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    Thanksgiving Special: Rick Wiles on the Jim Bakker Show

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    This Thanksgiving Day edition of Trunews features select excerpts from Rick Wiles' most recent appearance on the Jim Bakker show. Topics discussed include the undeniable threat of an EMP attack on the U.S., end time earth changes, ISIS infiltration of the West, and much more.

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    Rick Wiles at the Ready Now Expo Pt. 2

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    On the Friday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles presents a second day of television highlights from the recent Ready Now Expo sponsored by “The Jim Bakker Show.”


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    Read more at http://www.trunews.com/friday-september-18-2015-rick-wiles-at-the-ready-now-expo-pt-2/#wO31ZI4lQ4iL3CbF.99

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    Rick Wiles and Jim Marrs

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    Rick’s guest today is veteran investigative journalist Jim Marrs. Rick and Jim discuss a wide variety of topics including population control, fascism, Agenda 2030, and the JFK assassination.


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    Jim Marrs | A View from Marrs

    Read more at http://www.trunews.com/thursday-september-24-2015-jim-marrs/#IyvW22QfBcwEr5su.99

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    Interview with Rick Wiles of Trunews

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    On February 10, 2015 PROPHECY QUAKE will have a very special guest. We will interview the founder of Trunews, Mr. Rick Wiles. TRUNEWS is the world's leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview. As their radio intro declares, "Trunews, the only newscast reporting the countdown to the second coming of Jesus Christ." Join us LIVE at 4:00 PM CST to hear Rick share his perspective on world events and end-time Bible prophecy! And for more info on end-time Bible prophecy go to deanodle.org

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    TRUNEWS 1/9/15: Rick Wiles in Panama - Day 2

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    SPECIAL GUESTS: Rick Wiles in Panama – Day 2


    In day two of broadcasting from Panama, Rick is joined Dr. Daniel Daves, Erick Enz, Stephen, and David. Each share how the Lord has used prophetic dreams and visions to lead them and others out of Babylon and into new works outside the U.S.

    YOUTUBE LINK:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZS3Ll4jMg0

    TRUNEWS LINK:  http://www.trunews.com/friday-january-9-2015-rick-wiles-friends-boquete-panama-pt-2/

    SPREAKER LINK: http://www.spreaker.com/user/trunews/1-9-14-rick-wiles-in-panama-day-2

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    Pt. 1: Rick Wiles Update | Pt. 2: Dr. Stephanie Seneff | Pt. 3: Naghmeh Abedini

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    In Segment 1, Rick talks about the convergence of the financial crash cycle, the war cycle, the sunspot cycle, and other cycles – and how they explain the “gloom and doom” attitude that grips the world today.  In Segment 2, MIT scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the harmful effects of glysophate in Monsanto’s Roundup.  In Segment 3, Naghmeh Abedini and ACLJ legal director Tiffany Barrans discuss the ongoing campaign to compel Iran to release from prison Pastor Saeed Abedini. 

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    TRUNEWS 11/14/14: Rick Wiles

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    TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles is joined by fellow watchman John Price, as they explore the parallels in today's headlines with the foretelling of Price's latest book, "The Day".  These include defiance of the US Constitution regarding immigration, riots in Ferguson, and soon to be blood in the churches of America.

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    Highlights from Rick Wiles on the Jim Bakker Show

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    Last week, God opened the door for Rick to appear on the nationally televised Jim Bakker Show. Today's edition of TRUNEWS features select highlights from that groundbreaking experience.

    Wednesday June 3, 2015

    The Jim Bakker Show

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    Abraham's Tent Radio Show - Mark Christian Interviewed by Rick Wiles

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    Rick began a four-day discussion of Islamic jihad in Western nations to topple Christian civilization. Rev. Paul Blair, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church and president of Reclaim America for Christ, is joined by Dr. Mark Christian (the alias for an Egyptian doctor who renounced Islam). Dr. Christian is the founder and president of the Global Faith Institute. Pastor Blair, Dr. Christian, and Rick discusses the many ways Muslims wage jihad against unsuspecting Westerners.


    Abraham’s Tent is not predictable… it’s not politically correct, nor does it follow the old advice to never discuss religion and politics in polite company. The fact is, the show is all about the intersection of religion with politics and power, examined from the viewpoints of experts on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Tune in for a frank discussion of the people and events shaping our neighborhoods and our world.

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    TRUNEWS Roundtable Part 1: Terry Sacka, Aaron Brickman, and more

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    On the Monday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles is joined by staff members and friends as he introduces the ministry’s latest addition, News Director Bob Page. Silver analyst Terry Sacka also joins in on the discussion, as the group weighs the impact of the Paris Terror attack as it relates to decisions being made spiritually, politically and in the financial markets.

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    Terry Sacka | Cornerstone Asset Metals