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    Calling In The Beloved......

    in Spirituality

    Join the discussion with TeeniDakini and Rev. Goddess as they share the Thought, Magic and Manifestation of Calling In The Beloved! Getting to the nitty gritty clear erotic proccess that has blessed them both in calling in their beloveds! Stop being a random victim in your lifes dreams and realize and release your powers of creation and bring into your divine being your perfect partner lover friend! They will share their stories of success failers and funny experiences with men they've called in! And the lessens learned with all! We will even explore how to raise your vibration of your current love relationship! All this in preparation for their upcoming workshop/ritual gathering to take place in NYC in the Spring!! Bring your questions and call into the show to speak with Teeni and Rev. Goddess and get in alignment with your beloved birthright of prosperity!  Goddess Blessings 




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    Righteous Pussy!

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    Who you lay with, who you stay with creates  memory in your yoni and lingam! It's amazing what we do to our bodies and our genitals that cause us so much joy or harm! Through Sacred Sex you will understand the benefits and curses of how you share your sex! Time to remove what does not serve your and live the righteous lifestyle you deserve! Join Rev. Goddess and learn how to use Righteous Judgement Conscious to create the kind of Power you really want! 

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    Naturally Sensually Tantric ~ We are connected to all living things!

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    All of us are sensual beautiful sexually charged people. Most of us aren’t aware of how to balance and be continuously blessed by our erotic vibration.
    We are potentially great lovers yet the flow of mutual pleasure often become self focused…me me me or just…you you you.
    We will explore being naturally tantric. That is to become sensually satisfied and filled with bliss in all areas of our life.

    Through Rev. Goddess’s guidance we will learn and practice:

    The Sacred Middle Meditation ~ connecting heart and sex centers while strengthening the g-spot source

    Sensual Enhancement exercises to see, hear, smell, feel and taste with laughter erotic movements and playful meditations.

    The Bliss Breath to align sensual physical consciousness/Eros

    Tantric foreplay guidance and understanding.

    Erotic Support points 

    Sex points ~ The Yoni/Lingam Breast/Chest Lips foundation.

    Love begets desire and desire begets energy!


  • Sex, Tantra & Shamanism! Initiation Of a Young Man!

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Goddess is joined by her Son, Armane (Excale) Browne and he will share his growth and experience into sex, life and spirituality because of his Goddess Mother! Learn how he gained confidence and understanding of women. Nude groups, lingam love and more! Armane has developed is own spiritual life and has become a force to be respected in his own right! Join this very interesting discussion and be witness to Rev. Goddess hearing stories of Armane's private intitations that she knows nothing about! 

    Armane J. (Excal) Browne

    Began his own meditation and practices grew as Armane took part in ongoing spiritual groups such as kundalini meditation and aura reading groups. During his High School life Armane was introduced to psi (energetic manifestation) and martial arts (Hung-ga and BJJ) developed a body knowledge that helps ground him. At the age of 16 to 18 trained and became a Reiki Master, trained by his Mother Rev. Goddess Charmaine. During this time He also studied with Kenneth Ray Stubbs as a Sexual Shaman and maintains monthly shamanic gatherings with Ray and others. Armane has developed his own positive reputation in the spiritual community. He has assisted ISIS Phoenix at the Sacred Sex Round Up during her presentation and Continuing to learn the healing arts of Shamanism from her. He was interviewed by Laurie Handles on Tantra Cafe. Now at the age of 25, Armane continues to evolve in his spiritual work offering Reiki, Tarot Readings and various other groups in and around New Jersey and New York. 



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