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    Unexeplained Radio - Richard Ruland, Guest

    in Paranormal

    Richard Ruland is a member of the online tv show "Hunting  the Unknow Truth"
    Our web series currently runs on 5 different web networks and we also have our show on Roku, with a total viewership of over 450K viewers weekly world wide. We started out two years ago with a dream to help those who are suffering with Paranormal activity. We engage a medium with years experience during every investigation and cleaning. We have done two pilots and 19 radio shows. We consist of myself, my wife and 16 yr. old daughter. and a complement of 6 other people on our team.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity, I have a lot of EVP's I can send you if you want to play something for the show, just tell me how many! lol
      http://www.ghost-paranromal.com/ www.ghost-paranromal.com

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    Transform Your Life - Mid Life Alchemy with Eva Ruland, Ph.D!

    in Self Help

    (This show has been pre-recorded)

    Eva will share her own story, some powerful questions we can journal with, talk about the importance of "steeping", and more...

    Eva Ruland, Ph.D., is a Transformational Coach, Workshop Leader, and Group Facilitator dedicated to promoting personal growth and change. Her work uses many approaches, including inquiry, guided imagery, journeying, chakra clearing, SoulCollage® and meditation. By overcoming limiting beliefs and energetic blockages, clearing unresolved emotional issues, uncovering parts of the unconscious, and stepping into more clarity, those she helps can acquire happiness and well-being. 

    In her native Germany, Eva pursued careers in communications and fashion design. A third career, in adult education, inspired her passion for coaching and led her to California. There she received her Ph.D. in East-West Psychology (CIIS) and trained as a co-active coach from the Coaches Training Institute. A student of Jungian psychology and a SoulCollage® facilitator, Eva's elixirs are beauty and discovery.   Eva sees private clients and works with groups in Berkeley, CA as well by phone/skype.  You can learn more about Eva at:  http://evaruland.com/

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    Political Economics with Richard G. Medlock

    in Politics


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    in Entertainment

    Richard Rossi and his film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories" have become the subject of worldwide press and controversy in the last 24 hours since news broke internationally of Papal support for his Clemente film and efforts to have the baseball great recognized as a saint.  In his first full-length addressing of questions since the story broke worldwide, Mr. Rossi answers questions, clarifies the truth, and refutes the tabloid rumors.

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    Political Economics with Richard G. Medlock

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    Political Economics with Richard G. Medlock

    in Politics


    Help us start 2015 with with the right perspectives to help you succeed.

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    The Edge Portal (012115) Roundtable with Richard Shaw

    in Christianity

    Larry is hosting a roundtable with Richard Shaw, Stan Deyo and Daniel Holdings to discuss Richard's latest Watcher Series DVD due out this week - Torah Codes, End to Darkness. Other current end time events will also be discussed.








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    Political Economics with Richard G. Medlock

    in Politics


    Correct Principles of Government.  Economic insight.  Right vs Wrong.  Optimism for the Future.  The most Politically INcorrect program on internet radio.  What is True anymore?

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    A Conversation with Richard Roundtree

    in Lifestyle

    Richard Roundtree is a gifted actor and model who discovered the challenge of success which goes beyond the glitz and glitter.   He's quoted once as saying..."It's a funny thing with success. When you don't have it, and you want it, you knock yourself out trying to get it. Then, if you're lucky enough to get some, you have to figure out a way to live with it."   Roundtree was a model, touring the country with the Ebony Fashion Fair, when he decided he wanted to be an actor. That was in 1967;  He remembers. "In 1971, I made a major film. Four years...that's not too much suffering."   The movie was "Shaft" (1971) and Roundtree played the first black private eye.  He did all the things private eyes do - shot and got shot at, joked with the cops, fought with the mob, took a shower with the girl.  The movie was one of the year's top grossers, and so were its sequels, "Shaft's Big Score" and "Shaft Goes to Africa."

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    Bert Martinez joined by Richard Ehrlich, Linda Allred, Jonathan Roisman

    in Business

    Richard Ehrlich started his career as a financial advisor with the prestigious firm of Drexel Burnham Lambert, working directly under the Wall Street Genius Michael Milken. After years of working on Wall Street Richard did the unthinkable and moved out of the corporate sector, and founded the Secure Wealth Planning Group in Boca Raton, FL. Richard’s guiding philosophy in life is that "Life is more than a paycheck. After seeing his father lose his entire life savings to the market and poor financial decisions, Richard decided to focus his efforts on helping his neighbors protect, grow and enjoy their retirement. As Richard is fond of saying “Live Your Life.” Problem #1: Worrying yourself to death – not sure of the unknown with their retirement assets

    Linda Allred known as the Bad Habit Belief Breaker and is the co-author of the best-selling book, Answering The Call, published by Celebrity Press. The book became an instant #1 Best-Seller in two categories, “Marketing, and Marketing For Small Businesses” on Amazon the day it was released due to the message that so many people need in their lives. The book finally allows the reader to Answer Their Own Call in their journey through life, whether that is losing 10lbs, 100lbs, reducing stress, quitting smoking or making $100,000 or $1,000,000 in their business

    Jonathan Roisman Content Manager at NextAdvisor.com who covers credit monitoring, credit cards, savings accounts, web hosting, tax services, auto insurance, online colleges, audiobooks and online meeting. He previously wrote for J., the Jewish news weekly of Northern California and has been published by Huffington Post, 7x7, and Giants Magazine, among others. He is a graduate of San Jose State University, and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area

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    Richard Marcus,"The World's Greatest Gambling Scams"

    in Books

    Who is Richard Marcus?

    Richard Marcus is the world's most recognized authority on casino cheating and advantage-play, including scams engineered by casino employees. He now offers detailed training and seminars to entire casino staffs, including dealers, floor personnel and surveillance. He is the only person alive who has been both a casino dealer and floorman as well as a world class casino cheat. These experiences give him the unique ability to teach casino staffs HANDS-ON how to protect against cheaters and advantage-play teams. No one else can teach you how professional casino teams communicate, move around in your casino and perform the moves and high-tech scams that get the money off the tables. 

    His engaging and authoritative insights have been featured at The World Game Protection Conference as well as many international TV segments about casino surveillance and the armies of cheaters who battle against it. No other expert possesses the authority of a successful professional with years of experience from both sides of the tables.

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