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    Mass Event - Mass Awakening: Paul McGuire on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    Unadulterated truth is the ography of today. History has been revised and rewritten. The suppression of truth, especially in terms of rewriting history, has changed our perceptioon of not just the past, but of the present.It has changed our reality.

    A battle for the future is being waged. It's also a battle for today's reality. There will be a mass awakening, and there will be a mass event. It's the topic of Paul McGuire's new blockbuster book, Mass Event/Mass Awakening.

    What you will hear will astound you, and you will not look at the world the same way again.

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    Obama's Selma Speech Its All About Me

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    While placing the subtext of blame upon the shoulders of racist white men, to make a self-serving point concerning illegal immigration Obama used black Americans as beasts of burden to haul the weight of his reprimand.

    For starters, historical revisionist Barack Obama left out the fact that those doing the beating in Selma were members of the Democratic Party. The president dared not reveal that, 50 years later, both he and his political cronies are now politically and economically billy-clubbing the very people he pretends to defend.

    Keynote speaker Obama opened the discourse by extolling civil rights leader/Martial Law advocate John Lewis (D-GA).  Predictably, before long, Obama’s words started to sound more like he was discussing his own struggles as a ‘fundamental transformer’ than commemorating a half-century old injustice.


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    13colonies 1606 Viginia first Laws

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    Rewriting History! REALLY!

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    John L. Hancock, author of Liberty Inherited and a fellow of the American Freedom Alliance in Los Angeles, joins Joe to talk about rewriting history... is that happening? 

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

    Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting.

    But the conversation is always respectful and you’re sure to learn something new, even if you don’t agree!

    If you’ve always wondered how the “other side” thinks and how they’ve arrived at their “stand”, then this is the show for you! 

    It’s not the right side, it’s not the wrong side, but the REAL side of the issues!

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    Fuck The Narrative

    in Comedy

    Ali and Vlad get in the conversation without Damien and discuss the revisionist history of hip-hop, Iggy Azalea’s place in the music industry, the concept of reverse gentrification, and Vlad asks Ali for shaving tips. Check it out.

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    The Dumbing Down of America

    in Politics Conservative

    The statistical evidence over time has shown a diminishing intellect and knowledge base amongst school and college aged individuals in The USA. This is made apparent in Pop Culture with the "Man On The Street Interviews". Various well known radio hosts have done some starteling interviews on campus and off. The lack of basic, general and political information is apparent, on the street, and on the campus. 

    The educational system in America is not what it purports to be. Common Core is a disgrace. Education is not suppose to tell you what to think. Nor revise the truth! for its own self serving, political agenda. This twisting of the truth, revisionist history,and manipulation of facts, has had a negative impact on American Culture. Common Core, Natonal, and Global Scores...facts, viedo's, stats..



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    Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn: The Deeper Meaning of Nuremberg

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager discusses the first holocaust revisionist book, Nuremburg or the Promised Land (1948) by Maurice Bardeche, which brilliantly reveals the conscious effort of the Allied victors to set up the "New World Order" based on Universal Humanism as the ruling spirit everywhere. This spirit is anti-Nationalist to the core.

  • 01:02

    Chaplain Klingenschmitt on the Persecution of Christians

    in News

    Hear about the latest in the culture war with Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt who lost his job as a Navy Chaplain for Praying In Jesus Name.  Some of the latest attacks involve our schools such as pushing revisionist history through the AP US History.  Something that our heroes who gave their lives for this country cannot tolerate.  Hear Chaplain who will share with us the latest in Congress and everywhere else.  And because of his experience the country is better with knowledge and how to fight for truth.  Listen, be encouraged and share.

  • 02:01

    The Heretics' Hour: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager discusses three topics: Russian President Vladimir Putin (the Bad), Revisionist Robert Faurisson (the Good) and Revisionist David Cole (the Ugly) who will be critiqued more carefully, using the research already carried out by Juergen Graf, along with Thomas Kues and Carlo Mattogno.

  • 02:02

    Saturday Afternoon: Revisionists' Treblinka dispute gets personal

    in Education

    Fredrick Töben will join me in the second hour of the show. So far this dispute has grown from David Cole's attacks on Robert Faurisson and Fred Leuchter to Cole's further attacks on Jürgen Graf, Eric Hunt, and Bradley Smith.

    Carolyn Yeager will describe the basics of the revisionist disagreement and present what is being left out in David Cole's "argument" in the first hour. In hour two Fredrick Töben will share with us his perspective on Cole and his place in the bigger picture. See you then.

  • 01:13

    The Solar Storm: Eric Hunt

    in History

    20th Century Hoax

    Kyle's guest is filmmaker and researcher Eric Hunt. Their discussion centers around the "Shoah" - why it continues to be such an important issue, the criminalization of questioning, The Treblinka Archaelogoy Hoax, The Holocaust Hoax Museum, other news within the revisionist community, and what is in store for the future.