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    Revelation Revealed Session 11

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    Revelation Revealed Session 11



    Sam Cottle 
    PO Box 622
    West Branch, MI 48661



    All things are possible to them that believe,  I believe!

    Psalms 107:18-21
    20  He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

    Proverbs 3:16
    Blessed is the man that finds wisdom because length of days is in her right hand and riches and honor in her left hand. 

    2 Peter 1:2-7
    3  ... His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,  4  by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

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    So-called prophets predict mass end-of-the-world judgment on America in the next couple days before "Shemitah," - earthquakes, floods, tsunamis as God's wrath for Supreme Court decision, Apocalypse comes before Obama leaves office, etc...  Some with paranoid tendencies toward conspiracy theories are in a state of high anxiety.  Doomsday false prophets hijack current events & give them a biblical spin to give validity to their teachings. In this interconnected Internet age, its always easy to hear about something bad, like the stock market crash, a shooting, a disease somewhere, which they point to as proof.  They're convinced it's true because "the Stock Market Crash happened near Shemitah, and because Pope Francis is meeting with Obama."  Richard Rossi used to be enmeshed in this strange subculture as a young man, and has gotten away from the craziness.  In this episode, he shares his findings on what the Book of Revelation really teaches, findings that have come out of 25 years of studying & contemplating an alternate view different from those preaching gloom and doom.

    "The fundamentalist culture is gripped by a spirit of fear," Richard said.  "Most folks in this movement are very fearful. Fearful of being left behind, apocalypse, the devil, etc... Fear sells. Fear is primal and gets attention. Psychologically, it's damaging long-term to be immersed in fear, but effective to get attention & motivate. There are always calamities that can be used to reinforce fear. Preachers have used it be it the atrocities of Civil War in 1800's, Hitler's rise in WW2 (most Pentecostals said he was antichrist at the time), the Cuban Missile crisis in the early 1960's was the guaranteed end of the world to Pentecostals then, Y2K, etc....I've found as people get away from fear-based church stuff, they get healthier spiritually, mentally, psychologically."

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    WHY THE WORLD DIDN'T END TODAY: The Book of Revelation Revealed, Pt.2

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    Richard Rossi continues his series on the Book of Revelation, debunking Doomsday date-setters by sharing what the last book of the Bible really teaches.  He deals with the latest datesetting device, the Blood Moon.  Richard also deals with the "Doctrine of the Nicolaitans," false prophets who put titles in front of their names to create personality cults unto themselves.  Learn how current leaders in today's church are misleading many vulnerable people into exalting man.  This show will equip you to not fall for false prophecies the next time they come around. (The text covered in today's show is the first two chapters of Revelation).

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    Rapture Ready- Revelation Revealed

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    Steve will be taking listeners through the book of Revelation and answering some questions regarding the rapture and more!

    If you do not know the Lord, now is the time to form a relationship with Him! Steve will be giving the listeners an opportunity to accept the Lord via an alter call this episode so dont miss it!


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    050216S3 The deception of the end times part 2.

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    Join Pastor Josh Sparks at 11:00 PM (EST) as we open God's Word and discuss a very important topic for our time, titled; "The deception of the end times part 2." Jesus warned us to take heed or to make sure we see and have understanding that comes from God's Word whereby one won't be deceived in these end times. Will you be deceived?

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    William Buckhalter: My Truth Revealed.

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    This episode is going to be jaw-dropping and explosive.

    It takes a strong person to admit they're wrong; especially when their actions ruined lives. Singer, songwriter and minister William Buckhalter has had his share of ups and downs. But, what is unbeknownst to many is his lengthy battle with depression, darkness and denial about who is was. That mindset resulted in him doing the unmentionable and creating a whirlwind of chaos within the black church community.

    Now in a better place mentally and spiritually he wants to share why he publicly outed closeted gay clergy, separated from the traditional church system, and led a double-life filled with moments of regret. Most important he wants to apologize to those he hurt.

    Join me as I dig deep into all things leading to his shocking disclosures and what occurred in the aftermath of is revelations.

    Listen via web: www.blogtalkradio.com/dontamorrison

    LIsten via phone: (914)338-1611

    For more info about Dontá Morrison: http://dontamorrison.wix.com/dontamorrison

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    Nibiru The Judgment Is At The Door! All Things Are Imminent! Jesus Is Coming!!

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      In this broadcast, I will discuss Nibiru and how imminent all these things are and are all screaming Jesus Is Coming So Soon!!  Awake, awake oh sleeper, come back oh backslider, awake oh sinner, awake oh scoffer and leave your doubting anti-christ ways and come home to the Father, cry out to the only One that has died for you that is longing for your fellowship Who loves you more than you could ever fathom or imagine OH HOW HE LOVES YOU come home today while you yet have a moment to call upon His Name His Name is Jesus the ONLY Name under heaven you or any man woman or child can be saved and He will answer!!!!  John 3:16

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Secret Meeting held at Wall Street about a cashless world as the Illuminati prepares the world for the "Mark of the Beast" 666. Also Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei warns the USA to leave the Persian Gulf. Also Scientists discover 3 new Planets that are potentially Habitable. Also a Comet slams into the Sun and causes an explosion. Also Stephen King new movie "CELL" Zombie Apocalypse staring John Cusak and Samuel L. Jackson of how the Govenment sends a transmition on Cell Phones and people are posses and turn into Zombies. Also Zika Virus is more a risk than thought. Also "Apocalyptic Hail" falls in Virginia. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. 

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    Get Answers to Life's Question's about Connections with Barbara Grace Reynolds

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    Are you ready to change your life?  Are you looking for answers that will help you to consciously create what you desire?  Then call in and ask!   You can send any questions you have to barbara.healing@gmail.com at least 4 hours before the show, your question and the answer will be revealed on the show.  Or you can call in at 646-716-5045 and ask the question live.  Barbara Grace provides answers that will always be for your highest good. She also does Infinity Healing to assist you in releasing your issuses so that you can move on with your life.  This is your chance to change your life!  Join her in this incredible energy and love.  This is for you! 

    Barbara Grace is a Freedom and Empowerment Coach, Infinity Healer, Conscious Channel and, Teacher, who assists others in transforming their lives. Barbara Grace also provides a one time only free 20 minute Discovery session so that you can have more clarity in your life.  Just go to her scheduler and book a session:  https://10to8.com/book/barbara-grace-reynolds/  To learn more visit Barbara's websites at:  www.divinelyguidedhealing.com, www.infinityhealingforwomen, www.divinelyguidedinfinityhealing.net

    If you feel that this show and the work that I do has benefited you and you would like to have an energy exchange then feel free to go to my website: http://www.divinelyguidedhealing.com/donations.html and make a donation.  This is just another way for you to bring balance into your life.  You are loved and appreciated

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    Does Messiah Reign on David's Throne? Part 4

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    We hope you have enjoyed this series on Does Messiah Reign on David's Throne? On tomorrow, we will conclude the study by focusing on the messages of Jeremiah, Ezekie, Daniel l and the Psalms, Acts 2 and Revelation.

    We have shown that this is kingdom was God's purpose. It is the kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world, Matthew 25:34. Therefore, Yahweh never had an eternal purpose higher than the kingdom of the Messiah.

    The intermediary kingdoms of man would come to an end. They were abberations from the very beginning. They represented rebellion from the Lord and a deviation from his Sovereign authority. He tolerated it for a time, then shut it down. Not until Christ came to rule in the realm of the Spirit would the kingdom be restored to Israel. There is no other king or kingdom anywhere spoken of in Scripture for any man who would ever rule upon earth again representing the tribes of Israel.

    God made all believers kings and priests to reign with Christ upon his throne. That includes both David and Abraham.


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