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    Resource Based Economy

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    This episode, we will be discussing what the "Resource Based Economy" is and some questions surrounding the Venus Project. Please call in to give your opinions and to discuss important issues regarding the movement.

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    A Resource Based Economy vs Anarchocapitalism

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    This week's host Matt Berkowitz recaps a debate he had with anarcho-capitalism advocate, Victor Pross, and then has Victor on as a guest for a post-event discussion.Link to the debate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO85oGSujgsIntro song: Gorguts - Sweet SilenceOutro song: Dordeduh - Jind de tronuriAbout: ZM Global Radio is a weekly radio show presented by various active coordinators of The Zeitgeist Movement in a rotational fashion. These broadcasts discuss the developments and aims of Th

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    Mitchell Jacobs of "Resource Based Communities" interview!

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    On this episode of V-RADIO we are proud to have Michell Jacobs of "Resource Based Communities" a group of activists working towards making sustainable communities inspired by the work of Jacque Fresco. You can learn more about them at: 
    V-RADIO is in dire need of donations for this month. I am putting together a lot more shows that will come out as the days pass. Please consider a donation at http://v-radio.org/donations

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    The Resource Based Economy Discussion

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    In this episode, this is a continuation in regards to information pertaining to the Resource Based Economy idea addressing the common questions and showing the true benefits and potential that an RBE city can truly bring to those who are passionate about bringing a change during this transition.

    Become part of a Resource Based Economy City in the making: The Atlas City Project. http://www.atlasinitiativegroup.com.

    Join us live at 8pm PST/11pm EST. http://www.approachingcriticalmass.org

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    Zeitgeist Movement Defined with Officials from the Los Angeles Chapter

    in Politics Progressive

    Experienced members of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement discuss the mission, purpose and overview of the Zeitgeist Movement. http://tzmlaca.org/main/summary We will discuss a Resource Based Economy and inefficiencies of the current market. We will examine how we can improve the lot of mankind by making the happiness of people a priority as opposed to profit. We will explore the history of the Zeitgeist Movement, where it is today and where it hopes to go in the future. We will reveal how you can get involved and why you should. We will discuss movies produced by the movement and how you can obtain study materials as well as copies of the movies. We will explore war, planned market failures, stockholder priority over workers, pay inequality as well as racial inequality along with solutions to some of our most dauting problems. Contact me at http://www.WalterDavisEnterprises.com 

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    Resource Based Economy, Socialism, and Communism Explained

    in Politics

    In this show we discuss the differences and similarities between the theories of a resource-based economy, socialism, and communism.  We will also discuss our views on the types of strategies needed to bring about an economic transformation and/or revolution in modern time.

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    NPLFA #125 "The Culture of Violence & How the Goverment is based on it "

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    Co host Pete Murtha and Host Dave Bourne will discuss the world's culture of violence and how government is based on violence and contributes to the culture of it. Whether it does it intentional government promotes violence. The police, the military and every government agency uses violence. And everything the government does is based on violence.

    The show promotes and discusses the ideas of true freedom and liberty for all people without the partisan politics. Exposing the government for what it is, a mafia that rules only by the threat of force without concent. The show supports peaceful consentual voluntary relationships.Where the people are not robbed, oppressed, controlled and abused under the threat of force and in many cases actual force is used to force compliance. 

    Governments and it's rulers have no place in the world. I don't want someone else to represent me and make decisions about how I should live my life, when I know what's best for me and can represent myself. I am not a republican, I am not a democrat. I'm not a liberal, I'm not a conservative. I will not allow you to define me, or force me to join one of your gangs. I am an individual and I believe in freedom and liberty for all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation as all human beings have a right to freedom and liberty. I will stand up to government oppression and do what I can to educate the public on the illusion and or lack of true freedom in America.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nonpartisanlibertyforall; www.facebook.com/endthegovernmentpolice

    Twitter: @NPLibertyForAll

    email: nonpartisanlibertyforall@gmail.com

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/nonpartisanliberty

    Google Plus: Dave Bourne/Non Partisan Liberty for All

    Listen to the archives on ITunes!!

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    The Role of Men in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

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    Gender-based violence effects more women than men though men are also sadly at the receiving end of this. We are here on the planet as a human race. Both men and women are in this together and we wont make a dent in finding a way to move away from violence. Today we are speaking to the marvelous and relentless Ben Atherton-Zeman and Joe Samalin of Breakthrough.

    Both using creative means to influence and educate people to stop discrimination and violence against women and girls.

    We are so fortunate to have them both on the show not long after they have just been at a conference in New Delhi all about how to get men involved.

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    A Kind Voice on Books: Susan Coll & The Stager

    in Books

    Tonight's guest on A Kind Voice on Books is Washington DC based fiction author, Susan Coll. Her latest work is the novel called The Stager. The story is a layered narrative from a set of dysfunctional characters, set in a posh Bethesda, Maryland gated community. The Stager is a classic and funny portrait of fragile modern day egos, who are unsatisfied, know-it-alls - be they adults, 10 years old, or a rabbit! 


    Hosted by Jason Lawrence

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    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

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    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

    Are You Able To Turn Adversaries into Allies?!

    My guest this Wednesday is Bob Burg, author of the book, “Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion.” Here’s more about Bob:

    Bob is a sought-after speaker at corporate conferences and for entrepreneurial events. He regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 – sharing the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

    Although for years he was best known for his book "Endless Referrals," over the past few years it's his business parable, "The Go-Giver" (coauthored with John David Mann) that has captured the heart and imagination of his readers.

    "The Go-Giver" shot to #6 on The Wall Street Journal's Business Best Sellers list just three weeks after its release and reached #9 on BusinessWeek's. Since its release it has consistently stayed in the top 25 on 800ceoread's Business Book Best Seller List. It's an international bestseller and has been translated into 21 languages. It is his fourth book to sell over 250,000 copies.

    He believes his new book, "Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion" is by far his most important work yet.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST. Don’t miss this special show!

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    There is Work You Can Do Other Than 9 to 5 Work

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    America is doing great financially. Decide today to claim every opportunity this land offers. Whatever issues are in your way today, there are planable, workable solutions to remove them. Whatever your interest, you can be sure there is a way to make money by getting involved daily and identifying ways to make financial gains. We all need money. We all are not seeking a 9 to 5 job to gain money. Some people just don't fit the 9 to 5 mold. But there is a way for every person who spends money to make money. A job working from home is a realistic option. What's unrealistic is thinking it isn't realistic, and doing nothing to make life better, day after day. Freelances services is work that pays. Freelance services to home based businesses and to home owners. Community Ma and Pa businesses are generally understaffed and need temporary help or even one time help. Evaluate possibilities based on your skills. Write out a plan and present your proposition to small businesses. Offer services to community franchises. Search for online work. Listen to this show and I believe you will be encouraged to change

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