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    Hair care for men (lets retract the sunroof)

    in Health

    Nature Has All the Answers will be discussing hair care for men.

    Why do men bald?

    Is there an age balding should begin?

    Putting a halt to balding.

    Retrieving hair line.......

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    Fresh Manna Our Daily Bread: Ask Believing, Anticipate Receiving!

    in Religion

    Today’s Topic: Words spoken in Power and Authority gets Results!

    Sub Topic: Ask believing, anticipate receiving!

    Discussion: Jesus had confidence that whatsoever words He spoke, that there would be results. How often do we say things, only to retract contradict our very own statements later? When we speak, we must firmly believe that we shall have what we say! This is faith in action.

    (Matthew 21:22)  And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

    Oasis Worship Center’s Online Bible Study is every week on Thursdays.  For dates subscribe to Apostle Loretta Williams page on Face Book. Visit the Oasis Worship Center USA Web Site at www.oasisnewspublication.com/id73.html

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    OK, so I was wrong about the NBA playoff picture. Let me retract.

    in Sports

    Not too long ago I tried to convince you that we were underselling the Eastern Conference and overselling the West. I also said there were four teams that mattered in each conference. Neither of those takes have shown to be valid thus far, so we'll revisit. 

    If we get time, the 2014 NFL schedule has been released. Interested to see what the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys have in front of them. 

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    It doesn't matter what other people think - Kevin Hunter & Allyson Lindstrom

    in Business

    From the time we enter kindergarten, we place importance on what other people think. Too MUCH importance. So much that it paralyzes us the older we get without a good way of dealing with it.

    What do you do when someone mocks you for the clothes you wear? What do you do when an idea you have at work gets shot down by someone who is insensitive and treads on your feelings? Like anyone else, you try to avoid these kinds of conflicts, and often retract yourself both physically and emotionally from similar situations in the future. It doesn't have to be.

    Kevin Hunter and Allysone Lindstrom talk about our human tendency to exaggerate the importance of what others think, and how to put it into perspective.

    Why do we broadcast The Business Forum Show? Every day, another business owner closes the doors of their business for the last time. Why? Because the truth is that business is very hard, and this statement is supported by the 96% statistic of business owners that never make it to a 10 year anniversary. The good news is that you don't have to be on the wrong side of this statistic. What we've learned is that with good written goals and objectives, a sound strategic plan in place, and your own willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, you can give yourself a 75-80% chance of success.

    On The Business Forum Show, we focus on the challenges of business, and the things that keep you awake at night. That's why our stories are so relatable, because every business owners suffers from very similar things.

    Join Kevin Hunter and David Ford weekdays here on BlogTalkRadio, or tune into Live365 for a 24 hour streaming show of our broadcast.

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    The Dr. Walter Sims Show with @YouLoveJarie

    in Self Help

    Have you ever read a TWEET that made you say #THIS!  Well, our guest tonight is that kind of TWITTERer.  She made a tweet a few days ago that made me RETWEET and tell her she had to be on my show.  She simply said in so many words, STAND BEHIND WHAT YOU SAY!!  This had our twitter feeds going off.  So many times, we say something but when the pressure is on, we retract statements or plead the 5th!!  She will tell her what motivates her being so real during our show!  #WHATSUPDOC

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    Everything You Need to Know About Your Newborn's Penis

    in Family

    My guest will be Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, is an award-winning travel, culture, and parenting writer.

    She is the author of The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell You, and How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby BEFORE Their Bottom Line.

    She is a former contributing editor at Mothering magazine and her writing has appeared in many of the nation’s most respected and credible publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine.

    Today we will be discussing everything you never knew about how the functions and how to care for a newborn one! I was speaking with some expectant women recently and they were saying they wished there was somewhere to go to ask the questions they were afraid to ask in public. Well, here it is! 

    Join us live to call in and ask questions or join the live chat room! 

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    Is Love a Frequency or a Journey through the Heart

    in Self Help

    “Journey through the HEART 

    December 28th  1-4 PM Be clear for the coming year!

    Michael Diamond, anti–aging frequency expert has appeared on TV and many Radio shows.  Through his discovery of frequencies Michael Diamond concluded love vibrates in all human cells. In conception of the egg and sperm, the first 512 cells are heart cells.  In this Blog radio report Michael--Diamond will discuss the following: 

     Tapping into the frequency of LOVE, reframe the word love, clearing you a new path of riches.
    Learning to love yourself and others more then you ever thought you could in “unconditional acceptance”.                                                                            Be empowered to tap into your “love frequency vibration” 24 hours a day.       Be able to slow down the clutter in your mind and see yourself clearer then you ever have before.
    Attract people in your life you thought you never could, PLUS, you will retract people who don’t belong in your life, blocking your “Journey through your HEART to find your MISSION”. This is only the beginning.

                                               “BE EMPOWERED TO LOVE ”

             Please call 760 420 2788 

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    If you KNEW it was the enemy,would YOU be EQUIPPED to fight?

    in Religion

    In ANY Ministry,there should be workshops.In EVERY Ministry,there SHOULD be the PRESENCE of the 5-Fold Ministry.In EVERY Ministry,The Holy Ghost should have FULL REIGN AND say so.If He DID,there WOULD BE no denomination;if HE DID,there WOULD BE no LONG, LONG sick and shut in list.If The Holy Ghost HAD FULL REIGN, people would be sitting in ONE Ministry, occupying the SAME pew or PEWS for years and years,and generations and generations.If The Holy Ghost had FULL REIGN in the "ministry's" that belong to FOLK,then THEY'D be  in the FIELD and NOT JUST on the internet! Jesus said 'THE HARVEST truly is GREAT,but the LABOURERS ARE few',(Luke 10:2).He desires to send us OUT,to accomplish what HE did,while He was here.We are to make disciples...for HIM,not for us.the devil will have a person thinking the WRONG thing about God,even down to God's character.In Job 1:21,Job claimed that 'THE LORD GAVE,AND THELORD hath taken away.'If he could open up the pages and READ about WHY he went through,then he would retract that statement.God is asking YOU THIS question:"If you KNEW it was the enemy,would YOU be EQUIPPED to fight?" ...bring your Bibles,and let's DISECT this,in Jesus' Name,Amen.

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    "Tomi Lee Retract Statements"

    in Politics Conservative

    Your host is forced to retract some statements due to so much crime that has taken place. We have to made accountable for our actions.

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    Who's The Man

    in Culture

    There are so many single parent homes in the black community that the two parent home has somewhat become peculiar.  With that said, there are many young boys who are raised in a single parent home where mom is the head of the household.  While there are plenty of strong black women who are more than capable of raising their own children and yours too at the same time, it is hard for them to truly emplore what it is to be a man.  Well, let me retract. What I mean is they know exactly what it takes to be a man or what a man should be, however they struggle with the way in which to mold an adolecent boy into that man. And hence we have a problem.
    Sadly to say it is a vicious cycle.  When you have a father, in or outside the home, who had never had a man in his life to learn things about manhood, how hard do you think its going to be for him to successfully raise a young man?  The nature of this cycle is simplistic but complicated at the same time. In its simplest form, a man never learns how to be a man so he has no idea how to teach his son how to be one either.  The complicated side of it is that once the cycle is recognized - what can you do about it? CALL IN THIS TUESDAY AT 8:00PM AND COMMENT ON THE HOT TOPIC : "WHAT CAN BE DONE TO RAISE BETTER MEN IN THE COMMUNITY?" CALL 760.283.4647 OR CLICK http://bit.ly/sNuTnh TO SEE US LIVE ON USTREAM! DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW THER CREW ON TWITTER @RealMonkMoney and @HoodHowardStern 

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    The Dave Levine Show

    in Politics Conservative

    An Independent Conservative law and order online talk show whose #1 topic is the Invasion from Mexico--the defining issue between RINOs, faux conservatives and true Conservatives.
    I discussed Santorum's tepid, late-night endorsement of Romney, Romney's "Hispanic Outreach" advisor saying Romney's changed his position on illegal immigration/Amnesty then recanting after the Campaign made her retract it, Rubio's calling his DREAM Act Amnesty "humanitarian", read a great piece by Edward Cline at FSM exposing "hate crime" folly and much, much more!

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