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    SC EP:43 Beachfoot Interviews

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    Shane Corson, Woody and I sit down and interview John A. Bindernagel is a wildlife biologist who has sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published a book in 1998 entitled North America's Great Ape: the Sasquatch

    Bindernagel grew up in Ontario, attended the University of Guelph and received a PhD in Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He moved to British Columbia in 1975 largely because the region was a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings. Over the years, he has collected casts of tracks that he believes belongs to Bigfoot. He also claims to have heard the creature near Comox Lake in 1992, comparing its whooping sound to that of a chimpanzee. Bindernagel believes that the Bigfoot phenomena should receive more attention from serious scientists, but has remarked, "The evidence doesn't get scrutinized objectively. We can't bring the evidence to our colleagues because it's perceived as tabloid."

    We also interview Peter Byrne who has led the life most of us can only dream about. Share his many adventures in India with tiger, elephant, and leopard, and see how a fortuitous championing of a member of the ruling elite of Nepal during a bar brawl prompted Peter to move to Nepal and become a professional hunter there. Move with him to Nepal where he was, for years, the only authorized professional hunter to operate in that country. In the unspoiled wilderness of the White Grass Plains area of Nepal, where there were virtually no roads and the natives did not even know the name of the capital of the country.

    The final interview was with Rhettman A. Mullis Jr, PHD.

    Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP
    Academic and Field Researcher
    Founder: S. I. R. Bigfoot and Bigfootology

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    Rhettman A Mullis Jr

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    Rhettman saw his first Bigfoot swimming in the Puget Sound from the Olympic Peninsula to Whidbey Island while standing on the back of Washington State Ferry going to Victoria, British Columbia. That was in the summer of 1977 and he was 10 years old.
    That started his journey as a Bigfoot researcher and over the next 36 years he would continue to spend time reading about and studying accounts of Bigfoot. It was the mid-1990′s when he formed Sasquatch Investigations and Research: Bigfoot, and began conducting field research, investigations and various field experiments. During that time he began coaching others to have their own experiences with Bigfoot with reported success from others
    . Visit his website Bigfootology http://bigfootology.com/

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    30-Year Fraud: HIV, AIDS, Testing, Rx & Targeted Groups w David Crowe Part2of2

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    A critical look and challenge of the unproven theories, discredited research claims, fabrications, manipulations, and unfulfilled predictions surrounding the HIV = AIDS hypothesis.

    After 30 years, the virus named HIV has not been proven to cause AIDS. 

    The evidence that a virus claimed to be HIV even exists is based on evidence that some scietists argue is insufficient.

    Some scientists who acknowledge that a new retrovirus had been discovered in 1984 nevertheless are not convinced that it causes AIDS or any other adverse health effect.

    There is no test for HIV that provides a reliable result for infection. In practice, diagnoses of HIV infection (HIV+) are made by assuming that two unreliable results add up to a reliable result. The truth is, that's the best they can do.

    HIV infection and AIDS are treated using a mixture or cocktail of drugs of two types: nucleoside analogs and protease inhibitors. Both are toxic and eventually cause iatrogenic disease. Nucleoside analogs,such as AZT, can create AIDS symptoms. AZT has been referred to as "AIDS by prescription" by Professor Peter Duesberg, a prominent virologist from University of California-Berkeley.

    Think of HIV tests and AIDS defining conditions as vehicles to entrap people into becoming lifelong pharmaceutical clients. The tab is paid with tax dollars, but people are still needed to swallow the obscenely overpriced poison pills.

    Gay men, i.v. drug users, young people, pregnant women, African Americans, and the Hip Hop community are among the groups specifically targeted in campaigns urging people to "get tested."

    Part 2of2 interview with David Crowe, president of Rethinking AIDS. Interview by Richard Jannaccio and Chief69.

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    Rethinking HIV=AIDS: interview with David Crowe

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    HIV has not been proven to exist, much less cause AIDS or any other disease. So says David Crowe, president of Rethinking AIDS, amd backed by some 3,000 scientists, physicians, science journailists and others, including top virologists and a Nobel Prize winner, Kary Mullis, who invented one of the procedures being used inappropriately to determine HIV "load." 

    An alternative view to the profit-driven unproven HIV hypothesis. What is HIV really? Has it been purified? What is AIDS? What really causes AIDS? What do we need to know about HIV testing? What do we need to know about drug treatments? Why is the Hip Hop community being targeted to get tested?

    We had to do a two-part show to answer these questions. This is Part 1 of 2.

    Interview by Richard Jannaccio and Chief69.

    Note: The last sentence was cut off. We are trying to restore it. The response to the question was that there are numerous ways to interpret the test results. There are different HIV antibody tests produced by different companies, with different directions for interpreting the results in different countries. So if you go from one country to another, your HIV test result could change from positive to negative or vice versa. Or it could be judged "indeterminate" which means "we don't know." That's in addition to the fact that the test is not specific for antibodies to HIV. It is produced from a mixture of proteins of cultured cells and whatever may have been cultured with those cells.

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    After 30 Years, HIV-AIDS Hoax Continues To Claim Lives -- Guest: David Crowe

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    April 23, 2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of a day that changed the course of history. on that day, ...


    Our guest is David Crowe ...

    In this Special 2-part series, we will show that HIV has never been proven to cause AIDS. We will discuss what AIDS really is.You may be surprised to learn that none of the tests for AIDS--NONE of them--is approved for use in diagnosing HIV infection. etc. etc.

    Every Thursday LIVE from the Bronx at 11 pm, with Hosts Chief69 and Richard Jannaccio.

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    The Spectacular Sound of Andy Pickford & Jay Hunter Morris

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    Andy Pickford’s musical associations began at the age of four emulating tunes on his grandmother’s piano. Hearing synthesizer music fired Andy’s imagination. In 1981, Andy got his first monophonic synthesizer. Coupled up with a cassette deck and a reel-to-reel, Andy started composing synth music. Around 1983, Andy set about recording a cassette album called Linear Functions under the name of Kris McKuen.

    In 1992 a demo of Andy’s work was sent to Ashley Franklin at BBC Radio Derby where he got his first break on the now legendary ‘Soundscapes’ programme. Early 1993, Replicant began. This album, dedicated to the artist Ian Mullis who was responsible for the original Linear Functions album sleeve, 

    Andy has collaborated with the likes of Ian Boddy, Asana and Paul Nagle under the pseudonym Binar and Spank, The Dark Monkey. He has now decided to throw himself back into his music again with re-mastered album material, plus re-releases of both Xenomorph and Nemesis.

    Opera singer, Grammy Winner and Author, Jay Hunter Morris came into the national spotlight when he created the role of Tony in Terrence McNally’s celebrated play Master Class  In a career spanning twenty-five years, some of his favourite Operatic roles have included Rodolfo, Alfredo, Pinkerton, Calaf, Cavaradossi, Des Grieux, Canio, Stolzing, Erik, Bacchus, Florestan, Don Jose, Steva, and Samson.
    Morris has most recently been seen on PBS as a very different kind of hero in the role of Captain Ahab in Jake Heggie’s Moby-Dick from the San Francisco Opera. A contemporary opera veteran of great renown, Morris has been heard in several world premiere productions He will create the role of Teague in Cold Mountain (Higdon) which premieres with a major US Festival in 2015.

    In 2013, Opera Lively published his first book Diary of a Redneck Opera Zinger


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    Wings on the Ground Radio Show with Cathy Andrews

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    Wings on the Ground Radio Show with Cathy Cartisano Andrews every Tuesday at 8pm eastern time! Visit her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/heartshighergroundhealing to learn more about the *Wings On The Ground* certification program.
    Would you like to host a "Wings on the Ground" workshop in your area? Please contact Cathy to find out how!
    Ask Cathy how you can have a Reading with her today by sending her an email at mermaidreams4me@gmail.com .
    Follow us on www.Facebook.com/AngelRadioNetwork.
    Call the show at 714-242-5256.
    Guest tonight is Sharon Mullis Coppley who will be talking about healing through your life experiences. Sharon has written a book about her experiences as a child with abuse and as an adult with domestic violence.
    Available on Amazon.com: I AM Spirit: A Journey of Spiritual Connection and Metaphysical Healing
    www.Facebook.com/Sharon Mullis Coppley
    email: scoppley1@windstream.net

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    A Talk with Rhettman Mullis Jr

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we talk to Rhettman Mullis Jr. about current happenings in the bigfoot world. 

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    Key Changes Music Therapy

    in Health

    Natalie Mullis is my guest this week. I've been wanting to talk to her for a long time too! She owns Key Changes Music Therapy in my birth-town, Columbia, South Carolina. She offers some great freebies and articles on her website: keychangesmusictherapy.com

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    A Conversation with Steve from Employee Leasing Solutions

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    Steve Van De Boe joins us in the studios to discuss why Employee Leasing Strategies makes all the sense in the world for construction companies who need to get Worker's Comp with no money down and pay as you go structure.  Competitively priced with an A rated carrier Zurich, who has a name in the business that demands respect.  Steve gives us his take on the Worker's Compensation world today and what to expect from a great company like Employee Leasing Solutions.  Enjoy the show.

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    The Conservative Blues Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Today is Politically Incorrect Day so NOTHING is off limits! We start the show with a couple of announcements: A sort of 1 Wedding and a Funeral if you will. On Saturday, Kerry's beautiful daughter Amanda married the handsome Dale Mullis. Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis passed away on the same day. Afterward, we dive right in to the pathetic OWS protesters and their lack of a cohesive message. To finish off the show, we hear from Rep Allen West (R-FL) and his take on Samuel L. Jackson's allegations of racism against the Tea Party. A couple of Paulbots show up in the chat room and set Kerry OFF! Never a good idea. Our Featured Blues Artist is Rickie Fox. Listen in for the fun, the discussion, the music, and LET'S JAM!!!

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