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    Revelation Revealed Session 11

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    Revelation Revealed Session 11



    Sam Cottle 
    PO Box 622
    West Branch, MI 48661



    All things are possible to them that believe,  I believe!

    Psalms 107:18-21
    20  He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

    Proverbs 3:16
    Blessed is the man that finds wisdom because length of days is in her right hand and riches and honor in her left hand. 

    2 Peter 1:2-7
    3  ... His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,  4  by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

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    Rapture Ready- Revelation Revealed

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    Steve will be taking listeners through the book of Revelation and answering some questions regarding the rapture and more!

    If you do not know the Lord, now is the time to form a relationship with Him! Steve will be giving the listeners an opportunity to accept the Lord via an alter call this episode so dont miss it!


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    Revelation Revealed and Prophecy Fulfilled!!!

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    Contact info:



    Call or Text  801-368-1490


    Finishing up the last of A Marvelous work and a Wonder by Legrande Richards. To Purchase this book visit www.DeseretBook.com 

    Getting to know the Lost Tribe of Ephriam through Statistics.

    By Our Works you shall know us. 

    Getting God back into Schools. 

    Church Welfare Plan

    Persecution of the Birth rite Tribe of Ephriam by Satan, Babylon the Great and all who subscribe to her Luciferian Agenda.

    The Beast Makes War With the Saints of the Most High until the Ancient of Days Sits (Father Adams return prior to the coming of One like unto the son of Man (The Holy Ghost, not The Savior who is the son of man...)
     Daniel 7

    The World will Hate you for building up the Kingdom of God on the earth and preparing for zions redemption. If you are popular, it is because you are no longer a Threat to Lucifer and his Kingdom... Because the latter has become the case, God has sent One Mighty and Strong to set the house of God back in Order D and C 85v7.

    Plural Marriage, a higher law put to death by the beast, but to be revived as the church is set back in order. 

    The History of the Pearl of Great Price.

    The Restoration of The Priesthood and its keys. 

    Truth Revealed and Prophecies full filled since the Restoration of the Gospel by the Prophet Joseph Smith.




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    ROME SLAUGHTERED MILLIONS of BELIEVERS in the FIRST CENTURIES C.E., so as to SILENCE the KNOWLEDGE of MANY VERY IMPORTANT TRUTHS that were well known to the EARLY CHURCH!   FEW have since even begun to imagine what must now be RESTORED that they of these LATTER DAYS have COMMON SENSE of ORDER as SAVED with them of OLD!

    Shall men say that because these things have by and large been FORGOTTTEN, that men have yet overcome the world WITHOUT the REMEMBRANCE of this ANCIENT TRUTH? (Malachi 2:17-3:4)   MESSIAH comes to RESTORE RIGHTEOUSNESS as of OLD as in FORMER YEARS!   This is the SALVATION and the OVERCOMING of the WORLD!  (Isaiah 25:1-10)

    It is time to discern the SEVEN SEALS of the BOOK of REVELATION!   For ALL that YAH declared from the BEGINNING HE will bring to pass!

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    Revelation Revealed: Utopia - Revelation 20:1-10

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    Utopia! What thoughts are conjured up with that word? This fall Fox will air a TV show with such a title, Utopia. I read the show the description from the Fox website, "Since the dawn of time, humans have always wondered: does a perfect world exist? Now, we get the chance to build one. Will it be ultimate happiness or utter chaos?"

    In Revelation 20:1-10, we find the Biblical version of the perfect Utopia, one established and set up by the Lord Jesus Christ, where He will reign for one thousand years. Man has always dreamed of that perfect society, and for one thousand years, or the Millenial Reign of Jesus Christ, man will experience God's perfect Utopia.

    Join Bible teacher and host, James R. Rice as he preaches-teaches Revelation 20:1-10 and deals with the Bible doctrine of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.

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    Revelation Revealed: The King Is Coming! - Revelation 19

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    In our study in the Book of Revelation we note it is divided into four sevens. There are the letters to the Seven Churches, then the Seven Seals, (6:1-8:5) the Seven Trumpets, (8:6-19:21) and finally the Seven Vials. (16:1-19:21) In Revelation 19 there is a definite change. Revelation 16-18 cover the Tribulation period but when we come to Rev. 19 we are moving out of this period. The scene now shifts from earth, where it has been since Rev. 6, to heaven. Remember that those chapters have shown to us God’s judgment on this sinful world. His fury began to be poured out when the Lord Jesus Christ, the rightful heir to the universe, received the title deed to the earth from His Father (5:1-14). As He opened the scroll and broke its seven seals, terrifying judgments struck the earth. The seal judgments were followed by the equally devastating trumpet and vial judgments, but now everything changes. Heaven rejoices because history is finally going to reach its culmination as the true King establishes His kingdom on earth.

    With this background, our subject for this is The King is Coming! I have divided this chapter into 3 divisions for the sake of clarity and comprehension.

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    Revelation Revealed: The Lady in Red - Revelation 17

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    There is something fascinating about women, especially mysterious women. John was fascinated by this woman because in verse 6 “…when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.”

    Revelation is a book where women appear prominently. There are three women of importance in this book: We have the WOMAN in the WILDERNESS in Revelation 12:1. We have the WIFE at the WEDDING in Revelation 19:7-8. We have the WHORE on the WATERS in Revelation 17. In my old study Bible, I have this written, “Scarlet O’Harlet. She is the mistress of Satan who represents the Devil’s apostate church in the last days.

    Before us are two main figures. There is the Counterfeit Church; and the Counterfeit Christ. Mystery Babylon represents the one-world religion that is coming upon the earth. Mastery Babylon represents the one-world government that is coming upon the earth. Mystery Babylon represents the coming universal church. Mastery Babylon represents the coming universal state. This church and this state are going to become one. There will be a marriage of church and state unlike anything ever seen before in history.

    As we study Scarlet O’Harlot, we are going to see religion exposed for what it really is, what it always has been, and what it always will be, which is Satan’s substitute for a real relationship with God.

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    Versatile Radio & Johnny O Revelation six seal revealed and Rapture....Judgement

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    Join us with Pastor Johnny O. as we go "Real Talk" with current and biblical prophetic events!


    The Seven Seals is a phrase in the Book of Revelation  that refers to seven symbolic seals, that secure the book or scroll, that John saw in his Revelation of Jesus Christ. The opening of the seals of the Apocalyptic document occurs in Revelation Chapters 5-8. In John's vision, the only one worthy to open the book is referred to as both the "Lion of Judah" and the"Lamb having seven horns and seven eyes".

    The seal notion appears first in Book of Daniell where in 12:4 is said about the end of times.

    But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

    Upon the Lamb opening a seal from the book, a judgment is released or an apocalyptic event occurs. The opening of the first four seals release The Four Horsemen, each with their own specific mission. The opening of the fifth seal releases the cries of martyrs for the "word/Worth of God". The sixth seal prompts earthquake cataclysmic events. The seventh seal cues seven angelic trumpeters who in turn cue the seven bowl judgments and more cataclysmic events

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    Revelation Revealed: Bad Moon Rising - Revelation 16

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    In 1969, John Fogerty and Creedance Clearwater Revival wrote and produced a song which many believe depicts the end of time. The title of the song is “Bad Moon Rising.” "Bad Moon Rising" has come to mean when something bad in the foreseeable future is about to happen. John Fogerty explained in a Rolling Stone magizine article, that the lyrics were inspired by a movie called The Devil And Daniel Webster, in which a hurricane wipes out most of a town. This is where he got the idea for the words “I feel the hurricane blowin’, I hope you’re quite prepared to die.” Overall, he said the song is about the “apocalypse that was going to be visited upon us.”

    In Revelation 16 we see God’s last judgment, “And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. “ (v.1)  The wrath of God is poured out upon this earth in seven bowls of judgment. With the pouring out of each bowl, the heat of God’s fury is intensified and the force of God’s judgment is magnified.

    Join host and Bible teacher James R. Rice as he expounds Revelation 16.

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    Revelation 13, Pope Francis and the End of the World

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    The Book of Revelation offers prophetic and apocalyptic insights into the message of the end time. Many believe that because Pope Francis is the 8th Pope that he aligns with the mysteries of Revelation, and the Catholic church is often purported to be Mystery Babylon. In today's broadcast we will unravel many of these mysteries and set forth the proper order of God's revelation on the time of the end. For more information visit DonkPreston.com and AllThingsFulfilled.com.

    Join us for an exciting and engaging discussion.

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    It's A Revelation Party!! Tonight on Real People, Real Life, Real Answers

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    Join in! It's A Revelation Party!! Tonight we will finish chapter 22, review the entire book, and play some songs in between. We will have a new opening and closing song just for this show.  We will try to use 7 songs in all since there are 7 seals...