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    TOJ Podcast, Episode 10 - New York Jets FA: Revis, Skrine, Cromartie?

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    Joe Caporoso, Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio review the New York Jets moves in the first 48 hours of free agency, including signing Darrelle Revis (!) and Buster Skrine. Questions? Call in at 347-215-8903!

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    Darrelle Revis: New England Patriot

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    Shay is joined by Garry to discuss the Patriots' acquisition of Darrelle Revis. Did Bill Belichick catch a break or had he been plotting this for months?

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    Patriots Sign Darrelle Revis And The Beginning Of Free Agency

    in Football

    In this episode, we discussed the beginning of free agency for the Patriots, and  of course the signing of Darrelle Revis

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    Darrelle Revis Trade Review

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    Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland  discuss the Darrelle Revis trade to the Buccaneers and what it means for Gang Green in 2013 and beyond. 

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    New York Jets Vs. The Miami Dolphins AFC match-ups that count, need to be won.

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    The New York Jets (6 - 5), beat the Miami Dolphins before facing The New York Giants and OBJ. Looking like the team that appeared in the first four games of the season, they did just that. The #AFC Wildcard picture remains in focus for the time being.

    The Jets have set a new Franchise Record for Defense , only allowing the Dolphins a total of 12 rushing yards as the Jets Sweep the Series.

    Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick Threw for 4 Touchdowns, no interceptions. The Jets came together as a Team in this win.

    Devin Smith is out of the Dog house with two great plays, one for his first #NFL Touchdown.

    Jeremy Kerely, while again not used as a Wide Reciever , put up respectable return game numbers.The secondary, minus Revis allowed far too many passing yards.

    It was Ring of Honor week with SBIII Great as Matt Snell and Emerson Boozer inducted. Boozer was surrounded on the field by former members of the Sack Exchange as Matt Snell honored his vow not to attend.

    Join us, by calling in or listen to the shows archived episodes anytime, as James Boyd (@OneJetDrive) and Herb LaLanne (@thakingofqueens)  continue on our path of trying to discern just what this team is this season and where it will end up by seasons end.


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    Weekend Watchdogs: Revis Island, NFL Free Agency, Dog Days of Spring

    in Sports

    Mike Silva and Joe Buono talk about the wild week of NFL Free agency with Nick Kostos of Sirius-XM. They grade both the Jets and Giants free agency moves. The guys talk about who is to blame for another Mets bullpen injury, whether to be optimistic about some early results for the Yankees in Tampa and the comments by Sandy Alderson in an upcoming autobiography.

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    Original Football Guru

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    Original Football Guru / November 24th

    Chris Bellina discusses Fantasy Football, Fan Duel and NFL at 9pm ET / 6pm PT

    Fantasy Football

    * @22Steve / Matt Forte or Stevie Johnson?

    * @22Steve / Matt Forte or Latavius Murray?

    * @DIRTYT21 / Danny Amendola or John Brown?

    * @getinyo3 / Allen Hurns or Matt Forte?

    * @bronz07 / Should I drop Gore for Rawls?

    * @kieferwarriors / Gave Giovarni Bernard and Davante Adams/Got Danny Woodhead and 2016 1st and 2nd

    * @JasonQuinn1992 / Who should I go with the rest of the way?  McManus/Walsh/Bryant/Janikowski?  I currently have Walsh

    * @JasonQuinn1992 / Who should I roll with the rest of the way?  Rawls/Buck Allen/Andrews/Blue/Sims or roll with Chris Johnson at RB?  I am dropping Anderson.

    * @bronz7 / Should I drop Gore for Rawls or Allen?

    * @22Steve / Who should I flex in a standard league? Jeremy Langford/Charcandrick West/Jordan Matthews/Tevin Coleman

    * @Camera_Angel / Should I continue to roster Tyrod Taylor if I also have Matt Ryan and Jameis Winston?

    Fan Duel

    * How Guru fared in Week #11

    * Week #12 selections

    * Class-action suit targets pro sports, Draft Kings and Fan Duel

    * Roger Goodell draws distinction between Daily Fantasy Sports and season long fantasy


    * Chargers retires LaDainian Tomlinson’s jersey

    * Jameis Winston ties NFL rookie record with 5 TD passes

    * Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold suffer injuries

    * NFL’s most improved players

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


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    New York Jets Vs. Texans More than losing a game

    in Football

    The New York Jets in a Must win situation - did'nt. They're no longer in the AFC Wildcard Picture. The Texans have Some quality Defensive Players and one special wide reciever named DeAndre Hopkins.

    The Jets lost more than a game, more than a playoff spot. They lost their star Defensive back Darrelle Revis to a concussion and Center Nick Mangold to a right hand injury that required stitches.

    Each week the New York Jets have had a new and different problem costing them the game; excepting their Special Teams which have been a problem from the start of the season. This Team needs Offensive line help. A pass Rush and a sense of urgency. 

    Ryan Fitzpatrick and his injured companions had player execution problems again this week; Kenbrel Thompkins was inactive in favor of Devin Smith, who again could not deliver. Does Todd Bowles have what it takes to win situational Fooball and are he and Chan Gailey on the same page?

    Let's talk Dolphin's. Yes, they're 6 -4 but that does'nt mean this Jets Team will beat them this Sunday.

    Join Hosts Herb LaLane (@ThaKingofQueens) and James Boyd (@OneJetDrive) as we break it down and talk about our position in the AFC East and conference.

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    The Darrelle Revis Situation Show

    in Sports

    Join Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland as we discuss the recent rumors about Darrelle Revis being on the trading block and where he will play this upcoming season. 

  • 1/2 Hour of Hell (from the RV)

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    Goddamn, Utah! I really need to stop betting. Also, laying fake tile in the RV should be out-sourced, being that I suck at it. Kind of a boring week in college football, right? No matter. Wild beat down Anaheim, and it gives us more time to discuss the NFL. Done and done. Seattle looked good (albiet, against the terrible 49ers).. The J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS ,JETS visit the Patriots in the only game that features winning records. Should be a good one with Revis, a Super Bowl Champ with the Pats last year, back where he started in New York, with the #1 rated "D", giving Brady a hard time.. Vikes need a road win in Detroit to be taken seriously, Cam & the Panthers chance to get Chip Kelly fired, and being that I'm on my 3rd string QB in Fantasy Football, I painfully cheer for Kirk Cousins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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    NY Jets Free Agency Show; Darrelle Revis Returns

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    NFL Free agency is finally here and this week on JetNation Radio we are joined by special guest Kristian Dyer. Kristian, who covers the New York Jets for Metro NY and Yahoo Sports, will give updates on the latest Jets developments.

    Right now we know the Jets have traded for wide receiver Brandon Marshal, Percy Harvin was waived and late in the show we found out that Darrelle Revis is once again a New York Jet! Listen in and find out more about who the Jets are pursuing.

    For real time updates please be sure to check our New York Jets 2015 Offseason Activity Thread.


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