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    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

    in Entertainment

    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

    Please help me in joining Sherri ScottNovoa? who is a 2015 ACHI Magazine? nominee and Winner as an Orator to the Covering Show  hosted by Rev. G and Produced by His Heart Network -LLC? on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 8:00 pm est. Little did I know when we became acquainted after the ACHI Awards that she is the cousin to my friend Yolanda King the daughter to the legend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tune in by calling 914 205 5909.

    She is an Author, Actress/Comedian, and Inspirational Speaker
    Sherri ScottNovoa is a Grammy Nominated Artist, Published Author, Professional Actress/Comedian and Multiple Award winning Inspirational Speaker who utilizes life experience, explosive charisma and humor to share methods and strategies for achieving success and happiness. 

    She has worked in film and television, including Selma (Paramount Pictures and Harpo Studios) Boycott (HBO Productions), Boomerang (20th Century Fox), Lean on Me (Warner Bros.), House of Payne (Tyler Perry Studios), A Different World (NBC, Cosby Production), and NYPD Blue (ABC Production). Sherri's resume also includes her one-woman show, Stages of a Butterfly, a CD Titled, Conversations with Sherri, as well as her own radio talk show, Don't Let the Dream Die, WZAM in Virginia Beach and a TV Talk Show, Conversations with Sherri, People TV Atlanta, GA.


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    Through the Looking Glass w/Janet Lee-The Apprentice

    in Spirituality

    Starting in a new direction can be humbling. It can also be the best decision of your whole life. Join Janet Lee this week as she explores what it feels like to be a 40something apprentice! The show welcomes, respected artist, Ben Cardoso. Ben describes his journey from teaching, to high level corporate positions to artist. What are the keys to success when making an important decision like changing your life in a new direction? How can passion sustain you as you prepare to leap?

    Janet Lee welcomes callers on this very importnt topic! Like her on facebook. Search for "This Side of the Mirror"

    Find Ben Cardoso's art at www.BenCardosoArtist.com

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    Rev. Terry’s Power Hours

    in Religion

    Rev. Terry’s Power Hours


    Rev. Terry Power presents education, ritual, news, and commentary on a variety of topics, from spiritual unity, general spirituality, Wicca, theosophy, current events, and more -- and he is not always politically correct, but he is always entertaining and thought-provoking.  Tune in and call in every Tuesday for a lively discussion.  It is almost sure to make you think.


    Accumbere Facerent – Clausos Carcere – Extremos Audire


    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.”  We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week.  Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred.

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    Millennials & Management with Lee Caraher

    in Entrepreneur

    You may have heard other business owners complain and working with Millennials.  There is a pretty commonly accepted thought that you should not hire Millennials to work in your company.  But what if you are missing out?  What if the very thing your company needs to grow is contained in the brain of someone you are dismissing just because of their age. We wouldnt do that with older employees, so why do we fall into the trap of not hiring them?

    First off you have to understand that a Millennial is anyone between the ages of 15 and 35.  That is a pretty huge range to lump altogher.  Next we need to take into account all the things the younger generation has grown up with.  Simple things like the microwave and cell phone are as common as breathing for them.  And on the other hand people under a certain age have never walked all the way up to the terminal to meet someone flying into an airport.

    Before we abandon a whole generation (again 15-35!!) lets take a look at the misconceptions.  What a Millennial can bring to the table and how we as good business owners can help them be an effective member of our team

    Host Steve Kidd is joined by Lee Caraher the owner of Double Forte Marketing to talk with us on this episode of Thriving Entrepreneur about Millennials and Management

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    "Credit Reporting & the Home Buying Process" - Donna M. Stallings

    in Lifestyle

    Donna Stallings serves as the Housing Program Manager for Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation (SCDHC)..In her role at SCDHC, she is responsible for administration of the Housing Program, as well as facilitating Financial Literacy and Homebuyer Education classes, providing one-on-one credit/budget counceling, and pre-and post-purchase homeownership counceling. She also oversees the Virginia Individual Development Account (VIDA) Matched Savings Program for the Dept. of Housing and Community Development. .

    Don't miss this very informative broadcast. Make your homebuying dreams a reality. Here is where the process begins.   

    Listen online, or call in at (347) 324-5727


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    Kneeling on The Promises

    in Religion

    Standing on the promises of God: Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my Savior, Standing, standing, I'm standing on the promises of God.

    We are called to stand our ground and not give an inch to the devil (Ephesians 6:13-14) 

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    Love's Top 12 Billboard Gospel Artist

    in Spirituality


    Eddie Ruth Bradford-I’ve Got  A Feeling
    Tamela Mann-You Deserve My Praise
    Rance Allen-A Lil Louder
    Kathy Taylor-O’How Precious
    John P. Kee-Level Next*
    Commercial—Big Talent Show in Bellmead, Texas
    Kirk Franklin-Wanna Be Happy
    Casey J-Truth-Truth
    Erica Campbell- A little More Jesus
    Tasha Cobbs-For Your Glory
    Marvin Sapp-Best in Me
    Yolanda Adams-The Battle is Not Yours

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    UMOR LIVE: Ken Yasuda, Jose Johnson and Get Rich with C-Rich

    in MMA

    ACSLIVE.TV and Every Victory Earned present Uncensored MMA Online Radio with your hosts James Lee and Dave "The Butcher" Clifford, and produced by Chris "The Network" Maltsburger. Tonight's guests appear on the Nutsack Foods hotlines. Up first, the world's longest running amateur mixed martial artist, Jose "Eye for an Eye" Johnson. Jose has recently come under the tutelage of our own James Lee, and we'll bust his chops and see what happens. Up next professional bodybuilder, mma coach, and mixed martial artist Ken Yasuda. Ken was the coach of the Tokyo Sabres in the IFL, and also trained Fujita and Don Frye. Call in to join us at (347) 857-1024. 

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    Shame and Pride; Pity and Sympathy: No Match for Wholehearted Empathy

    in Health

    I'm forever grateful to David Aspy, EdD, now a mentor from heaven, who taught me empathy and more.  He had directed the National Consortium for Humanizing Education in the 1970's and wrote Kids Don't Learn from People They Don't Like with Flora N. Roebuck, EdD in 1977, among other works.  I was looking for teaching strategies to help resident physicians improve their teaching skills as head of a workgroup for the AMA Resident Physician Section.  

    Al Vastyan, PhD in the Humanities faculty at Penn State-Hershey gave me an article about by Dr. Aspy.  I liked it and called him at Eastern Kentucky.  We talked a good while.  He sent me a packet of books including the one above.  I was hooked.  And excited about others of his writings such as Toward a Technology for Humanizing Education.

    He invited me to Richmond, KY to learn more.  Dave spent two days teaching me about empathy, congruence and genuineness as applied to audio and video-tape analysis of teacher-learner situations.  He showed me the work of Robert Carkhuff, PhD about teaching and helping.  The Art of Helping, The Skills of Teaching:  Interpersonal Skills and the Carkhuff Interpersonal Skills Scale were included.

    Two key pieces of the training were included in the Cognitive Functioning Categories Training Module by Dr.'s Aspy and Roebuck.  Listen in for more.  What about using these strategies for humanizing healthcare?


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    Isaiah 19:1 ¶  THE prophecy concerning the fall of Egypt. behold, the LORD is riding upon SWIFT CLOUDS. He comes into Egypt; and the IDOLS of Egypt shall be moved at His presence, and the heart of the Egyptians shall MELT in the midst of it.   2  and I will STIR UP EGYPTIAN against EGYPTIAN.  They shall FIGHT every one against his BROTHER, very one against ehis NEIGHBOR; CITY against CITY, KINGDOM against KINGDOM.   3  and the spirit of the Egyptian shall fail in the midst thereof; and I will blot out their counsel; and they shall inquire of idols and of the sorcerers and of those who have familiar spirits and of wizards.   4  and I will deliver the Egyptians into the hands of a STRICT KING from among the MEDES; and a  STRONG KING shall rule over them, says the LORD of hosts.  5  and the WATERS shall be cut off from the SEA, and the RIVER shall be WASTED and DRIED UP.  6  and they shall divert the waters of the rivers, and shall diminish the great rivers; the reeds and rushes and papyrus shall wither.  (Isaiah 50:1-5, 44:20-45:6>-<46:8-13, Rev.16:12-21, 2Peter/ Kepa 3:10-18)

    20  and it shall be for a SIGN and for a WITNESS to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they shall cry to the LORD because of the OPPRESSORS, and HE shall send them a SAVIOR and a JUDGE. And  He shall DELIVER them.