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    Black Friday coming early this year to many retailers. Is this good thing or bad

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    Black Friday is coming early this year to many retailers. Is this a good thing or bad thing we discuss it on tonight's show


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    Black Friday is coming early this year to many retailers, which plan to open on Thanksgiving Day. But in three New England states, shoppers will have wait until midnight for door-buster deals.

    So-called blue laws -- first drafted in the colonial era to push people to go to church on Sunday and holidays -- bar retailers in Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island from opening on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Such laws were once far more restrictive, prohibiting the sale of alcohol on Sunday. But Jon B. Hurst, president of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, told The Huffington Post that few businesses there have called for lifting the ban on Thanksgiving hours.


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    Some Retailers Block Apple Pay

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    Some retailers are blocking Apple Pay as they develop their own mobile payment system; Twitter takes over Twitpic; Roku could be preparing an IPO and AT&T plans to lock the iPad SIM card. WSJ's Mathew Passy on those stories and more.

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    What Retailers Do With Your Personal Information

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    WSJ's Tom Ortuso has a look at how the economy is shaping up for 2015 and what retailers do with your personal information.

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    Gregory Evans Discusses "How Retailers Can Steal Your Credit Card & Pin Number"

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    Cyber Security Expert and Ex-Hacker Gregory Evans discusses a very low tech way, on how retailers can steal your credit card number with the pin. 

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    The Big Deal About Authorized Retailers

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    Authorized Badging. Nothing new, right?




    Channel IQ is innovating the concept that consumers are already familiar with, and creating a dynamically served badge for retailers websites. This will change the way consumers shop online. In this segment, Anthony talks with Jeff Messer, GM Brand Protection for Channel IQ about how Channel IQ is creating the first-ever social network for managing relationships between retailers and manufacturers. In this segment you will learn about how the Channel IQ authorized partner network:

    helps consumers navigate to the best possible transaction

    is using innovative tactics and dynamic insert to differentiate itself from traditional static partner badges  

    is implanting the idea of "authorized" through every stage of the sales cycle

    uses third-party verification as a means to support the value of the authorization

    is working to strengthen the consumer's perspective of authorized and gain universal acceptance of the Channel IQ authorzed partner network as the the standard platform

    Listen in to this 25 minute podcast and get a comprehensive understanding of the value of authorized, and how to help consumers understand that there is more to a sale than just the best price...


    To find out more about badging visit Channel IQ now.

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    YMM AM - Don't Pay Full Price at These Retailers

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    WSJ's Bill Fantini on the five retailers where you should never pay full price and the shocking tale of a lender trying to collect college loan debt after a student passed away.

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    Guess How Much do Americans Plan To Spend On Christmas for 2014? Lets see.....

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    Guess How Much Americans Plan To Spend On Christmas this year? join John and Robin to discuss on this weeks show...

    It is that magical time of the year for retailers.  The period between mid-October and late December can often make the difference between success or failure in the retail industry, and this year will be no exception.  As you will see below, it is being projected that Americans will spend a massive amount of money this holiday season.. Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

    How many of you will pay with credit or cash this year?


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    Life Lessons interviews Santa Claus.....

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    My guest today has a long, white beard, wears a red suit, says "ho-ho-ho" a lot, and is particularly busy this time of year.  His name is Sal Lizard, and he has been playing Santa Claus professionally for nearly 25 years!  He started out in the early 90s as a novice, knowing nothing about how to play jolly old Saint Nick, and he soon discovered it wasn't as simple as he thought!  But over the years, Santa Sal has perfected his craft and is now one of the most beloved and believable Santas you'll ever meet.

    Along with co-author Jonathan Lane, Sal Lizard wrote a book full of heartwarming true stories from his decades of being Santa Claus. And, in fact, that's what the book is called: "Being Santa Claus - What I Learned About the True Meaning of Christmas."
    . Do you think that you were always destined to play Santa Claus?

    So how did the book "Being Santa Claus" come about?  Did you just sit down one day and decide to write your memoirs?

    What are some of the most challenging questions that children ask you, and how do you answer them?

    One of the things you tell parents and children is that Santa Claus never promises. 

    What are some of the funniest things that children have said to you over the years?

    Once again, the book is called "Being Santa Claus" and it's available from Amazon.com and other online retailers in hardcover, paperback, and eBook editions.  There's also a website: BeingSantaClaus.com and a Facebook page at facebook.com/BeingSantaClaus.  Right now, the Facebook page features daily Santa Facts, one per day.



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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents Keisha Jackson. Debuts " Give You My All "

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    Famed Vocalist Says She's Ready To "Give You My All"
    Keisha Jackson’s “Give You My All” is available NOW!

    Atlanta, GA (November 6, 2014) – To whom much is given, much is expected and Keisha Jackson is ready with the release of the single, "Give You My All”.
    Arguably one of the most powerfully talented vocalists in the music business, Keisha Jackson has always brought the vocals. Since she began her career backing her legendary mother at the age of 16, Keisha Jackson has built her own legendary career as a Vocal Coach with her One Voice Entertainment Agency while simultaneously lending her powerful pipes to the likes of Whitney Houston, Erykah Badu, Outkast and Toni Braxton among others.
    With “Give You My All”, Keisha Jackson takes center stage and invites all to get acquainted with the voice that has kept the music business captivated for years. Keisha recently wraped the 8 month Outkast, 20th Anniversary tour and can be heard on Aretha Franklin's remake of Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" (produced by Andre 3000). Keisha says, "It's been a while since I've done a solo record, it's time...and I'm really excited about all the support I've been getting."
    “Give You My All” is a feel good song inspired by soul/blues. "Give You My All" is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other online retailers

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    Buying Items at Wholesale Auctions USPS Government Liquidations and more

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    Introducing; Naor Zifferman.

    After spending several years traveling the world and visiting many countries, managing and owning several businesses in the retail and technical service field. Flying helicopters commercially. Being a real-estate investor and at last an employee of one of the largest retailers in the world. Naor come to the conclusion that simple and quiet is best. 
    Moving to Marion County Florida, from Los Angeles California, was the first step. 
    Next came the reality that eBay is more than just a place to buy a few odd and ends.
    At a time of financial need, He sold his coin collection on eBay and did very well. That gave him the idea to continue doing so full time. 
    Now, several years later, he maintains the eBay store "all z sales store". He mostly buys online from wholesale and surplus sources. 
    His specialty is eyeglasses and small electronics, but he will buy and sell anything he thinks might fetch a profit.
    Struggling with finding the "right" items and spend agonizing hours doubting his purchases and his pricing (like many eBay sellers)

    Naor states "Overall I love what I do, and in spite of the long hours I enjoy most of it. Positive feedback helps reinforce my resolve to give the best service and products I can."

    Naor is going to share with us his strategy for FINDING THE GOODS at great prices. Including tips to purchase items in bulk through liquidation sales and auctions. 

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    Urban Hang Suite Live Remote

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    Join us as we have our live show at Studio No. 7 in Atlanta for the Urban Hang Suite soft launch. Urban Hang Suite's founders Howard Franklin and Larry Stewart are launching a site to become the premier shopping destination for products and retailers catering to men of color.

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