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    NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs and All-Time team talk plus Baseball and a Fight!

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    Join us on the Black Squirrels Network to talk sports with two average guys who have a combined 60 years of experience as fans, fantasy sports players, Little League and high school sports participants, coaching, video games and trash talking! The Black Squirrels Sports & Fantasy Show will cover pro sports, college sports, fantasy sports and many other things that come across the airwaves and is on the minds of sports lovers and fans. We're not insiders or former pro or college players but you can expect fireworks between Donney and Mike when it comes to the various topics in the sports universe. Listen and call in with questions about your fantasy teams for strategy, lineup advice and waiver wire pick up considerations. Call in 657-383-0361 at 9PM EST/6PM PST Sunday Evening. 

    Are you excited to witness the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight? Will Mayweather win and remain undefeated? Will Pacquiao end his reign? Rhonda Rousey is dominating women's MMA, and arguably MMA period. The NFL Draft is next weekend. The NBA playoffs are in full swing and who would win the all-time team tournament. Chris Rock on the state of baseball in the Black community and are the KC Royals the bad boys of Major League Baseball? These stories and more plus, EMOtional Rescue with Emmett Berry. Tune in...We look forward to sharing Sunday evening with you!


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    Kimmie Robinson of Elation Magazine

    in Spirituality

    Elation Magazine

    Seal your precious heart with God’s Gift of Trust. While trusting God, He will guide you through what He has designed for you to do, His Will, His Purpose. In this, God will promise that He will not give you an assignment without giving you His Power to bring His Purpose to the future.

    Elation Magazine is excited about spreading the Good News Of the Gospel of our LORD and Savior. Our prayer is for God to continue to refresh our minds with His WORD as we focus on Him and His Purpose; same mind/ the mind of Christ and the same purpose/God’s Purpose. God prepares us for His assignment by “calling”. God trains us in a variety of ways that will prepare us for His Mission Our preparation for our assignment could be a long journey if we tend to do our own planed purpose and not God’s. Therefore, to do something different than what God designed for us will cause us to be placed in a desert lifestyle, lasting until we place Christ as center and empty our hearts of “my way” and do His Purpose.

    This living arrangement caused from ourselves will develop a dwelling place that seems scattered. Nonetheless this falls under Gods perfect plan for our lifestyle in Him. He creates a blue print on our behalf allowing growth and development in Him as we go through diverse situations in life.

    Desert dwellings appear to be barren, unproductive, and unwelcoming.

    Desert dwellings are one of the best places to prepare for what God has ordained through you.

    Desert is a place to become skilled.

    What variety of assignment is God preparing for you? Are you in a barren place for preparation?

    eLATION Magazine
    Uplifting Souls Worldwide

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    Ib Sports Wrestlemania 31 Recap Show

    in Sports

    Jade Cardigan and myself recap one of the best Mania cards in recent memory. 


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    UFC 186 recap, Rousey to wrestle? One FC Controversy

    in MMA

    On this episode of The Majority Decision we will take a look back at UFC 186. One FC's recent main event ended in controversy, who's falt was it? Dana White says Ronda Rousey is one and done with WWE but we are not so sure about that. 

    All this and more on tonight's Majority Decision. 

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    Spiritual Happy Hour talks to Authors of Change Your Mind: Lose Weight

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Happy Hour Talks to Sandrine Baptiste and Rhonda Tremaine, Authors of Change Your Mind: Lose Weight  on Thursday April 30th at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central time on Blog Talk Radio. The phone lines will be open during the show- 347-326-9921.  Join us to learn how Sandrine Baptiste, Personal Trainer and Holistic Coach, and Rhonda Tremaine, Health and Spirituality Writer, came together to create an original holistic weight loss approach for women.  We will learn how our mind, body and spirit can come together to help us lose weight.  

    To learn more about Sandrine and Rhonda please visit the following websites:






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    From Worn Out and Weary to Vibrant and Strong - Rhonda's Story

    in Health

    Are you on a long-term weight loss journey as you create your healthier lifestyle and you sometimes find yourself discouraged or weary of it all? FRESH Start Coach Rhonda Ferebee-Hammond from New Jersey can personally relate!

    Join Coach Bess & Rhonda on this show as they discuss how to go from worn out and obese to vibrant, healthy and strong - WITHOUT misery and more fundamental "rules" involved! Rhonda's incredible story of shedding over 140 pounds through diet, exercise, and mindset change will be an encouragement and "aha" experience for you! We invite you to pour yourself a cuppa goodness, sit down and get ready to enjoy this warm and encouraging show.

    Find out more about what Rhonda is doing in her community and as a health coach here:  http://fitonpurpose.weebly.com/

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    Everyone benefits from a goal, whether it be spiritual or "mundane."  Since we are all of the same Source, whether we believe it or not, it's all spiritual.  Using Rhonda Byrne's "Daily Teachings" as a jump-off point, we shall explore ways to create and manifest a life of abundance of love, creativity, contribution, happiness, finances, relationships, peace, whatever your heart-soul desires.

    We shall also jump into joy, from our own internal breath.

    Always beginning with a Breathing Attunement and Affirmation, then ending with a Closing Blessings, I welcome you to join us.  

    You can reach me always at 1.888.757.3223.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming release of VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN! book as a pdf.  VVVV Sample soon available!!!!!  Audrye@Audrye.org   

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    Integrating Women of the Bible with Women Today 25 April 2015 - Love, Faith and

    in Religion

    Integrating Women of the Bible with Women Today 25 April 2015 - Love, Faith and Expectancy

    We women today need to understand what God's plan is for us in today's society.  God is NOT difficult.  We need to understand the women of the Bible, their trials and the understanding of the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs.  God is real and we are his tangible testimonies.  Let's prepare ourselves to live according to the scriptures of God's Holy Word.

    Host-Minister Rhonda Bello

    Co-Host-Pastor Bamidele Bello, Senior Pastor and Founder of Holy Mountain International Ministries

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    WrestleMania 31 Reactions & Raw Preview

    in Wrestling

    Taking calls about last nights WrestleMania and previewing tonight's Raw. 

    What's next for Lesnar and Reigns? Will The Rock be there live?




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    The I Am Well Show

    in Spirituality

    The I Am Well Show april 21 9.00PM EST will be about LOVE ! Falling in love, having problems finding love, feeling not worthy to find love, True Love !! falling in love at first sight etc !!! This is going to be such a fun and exciting episode, and on top of all that we have Casey Seesheartseverywhere Campbell from Toronto Canada with us in the studio and Hearts and Love are her speciality.

    So tune in and have a great time with us in a show that is all about Love !!! You can also call in live with your questions.

    Just dial (001) 347 838 9142 and press 1 after the welcomingmessage.

    Casey Campbell is a Theta Healing practitioner, and creator of the inspirational book “I See Hearts Everywhere”!!!

    Like so many of us, Casey spent years curious about her purpose here on Earth, and so she asked her heart about it. She received the following words as a reply: “I am committed to help reawaken the hearts of humanity, and to ignite the remembrance of the love that we are and the magic of life.”

    Since that day, she has taken this message to heart and out into the world - by helping her clients shift limiting subconscious beliefs with her Theta Healing work, and by sharing the hearts she sees everywhere…

    Casey is currently based in Peterborough, Canada, and loves connecting with clients around the world in person, by Skype and by telephone.


    Host : Annemieke van Eijkeren  @ http://crystallinetherapies.com/

    Cohost : Rhonda Harrison  @ http://www.hummingbirdhealingoils.com/

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    JaWar Speakes To You About Becoming A Published Author!

    in Motivation

    Become a published author by listening to JaWar tell you the necessary steps!