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    CJP Training Series - Reunification as a Permanency Option

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    Reunification as a Permanency Option in Wyoming Child Welfare Cases

    Lisa K. Finkey, J.D., a Wyoming attorney who represents children and families in abuse and neglect cases, will provide information on reunification as a permanency option in Wyoming child welfare cases.  Listeners will learn about the benefits and barriers to reunification, as well as methods that can be used to engage families and professionals in reunification. Ms. Finkey will explain that removal from the home is meant to be a temporary solution to safety concerns. Within child welfare cases, the first permanency option should always be reunification with the home of origin. The focus of a child welfare case should be reunification until ordered otherwise by the court. Ms. Finkey will provide information about why professional should advocate for reunification.  

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    The Fourth Branch: Part 2 of "Unlimited Power of Guardians-ad-Litem"

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    The Fourth Branch with host Debbie Carroll: CONTINUATION AND UPDATES of Unlimited Power of Guardians-ad Litem. 6 - 8 pm PST / 7 - 9 pm MST / 8 - 10 pm CST/ 9 - 11 pm EST. GUARDIANS-AD-LITEM have the power to replace the ability of blood relatives to determine what is best for their own family members. GALs continue to gain "privilege" over medical, financial, and other life decisions for your beloved children, teens, disabled, and elderly. Beware the appointment of a guardian-ad-litem, the attorney for the State, to represent the interests of your child in juvenile or divorce courts, or in alleged criminal cases or truancy cases, and of elderly in probate courts.  Our featured guest will be Luanne Fleming who will be explaining the differences between guardianship and court appointment of guardians-ad-litem.  YOU MUST EDUCATE YOURSELVES ABOUT THE POWER OF GALs. Online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truthemerges/2016/01/28/the-4th-branch-unlimited-power-of-guardians-ad-litem OR call our GUEST LINE (347)855-8301. press 1 if you want to join in the conversation.


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1281

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    Tonight's special guest is Donna Farris from Old Town, Maine, a new NAASCA family member and children's rights advocate. "I haven't had an easy life by any means," she says, "but I look at it this way. I have nothing to fear in whatever life will continue to throw at me .. because I have God on my side." She adds, "I am excited to learn more about NAASCA and become more involved!!" Donna holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work. She is a former State of Maine Guardian ad Litem for almost 9 years in 4 different Counties. She has been a life-long child advocate and activist for children's rights. She fights to end child abuse in every form. She will never stop. Her own children were kidnapped through the Family Courts by their father after their father almost killed their oldest son in front of their youngest son. Their father was forced to buy their lives in our Family Court to save himself from a criminal investigation of attempted murder on a child, and life in prison. After having had her own children kidnapped in these same Courts that she used to work in, she started her business, “Hands On Parenting” to fight this corruption and re-unite children with their loving parents. Donna offered parenting education, parent-child reunification, and support to parents across Maine, including professional supervised visitation when needed. Donna will never stop in her efforts to end child abuse and corruption by government officials, fighting for ALL children caught up in corruption, Domestic Violence and child abuse.

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    HOUSE OF DREAMS - BREAKING CHAINS- Reentry Preparation-Reunification Planning

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    HOUSE OF DREAMS  "Where Ex-Offenders are BREAKING CHAINS-

    Reentry Preparation from INside and OUTside 

     Reunification Planning.      Where does it start?

    News that Matters

    Prisoner's Perspective - MOU ( moments of understanding) NACDL Collateral Consequences Project

    Events of Interest - National Association of Criminal  Defense Lawyers


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    Plea Agreement Blewitt All Stages of Reunification

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    The BUSINESS Episode
    The Plea Agreement - Don't be played by the Government
    The Blow off of the Cornelius D. Blewett and Jarreous J. Blewitt case
    mas - introduction of The National Reunification Specialist
    Leading to August is Up-close and Personal - Treatment - Awareness - Resources

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1219

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    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "For Our Kids" - Deborah Maddison, Tracy Baxter, and Eugenea Couture, Canadian activists from British Columbia, will join Bill Murray to lead this evening's discussion about the Rights of Children and Families in North America. TONIGHT'S TOPIC: "Reunification" There is no instinct more powerful than the one that drives us to reconnect with lost family members. No matter the reason for the estrangement we feel the need to find our loved ones, and in turn, find important pieces of ourselves. Join us tonight to hear about the incredible journeys people have undertaken to reunite with lost loved ones even despite incredible odds. ~~ Every two weeks a new THEME will be presented in this series, with frequent special guests speaking from their own experience. ~~ Please see our web page at: www.NAASCA.org/ForOurKids or write to: naasca.forourkids@gmail.com

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    Brenda Cathey Largent: Coalition Against Abuse of Department of Human Services

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    In this episode of "Bringing Voices To Power" I talk with Brenda Cathey Largent who has a Criminal Justice degree and Co-founder of the Coalition Against the Abuse of Department of Human Services. She attended both NOC college in Oklahoma and Wichita State. Brenda also administrates the FaceBook Page "Investigate Child Protective Services" about the many injustices that occur in the "child services racket" and how it destroys far more families than they help. Brenda will talk about the following: Children dying in States care, Reunification not the funded goal, Immunity for DHS employees, Foster abuse and neglect, no due process within system, no family rights, privacy leaks with other agencies and non family members, no investigation before removal of children, total disregard for constitution or civil rights. Brenda and I will offer some solutions to these problems. The voices that I'm bringing to power are the ones that never get mainstream attention; those victims of the child protective services that allege a some of the following: violating civil rights, crimes against children, narracistic behavior, etc.  

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    Tearing Down the Walls on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show

    in Spirituality

    The Berlin wall came down in 1989 amidst a torrent of political upheaval that heralded the end of Communism leading to reunification - a reuniting of kindred spirits.  We have to look around us now and notice the walls that separate each of us from the other.  They are not made of concrete and steel; they are made of ignorance of our own divine natures.  When we are little we learn to create categories.  These categories start the minute you are born.  Boy or girl?  What if it was as easy to see these walls as it was to see the Berlin wall?  Would we then tire of the illusion of separateness?  

    We see divisions taking shape all around us .  In the world of form, there are strong and weak, black and white, male and female, rich and poor, democrat and republican, gay and straight, liberal and conservative and so on.  Within each social structure that man creates there is division.  Even in the smallest ways we separate ourselves from one another creating artificial boundaries that have nothing to do with who we are or what we want or need at this moment.

    If you can rise above the categorization, forget about the "respect" you feel you deserve, and look at another human being through the eyes of compassion, you can say to him,"Take my seat", "Lets share this sandwich", "How about you sit up front now because I've been up there for too long."  In all these ways we open up the boundaries, tear down the walls and create lasting peace among all human beings.

    Talk-N-Angels Radio Show promotes peace through a recognition of the divine inside every living thing.  You don't need someone to respect you for being a Divine Being.  When you already know yourself, then you are respectful of yourself and that is enough.  Lower vibrating energies cannot harm you. You affect the world with your high vibration of Love.

  • Prison Talk, How families cope with incarceration part 2

    in Family

    Listen in as the host of Prison Talk, Real Talk Application addresses the needs of family member who take on the role of caregivers to inmates. The host will review how most families cope with prison sentences, separation, time, and disappointment. The host will also examine healthy solutions for family survival and reunification in times of uncertainty. Part 2 

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    Prison Talk" How do family members cope with incarceration.

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    Listen in as the host of Prison Talk, Real Talk Application addresses the needs of family member who take on the role of caregivers to inmates. The host will review how most families cope with prison sentences, separation, time, and disappointment. The host will also examine healthy solutions for family survival and reunification in times of uncertainty.