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    Reviewers Roundtable - May 2014

    in Spirituality

    Miriam Knight moderates the Roundtable Discussion by some of NCReview’s top reviewers of their favorites among books they’ve recently reviewed. Participants in this week’s show:

    Julie Clayton, the Reviews Editor for New Consciousness Review. Her website is: www.sacredwriting.com

    Cynthia Sue Larson, a best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker. Her website is: www.realityshifters.com

    Kandy Williams, a writer, photographer and spiritual explorer. Her website is: www.findingyourdivinity.com

    The books reviewed are:
    1. Exploring The Crack In The Cosmic Egg: Split Minds & Meta-Realities by Joseph Chilton Pearce
    2. Perceptual Integration: The Mechanics Of Awakening by Gary Sherman
    3. Healing Pain And Injury by Maud Nerman
    4. Brain Changer by David DiSalvo
    5. In Your Own Hands by Larry Berkelhammer
    6. PSI Wars by Craig Weiler
    7. Axiogenesis by Nicholas Rescher
    8. Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science Of The Near-Death Experience by Pim Van Lommel
    9. Your (Re) Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born To Be by Dennis Merritt Jones
    10. The Hero'S Journey: Joseph Campbell On His Life And Work by Joseph Campbell
    11. Induced After Death Communication: A Miraculous Therapy For Grief And Loss by Dr. Allan Botkin
    12. Digestive Intelligence: A Holistic View Of Your Second Brain by Dr. Irina Matveikova

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    Tit for Tat Behavior Among Authors and Reviewers

    in Books

    Every author has been told, again and again, don't respond to negative reviews, don't attack another author, don't badmouth readers for not liking your book. Don't... just don't. Yet, authors, bloggers, and reviewers still get into tiffs that can turn into major ordeals. Maybe it's fun to watch for the bystanders, but what effect is this having on the writing, and especially the indie community? We'll be breaking it down this week on A Special Kind of Crazy, and laying out why antagonistic behavior hurts more than just the jilted author of reviewer. 

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    The Hot Seat w/Dyphia welcomes Mr. Chronic Black & Justin Q!

    in Books

    This is not your average author interview! The Hot Seat is an open forum where we interview authors to get to know the person behind the pen.  Our guest have agreed to be put in the HOT SEAT and are open to all questions concerning them and what they do in the literary business!  If you have questions for our guest, please email them to hotseatwithdyphia@gmail.com and they will be asked during the interview anonymously! You can also call in to speak with our guest at 929.477.1281 and/or open a BTR account for free and join the chatroom!  This show is one that you don't want to miss, so make sure you click FOLLOW so you never miss a show!

    Bio:  Mr. Chronic Black ~ I've been writing for a long time. Scripts, songs for myself. Ghost writing for others. I come from a theatre ad music background. Which really helps when writing my stories. My first story was published in 2012. It was called Runaway Love. I released my first solo Book "Old Man Lou ." in 2012 as well Under The Lyricist Firm Publishing. I'm Currently signed to Bad Apple Publications. My Bad Apple  debut book " Scene." will be released soon under that label.

    Bio: Justin Q ~

    Meet literary’s newest crown jewel Justin “Q” Young, author of Move Dat Doe (Firstborn Publications 2014), Bout Dat Doe: tips for the upcoming author (Firstborn Publications 2014) and Amazon’s Best-Selling African American Erotic Short Story Series Dickmitized (Firstborn Publications 2015). Bringing you vivid detailed imagery through his words, makes escaping into his stories effortless. He is a public servant to community based non-profit organizations.  Dedicating his time and resources to aid men, women and families enduring hardships with life's necessities.


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    Lets Talk Critics and Reviewers

    in Entertainment

    Rachel Thompson and Bennet discuss authors, reviewers and Critic with Naomi Blackburn (Author CEO) and Tracy Riva (amazon reviewer). and Bennet has been reviewing for 30 years in Newspapers , so he may have a lot to say

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    Getting To Know Romantic Times Book Reviews Founder Kathryn Falk

    in Romance

    Kathryn Falk is a woman who knows how to engage and educate readers, reviewers, authors, and publishers. Her Magazine, Romantic Times Book Reviews, is a much sought after publication. The magazine provides intriguing articles and a wealth of information. The Romantic Times Book Reviews is one of the go to magazines in the publishing industry.  
    Kathryn is also the founder of the highly regarded and extremely successful Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. The RT Convention is a power packed extravaganza. Those in attendance are treated to literary delights, workshops, swag bags, panel discussions and lots of literary dropping fun!  
    Kathryn is also an advocate for integrity within the publishing industry. Therefore, she pulls no punches when she encounters ills that place blight on publishing.  She wants the industry to continue to flourish and cultivate the next generation of writers, publishers, event planners, and editors. 


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    Sizzlin' hot spy-fy romance author Gennita Low: LIVE chat about books & Jed

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes author Gennita Low, who brings stories of her hot hot hot spy-fy romantic adventure books, her Glow menagerie  AND Jed McNeil.... VIRTUALLY ONE.  Fans who know Gennita know this sassy roofer / writer delivers the hottest romance around.  Gennita Low, writes sexy military and techno spy-fi romance. She also co-owns a roof construction business and knows 600 ways to kill with roofing tools as well as yell at her workers in five languages. A three-time Golden Heart finalist, her first book, Into Danger, about a SEAL out-of-water, won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Best Romantic Intrigue. Besides her love for SEALs, she works with an Airborne Ranger who taught her all about mental toughness and physical endurance.  This is a LIVE BROADCAST SO CALL IN AND ASK ABOUT "SIZZLE" AND MORE!  347-633-9609. Visit Gennita's Amazon author page at http://amzn.to/1EcIHAV.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Visit us at http://authorsontheair.com, http://facebook.com/authorsontheair, http://pinterest.com/authorsontheair and send a Tweet to @authorsontheair.


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    Small Changes Big Shifts: Discover the Whole30® with Co-founder Dallas Hartwig

    in Health

    On the next episode of Small Changes Big Shifts with host Dr. Michelle Robin you’ll meet Dallas Hartwig, the co-founder of Whole9 and the Whole30® program along with his wife Melissa Hartwig

    The Whole30® is a health movement that is based on the idea of eating whole, nutrient-dense foods—meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats—as a short-term nutrition reset designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system.

    His interest in making the world a better place converged with his interest in science in college, when he received a BS in Anatomy & Physiology from Andrews University in 2000, and an MS in Physical Therapy in 2001. He became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist in 2003, and has since accumulated many health and exercise-related certifications, and is on the Advisory Board for Paleo f(x) and the Athletic Advisory Board for Fitwall. Dallas is also on the Board of Editors and Reviewers for the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Some of the topics up for discussion include:

    food allergies and how to find out what your body is allergic to 
    metabolism and why a 30-day reset is incredibly effective to lose weight
    do’s & don't's at the grocery store

    Also joining Dr. Robin is holistic health coach, Jackie Caldwell. Hear Jackie’s journey to wellness and her recovery from ulcerative colitis and how she did that by eliminating foods she wasn’t able to digest.


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    Business & Legal Week in Review 4/20/15

    in Legal



    Welcome to Understanding the Law: Week in Review.  The show is hosted by Peter Lamont. For more information about UTLRadio please visit www.utlradio.com.  On this episode we discuss:

    Aaron Hernandez murder conviction and live without parole. 
    Pilot who landed gyrocopter at U.S. Capitol blogged about why 
    Man sues NYPD, says he was denied seizure medicine even though he was wearing a hospital bracelet 
    K9 Attack Victim Wins Access to Cop Complaints 
    Illegal Lobster Harvest Costs Three $22.4M 
    Fired Lawyer Blames 'Gay Conversion' Therapy 
    Clothier settles with Eagles singer over 'Don a Henley and Take It Easy' ad 
    Mom Says School Let Abuser Slide
    Yelp Doesn’t Have to Unmask Reviewers, Virginia High Court Rules 

    Today's show is sponsored by iScribed Audio Transcription Service. Visit them online at https://www.iscribed.com

    If you need medical supplies check out  www.mdsupplies.com

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    "The Daffodils Still Grow" with Author Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell

    in Spirituality

    Tonight your Host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds welcomes to the show Author Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell.  They will be discussing Sherri's book "The Daffodils Still Grow."  It's the story of the loss of Sheri's  mother, signs she's received from her, and how she's been guiding her for many years.

    More About Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell;

    Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell is new to the publishing world. She has been writing stories since she was 4 years old and now, more than 25 years later, is finally sharing those stories with the world. Her book, The Daffodils Still Grow, is a picture book she also illustrated which portrays life after a loved one dies as seen from the observations of a motherless child, which reviewers call “beautiful and inspiring.”


  • Sistahs on Lit chats with Author Kai

    in Books

    Kai  is the author of the critically acclaimed Daughter of the Game series (Daughter of the Game I, II, III and Prequel) and The Loudest Silence. KAI's story Twisted Loyalty is featured in Gutta Mamis, published by Strebor in the Streetz (Simon and Schuster). She is also a contributing author to Solo Shivers and That Good Grind by Wilson. 

    She is a nationally recognized poet and was named AAMBC's 2013 Poet of the Year for her Peaceful Resolution collection. Her poem Pre-Destiny, was featured in the April 2008 issue of Essence Magazine.

    Kai has served as a Guest Reviewer for RAWSISTAWZ Reviewers. An alumni of Hampton University, SUNY Brockport and Georgetown University Law Center, she is a licensed attorney in two states and a proud parent.

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    Author J.B. Simmons debuts Unbound

    in Lifestyle

    Unbound by J.B. Simmons combines...
    "The Da Vinci Code meets The Hunger Games meets Left Behind"

    Unbound is an apocalyptic thriller by J.B. Simmons. The first book in The Omega Trilogy follows 18-year-old Elijah as his nightmares of a dragon turn into reality when the beast of the end times is released. The recently released novel is getting great reviews.

    Simmons offers a fascinating glimpse into the way our world could look in 50 years. Mixing futuristic technology with historical places and end-times theology, Unbound is both thoughtful and entertaining. As many reviewers have said, you won’t be able to put it down.

    From the back cover:

    He must be released for a little while. But the one who sees doesn't believe.

    Elijah Goldsmith has nightmares he needs to ignore. Why would a rich kid from Manhattan dream three straight nights about a dragon and the destruction of St. Peter's Basilica? He's never even been to Rome.