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    Restoration and Reconciliation- let's do it!

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    Why do families continue to live with anger, hurt, and resentment? Why do familty go on without talking to each other for years?  Unforgiveness is the poision that destroys the mind, heart, and body -let's talk about it!

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    The Presence of the Lord with BISHOP MICHAEL PATTERSON on Faith Restoration Ministries - Dr. Barbara

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    Tune in every 2nd Thursday of the Month.

    We have all seen and heard from TELE-Evangelists Now we have REALITY-Evangelists who have distorted the word of God and  violated the principles of true Christianity. Those persons have brought reproach to the Holy Name of Jesus Christ by pretending to be His ministers. They are seducers and are leading thousands astray and into the bosom of hell. Do you want to hear the true doctrine of Jesus Christ? Do you want to hear preaching to help you in your Christian walk? Come and listen to Bishop Patterson as he presents the truth of God's word concerning holy living and righteousness.
    Too many of those so-called preachers are only acting for the sake of filthy lucre not caring about their souls and those of the people they are deceiving. Surely indeed God will judge them in His own time. The word tells us that evil men and seducers [impostors] will continue [2 Timothy 3:13].

    Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l
    Dr. Barbara 678 964 4096
    Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

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    Constitution Study Radio, 25 Myths - Myth #1: Co-Equal Branches

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    Through the Constitution with Douglas V. Gibbs

    Today's Episode: Myth #1, Co-Equal Branches.

    Join Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio as he journeys through the United States Constitution. We study the concepts, principles, and direct text of the U.S. Constitution from the original point of view of the Founding Fathers.

    New episodes each Sunday Morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time. Go to Constitution Study Radio for all podcasts of past episodes.

    Current Series based on Doug's book, 25 Myths of the United States Constitution, which is available on Amazon, and CreateSpace.  You can also purchase: The Basic Constitution.

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    Ms. Sara Longwe- Vice Chairperson: Grand Coalition on Constitution

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    Ms Sara Longwe is the Chairperson for the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) and also serves as Vice Chairperson of The Grand Coalition on the people driven constitution for Zambia. The two organizations have been strongly advocating for the enactment of a new people driven constitution before the 2016 General Election. Recent media reports have revealed that some member organizations have been made to leave or have simply left the Coalition. Ms Longwe joins us to discuss the composition of the Coalition, its objectives and the need for Zambians irrespective of their country of residence to be involved in the process, the practicality of a constitution being enacted before the upcoming General Elections. In view of the worst turn out reflected during the just ended Presidential Election, wouldn't a Referendum on the constitution suffer the same apathy? Join us for this insightful discussion as Ms Longwe will also highlight some provisions in the draft constitution which are not getting the attention they deserve.

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    UGP #337 Constitution: Dead? Alive? Or On Life Support?

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    Constitution: Dead? Alive? Or On Life Support? lets talk about a living Constitution tonight

    House of Burgesses in Virginia tonight and their controversial vote on supporting Israel and the run-a-way brides of the Democrat Party...

    Texas Judge stops illegal obama amnesty plans to shield un-documented democrat voters from expulsion back to their countries...

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    Fully Persuaded About Healing & Restoration w/ Chasity Strawder

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    Chasity Strawder is a native of Southeast Arkansas, but has been a resident of the Midwest for fourteen years. She was previously a fifth grade teacher in the Ann Arbor Public Schools of Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 2006, Chasity met and married her husband Terrence. She is the proud mother of two boys, Donovan and Joshua.

    After resigning from teaching in 2007, Chasity moved on to pursue plans for the future and to focus on her family. A series of unfortunate events in 2010 shaped her to become an author of her first book entitled, “Broken for the Promise.” It is a depiction of a difficult journey that Chasity had over four years ago while pregnant with her son, Joshua. She was dying, homeless, and facing other hardships that she has since overcome in life.  The message is one of hope and healing as there is restoration after devastation.


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    A Centurion (Commander of a Roman Army) came to JESUS stating that his servant was sick and tormented of a paralytic "condition". JESUS replied and said that HE would come to his house to heal (RESTORE) his servant's health (Matthew 8:5-7).

    The Centurion further replied, that he was not worthy for JESUS to enter into his home; but that if JESUS would ONLY SPEAK the WORD of HEALING, his servant would receive his healing (Restoration)...(Matthew 8:8).

    When JESUS heard this, HE was filled with admiration for the Centurion. For HE said, that HE had not found such GREAT FAITH in Israel (HIS Chosen People)...(Matthew 8:10).

    The BIBLE further records in (Matthew 8:13), that JESUS told the Centurion to go his way, for just as he believed; it is done unto him and in that SAME HOUR, his servant was healed (RESTORED) to health.


    Psalms 107:20 (KJV) says that HE sent HIS WORD, and healed (RESTORED) them, and delivered them from their destructions.


    2nd Chronicles 7:14 (KJV) says that if we (as GOD'S) people, which are called by HIS name, shall humble ourselves, PRAY, seek HIS face, and turn from their wicked ways; then HE will hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal (RESTORE) our land (conditions).


    Bring all of your and your loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers "CONDITIONS" into the P.I.B.P. (Partners in Building Prayer) studio tomorrow morning. WE will SPEAK and SEND the WORD and they shall be healed (COMPLETELY RESTORED)! 

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    American Freedom Watch Radio - Constitution Con-Con or Con Job

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    American Freedom Watch Radio with Karen Schoen and John Estabrooks

    Tonight's Topic: Constitution Con-Con or Con Job?

    Special Guest: Publius Huldah   Lawyer, philosopher & logician.  Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution.  Passionate about The Federalist  Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional government, The Bible, the writings of Ayn Rand, & the following: There is no such thing as Jew & Greek, slave & freeman, male & female, black person & white person; for we are all one person in Christ Jesus

    Publius Huldah's Blog - Understanding the Constitution
    Constitution for the Newstates of America
    Learn about the proposed Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.
    George Soros, Marxist law professors all over the Country, Cass Sunstein and Eric Holder want a Marxist Constitution in place by the year 2020:

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    Constitution Study Radio: Lesson 27, Election Rules, Amendment 20

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    Amendment 20, Election Rules. . . Terms, Vacancies, and the Line of Succession.  We also discuss Amendment 22 (Presidential Term Limits) and Amendment 23 (Representation for Washington DC).

    Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio journeys through the United States Constitution discussing the concepts, principles, and direct text of the U.S. Constitution from the original point of view of the Founding Fathers.

    Episodes each Sunday Morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time. Go to Constitution Study Radio for all podcasts of past episodes.

    Doug's books: 25 Myths of the United States Constitution on Amazon, and CreateSpace; The Basic Constitution at Amazon and CreateSpace.

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    Inspiration Tuesday - Mental Restoration

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    Hey everybody! Join me as I talk about the benefits of mental restoration.  We all get caught up in our everyday lives and daily tasks that we sometimes forget to STOP and take care of our mental well-being.  I know that I'm guilty of it also.  So lets get back on the road to mental restoration together.  Happy listening!!

    ~ Tigress Queen

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    The Signalis Show: The preamble to the Constitution

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    It goes without saying that the Constitution itself isn't being taught or discussed in today's classrooms. As such we're going to discuss the Constitution here. We'll start with the Preamble to the Constitution. I firmly believe that the more people here and discuss the constitution, the more they will appreciate our founding document.

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