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    Ask Reunited Adoptee,Grief Recovery Teacher,Talk Show Host ?

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    Call 347-215-7225 & ask me questions re my life (story) as a Reunited Adoptee,Grief Recovery Teacher,Talk Show Host!  And check out my 1st book (of series) on amazon.com by searching title "Coffee Talk with Chelle" (titled book after talk show name)

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    Can We Fix Our Politics? — New Business Paradigms

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    At the top of the show we discuss the positive outlook for the US economy, including rising wages, potential infrastructure funding, and economic anxiety caused by politics. We also discuss the turbulence in Europe caused by a potential Brexit, the disintegrating European Union, and the ongoing refugee crisis.

    As our mainstream media spends hours speculating, focusing on the presidential horserace, we look at the long view in national politics and discuss where there is possibility for progress. Can we actually find pathways to political progress, or is gridlock and dysfunction here to stay? We speak to World Business Academy Fellow Mark Gerzon, who is President and Founder of the Mediators Foundation and author of The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide.

    In our final segment we give a fossil fuel industry outlook and show how these companies are attempting to influence decision makers, the media, and citizens, as they fight to maintain their power over the global economy. 


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    Gene Cornish, The Young Rascals and so much more .

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    Born in 1944, in Ottawa, Canada, Cornish came into the world with music in his blood. His mother, Ada, was a singer for Big Bands, including those led by Woody Herman and Ozzie Nelson. By 1959, he was 15 and had earned a reputation as a talented guitarist. By then, he was fronting his own band, Gene Cornish & The Satelites, with boyhood friend, Pat Proietti. While attending Ben Franklin High School, he started a vocal group called The Nobles, and eventually put out a few records under his own name. In 1964, he moved to New York City and was doing double duty in Joey Dee & The Starliters, and his own group, The Unbeatables. The Unbeatables had a novelty hit with a Cornish song called “I Wanna Be A Beatle.” but lasted only a year. It was in the Starliters that Cornish met singer and keyboard player Felix Cavaliere, and singer Eddie Brigati. All three left to form The Young Rascals with drummer Dino Danelli. After a short few months playing the NY club scene, the explosive R&B flavored rock band was signed by Atlantic Records.They soon became known as one of the best live bands in America. Before 1965 was over, the group would start releasing a string of hit songs that would continue for six years. Brigati left in 1970, and Cornish followed in 1971. The remaining Rascals went in a jazz rock direction, but Cornish stayed true to his love of rock and roll. He re-emerged in 1973, with Dino Danelli in a band called Bulldog, and the pair remained together through a second rock band, called Fotomaker.The Rascals reunited for one tour in 1988. In 1997, were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Gene Cornish reunited with the other 3 Rascals in 2010 for a star-studded benefit show. In 2013, Cornish a full-blown Rascals reunion finally happened. Gene participated (with the original Rascals line up) in the acclaimed stage production: The Rascals- Once Upon A Dream, which toured North America after a sold out run on Broadway. 

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    An Adoptee Shares Her Story of Adoption and Finding Her Way

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    Chelsea will share with listeners about being raised by loving Caucasian parents in a home where there was open and honest communication about adoption. In her own words she will describe how she was able to feel her birth mother's love over the years although she did not meet her until 17 years later. What did her birth mother do that was so signifcant? What role did race play in her life? This is an interview you don't want to miss. Are you considering adoption for your baby? Have you already made an adoption plan for your child? Are you parent by adoption? This show will speak to everyone!

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    From Metairie to the Messiah with Todd Tomasella and Tony Louvier

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    When we were but kids, Tony Louvier facilitated and ministered the Gospel to his neighborhood friends which later led to salvation in Christ!

    Childhood Friends Now in Christ Reunited

    From Metairie to the Messiah with Todd Tomasella and Tony Louvier.

    Are you ready to Pass from Death to Life?

    The most astounding event of human history occurred when this man, Jesus Christ, died on a Roman cross. When He died, an untimely darkness covered the land at 3 p.m. and an earthquake occurred as He took His final breath. This man called Jesus was crucified. 3 days later He was raised from the dead! Here’s why He died:

    “But your iniquities (sins) have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” Isaiah 59:2





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    Reunited: A Gift from God with Madlyn Marshall and Artist Shantae Charles

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    Madlyn Marshall Madlyn Marshall is the Founder of G.R.A.C.E. Financial Ministry Inc., a biblically based financial management, and budgeting ministry. She also conducts workshops writing all the material used in the workshops as well as during one on one consulting sessions.  Madlyn is also the author of several short stories and poems.  such as, The Window of the Heart series and Reunited: A Gift from God.  | http://grace2014.wix.com/grace-ministry

    Shantae Charles is an Education Entrepreneur, Activist and Kingdom Influencer. Author of a novel series Church Love, and non-fiction works: Grief For Dummies and Church Love B.L.I.S.S, she has released her first full-length music project Heart Beats and Hot Coals. She serves as Executive and Worship Pastor of Life Nation, along with her husband, Robert, Senior Pastor and Architect. http://outrageouschurch.blogspot.com


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    Mark Gerzon discusses The Reunited States of America on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Mark Gerzon to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his new book THE REUNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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    Once Upon a Time "Our Decay" Review

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    Join our Once Upon a Time hosts as they discuss the highlights of the latest episode of Once Upon a Time - E-mail your thoughts on the episode and the host will read them on air.

    Be sure to follow us on twitter!
    Raechel: @RaechelEP
    Emily: @emkonopka

    Summary: Gold creates a Storybrooke portal; Zelena and Regina clash; Belle and Rumple are reunited; Snow and David try to send a message from the Underworld to their son, Neal.

    Variety Radio Online – bringing you all things entertainment including news, reviews and interviews. Check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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    The Rights Of The Few: Cons Can Care Founder Thomas Jackson Has Been Released

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    Special Guest: Thomas Jackson Founder of Cons Can Care 

    Thomas was released from prision this week after loosing irreplaceable time with his family & gaining an even deeper understanding of the pathology that plagues the corrections system he & his wife cant stand by while the system continues to missuse the 13th Amendment and enslave our youth. Now that they are reunited they  plan to continue expanding Cons Can Care  


    "This was my husbands dream for many years and he runs this site via me over the phone daily., This site is designed to help families of inmates still incarcerated and inmates coming home.We have an abundance of information with phone numbers and addresses for families of inmates still incarcerated. We know ...that sometimes it can be very frustrating on where to turn for answers...we can help. For inmates that are coming home or that have just came home, we can help.We have lots of resources to get you going in the right direction so that your transition is much easier and a lot of convicts have successfully reintergrated into society and want to help you because Cons Can Care.Our future goals are to do youth straight talk programs for at risk youths...we want to prevent any youth from experiencing prison/jail. We also are putting together a pre release programs to try and introduce into Md prisons/jails and then Nationwide. We also have inmates looking for pen pals in our photo section, Inmate Art work,and Inmate poetry along with state to state resources that we are constantly adding. Please join our cause and make a difference in someone else's life."

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    Honestly Ask Alice Q&A series Episode 3; Season Finale

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    In this final episode of Season 1, Alice and Geo answer the questions asked for #Ask Honestly Alice. They had a great time answering some tough questions and also recapping the season.  We hope that you have enjoyed Season 1 and we look forward to being reunited in Season 2.