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    Review of Charles Pogue's John 5:24-29 Resurrection of the Dead Bellview Lecture

    in Religion

    It is little wonder that brethren at the Bellview Lectures have difficulty with the resurrection. They have challenges with the establishment of the kingdom, believing it was all consummated in 30AD. Charles Pogue seems to have no understanding of a transition or the progressive establishment of the church. 

    He argues the hour was imminent for the "spiritual resurrection" but separates it from the latter part of the text creating two resurrections, a spiritual one firt and a physical one later. He again argues the kingdom was at hand, fully established on Pentecost, never even citing Lk. 21:31. He also does not call attention to the same use of at hand to refer to the parousia or coming of the Lord in such texts as Jas. 5:7-8, 1 Pet. 4:7 and many others. 

    He asked about Acts 2:38 and the remission of sins, but would not read through to Acts 3:19 which states that sins would be "blotted out" at the restoration of all things when times of refreshing would come from the "presence" of the Lord, i.e. when God would send Christ to them.

    John 5:28-29 is a quote from Daniel 12:2. But so is Rom. 13:1-12, which says the resurrection was at hand and that they were in the "last hour". That is after Pentecost, thus after the "spiritual resurrection" which he affirmed was already in progress. So, now he has three resurrections and three hours unless he begins to do some consolidation.

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    1 Thessalonians 4 Resurrection of the Dead Review of Bellview Lectures, Part 4

    in Religion

    We continue the study of the resurrection in 1 Thessalonians 4, critiquing Johnny Oxendine's presentation at the Bellview Lectures. Our study includes a comparison of the text and language of Matthew 24. The time statements and symbolism used in both texts support the first century fulfillment of Christ's return. Resurrection, erroneously believed to refer to biological bodies rising from literal graves is shown to be salvation consummated from Pentecost untl 70AD.

    Join Don Preston and William Bell for this exciting study.

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    The Resurrection of the Dead

    in The Bible

    What is man's present relation to death, and why was it pronounced on him? We will learn this when we present the next study.

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    "Abraham forsees the resurrection of the dead...."

    in Religion

    Scholars say that Genesis is the 'seed' bed of all the great Bible doctrines.  In Genesis 22, the offering of Isaac, we see the culmination of God's great plan of Redemption:  the resurrection of the dead.  Even though Abraham didn't always forsee the significance of his actions when he was carrying out God's instructions to him, many times afterwards he saw 'in the Spirit' that what he had done, was a fore-telling of what God, the Great Redeemer would do in the future for mankind.  Hebrews 11:19, we are given the clue to true insight into the offering of Isaac.  Today let us look once again to the rock from which we have been cut, and the quarry from which we as living stones have been taken, let us look unto Abraham, our father in the faith.

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    Review of Doug Post's Bellview Lecture Resurrection from Judaism

    in Religion

    Tonight we engage in some of the most controversial points which involve the resurrection of the dead ones. The arguments center around the alleged dead body of Judaism. 

    This discussion will address the time and nature fo the resurrection. We also examine the firstfruits and the harvest concept found in the feast days. 

    We are more than wiling to engage with Doug Post and respond to his concerns about the resurrection and most importantly the Biblical text. 

    For more information see our websites at DonKPreston.com and AllThingsFulfilled.com

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    Coffee With the Dead - Vanlentines and Chill

    in Paranormal

    Good evening ghoulies!!! Welcome to Coffee With the Dead, I am your host, ParaAnne, founder of Spirits Wake Paranormal. This episode will discuss ways to celebrate Valentine's Day while still keeping it spooky.  Participate in the chat or call-in live! There will be time at the end of the episode for live call-in's where you can ask questions or contribute comments. Live chat is also set up for you to converse during broadcast. Please click "follow" to stay updated on future broadcasts and visit our FaceBook page.

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    Viruses and the Walking Dead

    in Current Events

    Viruses have become such a commonplace, such a common word, that sometimes we stop paying any attention to the signs or the warnings. There are viruses that make you sick, both physically and mentally. There are viruses that will send your computer into a frenzy. All of which can take its toll on society.

    Zika virus is brand-new. And although it's not deadly it's rippling effect to the offspring of those affected could have a impact on the world. Look for the Apocalypse Nana show to discuss the virus is it gonna end the virus don't

    Also, to celebrate the return of walking dead after the winter hiatus, Ripley will be joining us we would be putting her on the spot about the Zika virus, and get some cold tips about walking dead. You won't want to miss the show is Jackie and Kaitlyn duo.

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    ADAMA, Heraldess of The Eternal & Voice of Resurrection, w/REVELATION & GodIs L

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome ADAMA, Heraldess of The Eternal & Voice of Resurrection to “Get Your, It Together!” on February 13, 2016 @ 10:00am est. She speaks to the issues of salvation, liberation and resurrection in this now moment! She’s an Inspirational Lifestyle and Holistic Wellness Consultant that consciously works towards integrating and the exaltation of the whole being through physical, mental, and spiritual consultations. Adama, provides reinforcement with cellular cleansing, renewal, regeneration, and assistance with reversing disease with Mother Earth’s Blessings, Health & Beauty Products. She states that, “life, health, healing and complete wellness are our rights by birth. The “Death and Health Food Industries,” have made our natural gifts from The Creator, privileges by an ability to pay, or to be “insured.” ADAMA is a radio talk show host, and producer for more than 16 years with the production of “The Meeting of the Inner Circle,” on WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta, Mondays midnight to 6:am and Thursdays midnight to 3:am est. On this program, she offers inspirational, motivational, life-supporting, life transforming, informational messaging with music. This show is a community forum and now you can view her on Peopletv.org in a program called “Shift Happens.” Additionally, You may contact her personally at 678-760-9299, www.AdamaSpeaks.com. Or, email her at adamaspeaks@gmail..com . Call 773-897-6555 & press 1, or chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit .

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    To Beat Or Not Beat A Dead Looking Horse Daily Gogetemism #500

    in Lifestyle

    There's a chance for everybody to learn and grow and improve but sometimes we're in the place in our lives where nothing anyone is saying is getting through because we're in such a bad state of affairs that we're essentially blocked from reasoning. Should someone give up on us? Maybe? Maybe not?

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    Not quite dead

    in Politics Conservative

    After close observation, I will explore redoing this blog.

    I very much love this home wish for something more then the deph of the Black Dog.

    Maybe talking about events will help maybe not but we will see

    Some things have changed a lot others not so much

    Lets see what happends with this

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    RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "BEYOND THE COVER" with Rhani D'Chae

    in Books

    Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club's BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "BEYOND THE COVER", where host, Beem Weeks, is joined by Author, Rhani D'Chae! We are discussing her Thriller novel, "SHADOW OF THE DRILL". Join us as we explore this novel and become better acquainted with the author.

    This segment of Bring On The Spotlight is sponsored by Shelley Wilson, the very talented author of "GUARDIANS OF THE DEAD".

    If you'd like to know how to get your own recorded commercial to air during one of our shows, please visit the RRBC site at http://wp.me/P49Fi9-275.