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    Rhinna and Chris Brown: What would you do?

    in Romance

    These two young people are unfortunately not unlike many couples.  They have a history of abuse in their relationship. 
    We will touch on their relationship a little bit, but the main point of the show is to talk about how to identify an abusive potential boyfriend and how to get away from an abuser.  Join us and talk about it.
    Our guest speaker tonight is Janie Deadwyler.  She has always had a heart to serve others.  Despite a growing professional career of over a decade as a 911 dispatch operator taking domestic violence calls, she could never imagine that it would one day be her making that call.
    Unknown to many of her colleagues as she encouraged others on how to identify abusers, she was experiencing it herself.  The good news is that she is a survivor not a victim.
    GOD gave her ministry out of her pain and showed her true life PURPOSE.
    She retired in October 2008 to fulfill her call from GOD to dedicate her “gifts and talents” to training in awareness and prevention.
    Janie Deadwyler is the Founder and CEO of Angels In Distress, Inc. (A.I.D.,Inc).  A.I.D is a 501c 3 non-profit organization.  Currently she provides educational workshops and seminars in awareness and prevention of domestic abuse and violence.  Ms. Deadwyler currently host a weekly radio show:  www.blogtalkradio.com/queen-warrior where issues of domestic abuse and domestic violence are addressed.
    Follow on Twitter: @Angls_In_Dstrss
    Like on Facebook Page:  A.I.D. Incorporated.
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    Power To Overcome The World In The Age of Apostasy: False Doctrine, Idolatry & Unholy Music (Pt 1)

    in Religion

    "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed"...Gal 1:8. Paul was declaring the divine authority of the unchangeable Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ as taught to the church by the apostles. As then, so now it is of necessity to blow the trumpet of truth in an effort to warn the Saints – do no accept doctrines that perpetuate apostasy – a “falling away from the faith”. In this episode, we will discuss several false teachings being used to continually usher in worldwide acceptance of idolatry, idol worship and the anti-Christ agenda! You’ll see the common thread that ties together such false teachings as Universal Reconciliation, Mysticism, Religious Tolerance, Non-Existence of Hell, Satan Worship, Magic and Egyptology. We’ll examine from a biblical perspective: Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll Music and even contemporary watered down unscriptural Gospel music! By the way, you’ll probably be surprised to learn of the connection between the anti-Christ agenda and the subliminal messages through artists/groups and personalities such Earth Wind & Fire, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Rhinna, Madonna, Oprah, Juanita Bynum, Joel Osteen and others!

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