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    Hour of Overflow and Restoration

    in Christianity

    Join the broadcast as we share with you how Jesus Christ is the Source of the Overflow Blessing and Restoration. David,a man after God's own heart, said The Lord causes his cup to OVERFLOW and He RESTORES his soul (Psalms 23). This is the Revelation that pushes OR Ministries. Not only does Jesus fill our cup to the Overflow and Restore our souls, He is also The Christ and Chief Apostle of the Church. We are His Body and citizens of The Kingdom of God. Therefore, we are an apostolic ministry that avoids tradition and religious blockades that hinder Kingdom Advancement. Join Pastor D. Scott Christian and Apostle Karen D. Christian on this new and dynamic broadcast and experience Overflow and Restoration in your life!

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    #Restoration and #Reconciliation -tell the truth

    in Family

    If you want a relationship to be restored and reconciled you will have to speak truth about the situation. Many relationships fail because someone did not love the other person enough to tell them the truth! Don't let that  be your case

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    Property Restoration Radio - Spring Cleaning Checklist, Tips, Trends and more

    in Business

    In our first Radio Blog, we will be talking about Spring Cleaning. What are some of the things you want to focus on such as; duct cleaning, general cleaning, dryer vents, filters and more. We will also talk about some new trends and how to find a qualified contractor. 

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    BISHOP MICHAEL PATTERSON "The Presence of God" on Faith Restoration Ministries - Dr. Barbara

    in Religion

    We have all seen and heard from TELE-Evangelists Now we have REALITY-Evangelists who have distorted the word of God and  violated the principles of true Christianity. Those persons have brought reproach to the Holy Name of Jesus Christ by pretending to be His ministers. They are seducers and are leading thousands astray and into the bosom of hell. Do you want to hear the true doctrine of Jesus Christ? Do you want to hear preaching to help you in your Christian walk? Come and listen to Bishop Patterson as he presents the truth of God's word concerning holy living and righteousness.

    Too many of those so-called preachers are only acting for the sake of filthy lucre not caring about their souls and those of the people they are deceiving. Surely indeed God will judge them in His own time. The word tells us that evil men and seducers [impostors] will continue [2 Timothy 3:13].

    Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l
    Dr. Barbara
    Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
    For Contact Dial 678 964 4096

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    Dreams and Visions Interpretations

    in Spirituality

    Connect with me as we discuss different words and actions in our dreams and there meanings.

    It is God's desire to speak to ALL of us through dreams and visions.  Having a relationship with God will help us hear Him more, clearer and more frequently. So once we position ourselves to hear from Him we will know what decisions to make in life. We will have less problems and issues to deal with. Remember God is our creator, we are all created for a purpose.  

     Act2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: 


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    Restoration and Reconciliation- let's do it!

    in Family

    Why do families continue to live with anger, hurt, and resentment? Why do familty go on without talking to each other for years?  Unforgiveness is the poision that destroys the mind, heart, and body -let's talk about it!

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    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richards, Sr. Ph.D.

    in Religion

    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richards, Sr. Ph.D.

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    Arkansas's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    in Politics


    The value of religious freedom is paramount in our country — that’s why it’s enshrined in our nation’s Constitution. Let there be no doubt: People of faith and their right to exercise their closely held religious beliefs are fully protected. Most unfortunately, a select group of insidious activists and elected officials is pretending those protections don’t exist and is threatening the civil rights of LGBT Americans. Dr Julian Bond

    The Arkansas  Senate advanced two identical bills that were amended today to reflect the federal "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." Gov. Asa Hutchinson, in a press conference this morning, called on legislative leaders to change the controversial HB 1228 to mirror the federal RFRA. He said it would aid in showing the world that Arkansas “does not discriminate and understands tolerance.” Arkansas Blog

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    Hour of Overflow and Restoration: A Powerless Disciple(Matt. 17:14-20)

    in Christianity

    Many times within the church the word power is thrown around without giving much thought to the true meaning of the word. Preachers are said to have spoken a "powerful message" or a singer is said to have sang so powefully that it could be felt in his or her voice. If the power that they speak of is in reference to the power of God, that should most certainly flow through the vessels or servants of God, then where is the evidence of this "power release?" Two very important things stand out in this particular text:1. There must be evidence that the Power of God has been released. 2. The power of God will not be released through a faithless disciple. We cannot continue to blame the person seeking salvation and deliverance for not having faith to believe. This message will explore how a powerless disciple can be a hinderance to and even prolong deliverance from taking place, therefore becoming a stumbling block to be removed and reprimanded. .

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    in Women

    Join us this evening for a very powerful show on Womb health, womb affirmations and The Restoration of the Blak Woman. This is the show that will mark the start of Bringing The Warrior Goddess Energy back as it is time for the Mother and Daughters of this nation to rise.
    Join Unaga Auset and Titia Cushite with Special Guest Aura Love
    The Great Mother Speaks is a live call in show @ 9 pm CST 10 pm Eastern and 7 pm mountain time call in number is 718-506-1960

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    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richards, Sr. Ph.D.

    in Religion

    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richards, Sr. Ph.D.

    Today: The Powerful Guest Speaker is Prophet Eric Williams, founder of the Pew Crusade of Los Angeles, Calf.


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