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    From Residential To Independence – Carl Baccellieri

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    From Residential To Independence – Carl Baccellieri

    Carl Bacccellieri, Ex. Dir. Of Living Well Transitions, a young adult program headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, joined Lon Sept. 24, 2015 to talk about the importance of working to make transitions successful.  He explained how if transitions are not done well, the student is in danger of losing all positive gains from the program.  His advice to parents is to work to support their children when transitioning from home so they will flounder less in their adult life.

    Contact: Carl Baccellieri:  303-245-1020  cbaccellieri@LivingWellTransitions.com  www.LivingWellTransitions.com

    Lon Woodbury 208-267-7717 lonwoodbury@gmail.com Strugglingteens.com

    This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.  To hear other interviews in this series, click on "Follow" above, or click on  The Woodbury Report or www.strugglingteens.com

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    PODCAST: Developing Forward Tysons Residential (Altus Group)

    in Technology

    Welcome to the Altus Group State & Local Tax and Advisory podcast. On January 20th, Altus Group is hosting its third annual Tysons Real Estate Breakfast Panel focusing on the emerging trends surrounding multifamily assets in the Tysons market. Today, we are speaking with Ross Litkenhous, Senior Director at Altus Group’s Tysons Office (who will moderate the event), and Chuck DiRocco, Director of Research in Altus Group's Research, Valuation and Advisory practice.

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    What's So Exciting About Investing in Residential Real Estate?

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    Kevin Kuz of HomeVestors-Dallas discusses the excitment of investing in residential real estate.

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    Improving Your Residential Real Estate Investing in 2016

    in Real Estate

    Kevin Guz of HomeVestors-Dallas discusses residential real estate investment recommendations for 2016.

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    The Benefits of Investing in Residential Rental Properties

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    Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network 

    (All Black! All News! All You!)

    This segment is THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING  and I promise to keep it REAL with regard to REAL Estate Investing. My goal is to help you major in your success as a real estate investor and business entrepreneur extraordinaire!

    On today’s show, The Benefits of Investing in Residential Rental Properties, we’ll be focusing on taking an assessment of what are the benefits of investing in residential rentals in today’s market! It’s been said over and over that knowledge is power and I believe that the right education is the new capital in the 21st Century. Listen in and get educated on whether it will benefit you to get into the rental market at this stage of your real estate investment game!

    Thank you for listening to THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING. I’m Tracey L. Lewis and I’m all about keeping it REAL especially when it comes to Real Estate Investing. 

    If you would like to sponsor one of our upcoming shows, please contact our show's Executive Producer at (773) 609-2226. 

    Tracey L. Lewis, Host of “The Inside Story on Real Estate Investing” Producer

    The Success Majors: Our Major is Your Success

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

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    Eating Disorders, Residential Droughts, Purposeful Living, Escaping Abuse

    in Self Help

    Dr. Carol Francis addresses today's issues about life, loves, the world and success on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio. Four professionals discuss bulimia, anorexia and overeating, couples and children suffering from verbal and physical abuse, pervasive environmental draught, and how to live with purpose, power and success are released in podcast form today (links below). The releases today include Erica McKenzie, author, nurse and life coach, explains the dilemma and relief of eating disorders, self-esteem, life, near death experiences, and spiritual health at link above.   Dr. Carol Francis addresses the efforts of moving away from abusive relationships at Disengaging from Abusive Relationships. Dr. Carol Francis interviews three professionals on how to deal with home yards, fire hazards on Coping with Pervasive Drought. Dan Millman, world-renowned author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior discusses living a purposeful life, attending to physical health, and embracing transcendent tools of a life of verve Embracing Life's Purposes.

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    CW 634 - Commercial vs Residential, Is Renting A Waste of Money? How Surplus Affects Oil Towns

    in Finance

    We start out with the Venture Alliance Group in Dubai and later Naresh asks Jason investment related frequently asked questions about commercial and residential real estate properties, about single family homes, how the need for housing is never outsourced to another country and how the oil surplus is affecting US oil towns. Real estate investment income property is the most historically proven asset class. Real estate properties should be looked at in a market by market basis and when looking for you first or next creative deal make certain you can trust the person you are dealing with. When choosing a partner make sure they have tenure in real estate investing. They should already have a comprehensive network of investors and local market specialists in place before you trust them with your money.


    Key Takeaways:

    Dubai Intro:

    [1:44] Gary Pinkerton joins us in Dubai

    [3:49] Get out of the stock market and into cashflow investing

    [7:03] You want those around you to inspire you and make you accountable

    [8:20] The reluctant investors lament & to stay focused on market rent


    Investor Question’s with Naresh:

    [11:51] Is renting a waste of money?

    [21:43 Defining commercial and residential property

    [24:44] Large investors need to invest their money into something

    [28:18] All of Naresh’s businesses have parts which are outsourced overseas

    [30:54] Getting ripped off when trying to buy properties and creative opportunities

    [32:39] Is deflation a huge threat to the United States?

    [37:14] Real estate income property should be looked at on a local market basis

    [38:00] How will “oil exploration” cities deal with the current oil surplus

    [40:39] The

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    The Need For Residential Assessments – Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar

    in Youth

    All psychological assessments are not the same explained Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar, Director of Williams House, a part of Lindner Center of Hope In Ohio, in an interview with Lon on October 28, 2015.  A short assessment done in a couple of hours in an office does not give nearly enough information to make a properly informed assessment.  Lindner Center of Hope feels that it takes two weeks for an adolescent to get oriented, to take a wide battery of necessary tests and be observed for a few days in their normal daily routine.  Listen to Dr. Wassenaar explain how to do a proper job of an assessment, it really must be residential and take a few days. 

    Contact: Dr.Elizabeth Wassenaar: 888-5378-4229 Elizabeth.Wassenaar@LindnerCenter.org  www.lindnercenterofhope.org

    Lon Woodbury: 208-267-7717 lonwoodbury@gmail.com www.strugglingteens.com


    This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.  To hear other interviews in this series, click on "Follow" above, or click on  The Woodbury Report or www.strugglingteens.com  

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    Two Spirit Elder and First Generation Residential School Survivor - Sade Ali

    in LGBT

    Tonight we welcome Sadé Heart of the Hawk - a First Nations Mi'kmaq who identifies as Two Spirit.  She has been in the behavioral health field for 46 years and, for the past 20 of those, she had dedicated her life not only to her own healing from intergenerational and historical trauma, but to also educating others on the impact of the boarding school experience on Turtle Island's First People. 

    She is a pow wow dancer, a shawl maker, president of First Nations, LLC, and a lifetime member of SAIGE (Society of American Indian Government Employees). Follow her on Twitter - @OmiSade77

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    For over  six years, our award-winning Native themed online radio show has been delivering the hottest topics in Indian Country to your desktop, mobile or other listening devices! Listen in Every Friday at 7pm EST or any time after in archives!

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    Why Would a Student Stay In a Residential Program?

    in Parents

    Patrick Barrasso joined Lon Feb. 12, 2015 to explain why a student stays in a residential program.  It might be news to some, but the answer is not gates, locks, guards or force.  Patrick is the founder and President of  InBalance Ranch Academy in Tucson Arizona and explained that instead, the main thing that keeps his students in the program is they are beginning to feel better.  Sometimes they find they have better friendships than ever before, which is a powerful motivator to finish the program.  Another reason is the firmness of the parents to hold to their belief that their child needs to be there.  And plus, they feel they have some choice in the matter by being helped to consider the consequences if they do not finish the program.

    Contact: Patrick Barrasso  520-722-9631  pbarrasso@inbalranch.com  inbalancecontinuum.com  

    This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.  To hear this whole series of interviews, click on "Follow" or go to www.strugglingteens.com .

  • The Defining Moment: Becoming a Full-Time Residential Real Estate Investor

    in Real Estate

    Kevin Guz of HomeVestors-Dallas discusses the transition toward becoming a full-time residential real estate investor.