to www.BlogTalkRadio.com/1stfamradio at 8:30 pm til 10:30 pm eastern on 1st fam radio episode 4 Ministry of Information with special guest.Elaine Riddick Speaker/Activist against Eugenics who was steralized against her will in 1968 speaks out about the cover -up call in live (917)889-8297 1stfamradio