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    Unspoken Words: Chemistry vs. Resonance

    in Culture

    On this episode of Unspoken Words, Robert breaks down what is called the most addictive drug on the planet! Everyone wants to find somebody in which they have that spark with, that feeling of euphoria we get when we meet someone with whom we have great "chemistry" with. But should people really be chasing chemistry? Is it really a good indicator that someone is right for you? Well listen in as Robert breaks down what chemistry actually is and how finding resonance with someone might actually be the better bet.

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    Limbic Resonance: Science of Human Emotions with Dr. Lyn Boyer

    in Relationships

    Special guest, Dr. Lyn Boyer, a leadership coach, author, and online learning guide will be LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing to discuss the very fascinating topic, Limbic Resonance.

    The Limbic Resonance concept is based on the premise that our brain chemistry and nervous systems are measurably affected by those closest to us. The scientific theory of Limbic Resonance is that the capacity for sharing deep emotional states arises from the limbic system of the brain. This topic gained popularity after the publishing of the book A General Theory of Love, written by Thomas Lewis.

    Today Dr. Boyer will give us a clearer understanding of how Limbic Resonance works, why it is so important that we understand the effect it has in our lives, and how she applies it in her practice.

    To learn more about Dr. Lyn Boyer, her books, and her services please visit her website http://www.lynboyer.net








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    Inner Resonance Technologies with Maureen Edwardson

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    Maureen Edwardson author of Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed - the science of inner resonance

    Maureen has been developing Inner Resonance Technologies over the last 20 years, traveling internationally, sharing with the Russian doctors of the Medical Research Institutes in Siberia, the traditional shamans of the Republic of Altai, healing centres in Norway and Sweden, and for three years in the US giving training to various Tribal Schools for the Office of Indian Education Programs, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

    IRT is unlimited in its application, and loving the variety of possibilities, Maureen not only enjoys working in the field of rapid injury recovery and addiction recovery, but also provides a cutting edge Corporate Wellness service.  Her favorite thing is giving group presentations and teaching, and remains grateful for the capacity to make such an amazing difference with her work.

    Maureen currently lives in White Rock, BC with a sweeping view of the ocean in the sunniest place in Canada.

    For more information visit Maureen at: InnerResonance.com

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    THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN AND EARTH SCHUMANN RESONANCE, FREQUENCY, VIBRATION AND WAVES...... Every day we are surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them we couldn’t exist for more than a second on this PLANET!
    In 1952, the German scientist W.O.Schumann discovered a natural pulse resonating around our planet, beating at a frequency of 7.83 Hz (thereafter called the Schumann Resonance). Research has proved that electro-magnetic pollution can inhibit the human body's ability to synchronize with the Earth's natural magnetic pulse, thereby throttling Melatonin, a major cancer suppressant and cell-rejuvenating neuro- hormone produced in the brain.
    Achieving an `OBFR' is the foundation for good health. Research in Biophysics seems to suggest, that our biological system is "tuned into" the background frequency of our planet - the `Schumann Resonance'- a steady pulse of 7.8 Hz which beats around the planet within the earth/ionosphere cavity.  Drowning out this natural frequency by overlaying it with manmade radiation noise, and in particular pulsed (digital) magnetic fields, can have devastating effects on our immune system, which is largely orchestrated by the release of certain neuro-transmitters and hormones within the human brain.

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    The Universe never stops listening to my resonance, not to my words

    in Self Help

    Resonance is the language of God. It’s how the Universe communicates. Resonance is simply our tune, product of our current state of consciousness. It’s the mechanics behind the Law of Attraction.

    Only the people who resonate with us can arise in our experience. That’s how we create our reality.

    If we want abundance in our lives, we have to resonate with that high frequency. How? by removing ANY BELIEF that doesn’t support the frequency of abundance

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    New stuff -Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

    in Science

    Today Art and Hank talk about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and how it has the potential to impact industry in a big way.  Listen in to hear more about this technology.

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    Jim Hamilton in Core Resonance Systems

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live”
    with Jim Hamilton
    in “Core Resonance Systems”
    SuNite, 31 May 2013
    From 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    On Spiritual Image Production’s BlogTalkRadio
    The culmination of thirty years of research by author J.Hamilton, CORE Resonance is the best 21st century survival guide and success tool wrapped into one simple eBook. True success is success no matter the time, place or circumstance. Learn how to move from reacting to your environment to a partnership with a success system that knows no bounds......for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/LiveFromSedona
    For more on Jim Hamilton go to www.coreresonance.com
    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events
    2013 MUFON International Symposium @ www.mufonsymposium.org
    The 90 Day Online Marketing Challenge @ http://lnkd.in/2YX8AG
    Reid About Sex @ www.reidaboutsex.com/link.php?af=1529242
    Andrew Aloha

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    Psychological Strategy - Accelerate Your Emerging Empire

    in Business

    Herman SJr. - Pyschological Strategist For Your Emerging Empire

    In this lively interview, Herman makes it clear that our empire is too important to leave to chance. HermanSJr draws from multiple discipines to bring science to bear on your highest aspriations.

    HermanSJr. is the Psychological Strategist. He is an American author, true autodidact & interdisciplinarian who is ultimately pursuing two doctorates (one secular & one non-secular).

    His Psychological Strategy is born from his of decades of research and work in problem solving using subconscious influence built around many sciences. His discipline (Psychological Strategy) includes powerful topics as influence, psychology, resonance, quantum physics, neuroscience, linguistics, metaphysics and logic.

    Your Empire is waiting for you to stop hindering it. Sign up to HermanSJr.'s email list to receive the only updates to the latest tips on Psychological Strategy so you can elevate your Empire now. To learn more and sign up for his newsletter : www.HermanSJr.com.


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    Dr. Elliott Maynard and Sandie Sedgbeer, Accessing our Future Human Potential

    in Self Help

    Humanity is evolving. But what kind of human are we evolving into? What capabilities do we really possess?  In his book Brave New Mind: Living in a Future Science World, futurist and leading-edge consciousness researcher Dr. Elliott Maynard shares 25 keys to personal and planetary evolution, and reveals how any of us can access the quantum field to enrich our lives and expand our consciousness. 

    Join Sandie and Elliott Maynard as they discuss how we can amplify our intuitive senses, interface with the quantum information field, rewire our brains to learn a language in 10 days, utilize earth energies for healing, and more.

    Futurist Dr. Elliott Maynard earned his PhD in Consciousness Research and served on the faculties of Adelphi University and Dowling College in New York. A lecturer, educator, global ecologist and author of 4 books, he’s often referred to as “The Human from the Future.”

    Elliott Maynard is Founder and President of Arcos Cielos Foundation in Sedona, Arizona, and is a member of the World Future Society, the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) and the London-based Humanitad International. His fourth and newest book, Brave New Mind: Living in a Future-Science World, presents his new master paradigm for personal and planetary transformation. www.arcoscielos.com

    Sandie Sedgbeer combines her love of broadcasting with her pioneering work as a consultant advising authors, teachers and speakers in the conscious community how to apply the science of resonance for personal and business success. www.sedgbeer.com

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    Vibrational Resonance, Cellular Communication and Optimal Health

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Steven Schwartz attended Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts where he studied sports medicine and Biology. He holds a doctorate of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College and has practiced since 1999. Dr. Schwartz has been specializing in the bio-energetic treatment of chronic illness, allergies, systemic inflammation and human performance since 2000.

    Dr. Schwartz is the President of ASA Technologies, which is a sales, training, and development company for lasers, biofeedback and other advanced alternative health care technologies. He helped develop and manufacture the ASA Balance, Body balance Biofeedback system and is the developer of Neuro-Circuit Repatterning Technique (NCR). NCR combines Muscle Reflex Testing and cutting edge nano laser technology called the LZ30X to correct and restore imbalanced neurological and organ relationships within the body.

    Dr. Schwartz believes that long term correction of the body begins with influencing the cells at the vibrational cellular communication level using sound light and frequency technology. He is the founder and developer of Bioharmonic Technologies which produces specialized sound healing products called sonic-ceuticals.

    For more information please visit and follow Dr. Schwartz on the following sites:





  • Mind, Body and Wellness with Kristi Borst

    in Self Help

    Kristi Borst is a metaphysical artist, spiritual teacher, international speaker and divine healing channel. Born with the intuitive ability to heal herself and others by channeling Divine, love-based energy, Kristi was told as a pre-schooler to shut down her “gift” in order to protect her.  For nearly 50 years, she not only shut it down, but this was at her I AM core until the Universe led her on a journey back to SELF. Since that time, Kristi has been working with clients in person in Maine and world-wide via phone sessions, supporting their release of physical pain, emotional trauma, karmic debts and ancestral burdens with life-changing results. Kristi is also committed to sharing messages of empowerment, healing and ancient wisdom, helping others see we’ve been undersold what’s possible for us to achieve as “mere mortals.”

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