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    RGV Life 10/21/2010

    in Current Events

    Some ideas for South Texas new media.

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    RGV Life Show 10/26/2010

    in Current Events

    Show about issues that affect the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.

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    RGV Life Test Show

    in Current Events

    Test show for http://www.rgv-life.com
    Migrating to BlogTalkRadio

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    5.24.13: Music for my Town!

    in Music

    Bringing local music to your ears, from all types of genre Tejano, Hip Hop, Rock or Country we support our people. 
    Music by:
    DJ Jon C,
    Yung Temp,
    An Orchestra Of Fools,
    Dat Kidd,
    & Young E
    RIO GRAND VALLEY based radio station.
    Check outfor ore music
    Send in your music to get played at

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    RGV New Media Meeting

    in Internet

    We are going to experiment with a live feed of the RGV New Media meeting. Join us.

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    5.31.13 Epic Music

    in Music

    This Week in epic local music! From Hip-Hop, R&B to Rock.
    This weeks line up is:
    -Adrian Q - Go Dumb
    -Rizzy - Shades On ft Fino
    -Country Gutta - Bout  my Dough (Leak)
    -Woozie - Rideo Out ft Beat Mecca
    -Jay D - Again & Again
    -Sick/Sea - Robot
    -Kelo McKane - Good Time In the Rain

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0022 The Texas Governor Race

    in Politics

    LatinoTalk Texas is America's only daily Independent Latino Political analysis program in English.  In the first segment I reiterated the importance of voting and why there are political forces in America who don't want you to vote.  Don't listen to them because Latinos are about to become the dominant force in America and there are those Democrats who don't care about you but believe they own you.  And the Republicans have been taken over by the anti-Latino Tea parties and they hate you and want you to leave America.  You must go vote but you can vote independently.  Please do so!  In the second segment I discuss the importance of the Latino vote in the Texas Governor race and how Greg Abbott who is married to a Latina and is also ardently pro-Life seeks to attract the votes of Pro-Life Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley where, incidentally, Wendy Davis, the Democrat nominee for Governor lost the race against a Pro-Life Latino in those same RGV counties.  I'm independent, and cannot support either Davis or Abbott.  Davis is so corrupt she can't visit her own children.  Remember, she rose to fame because she defended abortion at any cost.  Abbott, on the other hand wrote a "Friend of Court Brief" in favor of the very deliberately anti-Latino Arizona SB 1070 which was largely found to be unconstitutional.  He knew better and when questioned about it he preferred to avoid the subject.  He's running from it, I think, and he, politically, seeks to have his cake and eat it too.  In other words, he's anti-Latino in one crowd of Tea partiers and Pro-Life and Pro-Latino in another crowd in south Texas.  I just don't trust either one and won't support either one.  Vote independently!  

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    6.3.2013 Se Habla Tex-Mex

    in Music

    Aqui les presento algo mas del musica bena del valle  De un poco de Tejano asta un poco de Reggeaton algo para toda la gente.
    La musica de Hoy.
    1. Riezgo - Juntos Tu y Yo
    2. Pearla Quintanilla - La Basurita
    3. Israel Barrera - Cuanto Te Amo
    4. JayDos - Me Haces Volar
    5.  Kelo McKane - Amarte en Secreto
    6. Prexto - No Es Nessesario
    7. Lux - Por Tu Amor
    8. Tactica Una - Por Tu Amor
    9. Baby Ray ft Keven & Ery - Como Tu Lo Haces
    10. Roberr ft Big E - Que Tengo Que Hacer
    Encuentren a todos los artistas y donde descargar sus temas en nuestra pajina: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/RGVRADIOSHOW  Like!!!
    Y para los VIDEOS MUSICALES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7oGUwjCHwt8gBk0u6BRcUJbz5T-mOT5m : Subscribensen es GRATIS!

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    Rio Grande Valley Vipers' Nevada Smith Joins RidiculousUpside.com Podcast #9

    in Basketball

    The RidiculousUpside.com Podcast returns after a one-week hitatus with a great show.

    With NBA D-League All-Star weekend approaching, Rio Grande Valley Vipers head coach Nevada Smith will call in. Coach Smith will discuss his first season in the D-League, during which he's currently led the Vipers to the top spot in the league. He's also headed to New Orleans to coach one of the minor league's All-Star squads.

    As always, Keith Schlosser will be leading the discussion, alongside RU contributor Dakota Schmidt. 

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    Social Media Club RGV Meeting Tonight

    in Social Networking

    Join us at the Vintage Room in downtown McAllen at 7 pm tonight.

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