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    Musings w Prof. Boileau on Power, Resentment, Violence, and Creativity

    in Psychology

    Join us for some synthesizing musings about power, resentment, violence, and creativity as our host, Kevin Boileau, consides a number of points, issues, and comments on recent shows.  

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    Let Go of Resentment in Relationships

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    Do you find it difficult to release feelings of resentment toward a friend, a relative, or a co-worker?  Harboring resentment is hard work.  Resentment can be equated to heavy baggage we might lug to the airport.  Our minds and bodies are affected by the burden called resentment.  Fatigue, depression, sadness, anger, you name it, resentment can trigger a vast array of emotions within us and deplete our natural energies in the process.  So, listen to Dr. Joan as she discusses ways you might try which potentially might free you from your burden and allow you to move ahead with your life.
    Whether you are experiencing relationship breakdowns at home, at work, or at play, tune in to hear Dr. Joan describe alternative solutions.  Follow Dr. Joan as she guides you toward keys for harmony. 
    If you would like to reach Dr. Joan, please visit her website at www.harmonykeys.net and follow the directions given there.
    A portion of each program is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's published stories about human relationships.  She is currently reading from her first novel Gra Im Thu! I Love You!  The story is about two Irish families who choose to intermarry, even though they are poles apart in the areas of religion and politics.  Tune in and listen to the story, as the O'Grady and Gwynn families learn to solve their potato encounters and develop a sure-fire method for making delicious mashed potatoes together.  Find out how diversity and harmony can live in the same house!

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    Resentment and the ADHD Relationship

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    We will continue our discussion on relationships and ADHD, focusing on how easily resentment can build for both parties when one or both individuals has ADHD. 
    We will have two guests on the show: A man who is in a committed relationship with someone with ADHD, and a woman who has ADHD and was in a committed relationship with someone without ADHD.
    Please join us for this special 1.5 hour session and feel free to call in with your questions or comments!
    Justine Ruotolo, aka Miss ADD, has been an ADHD coach for over 20 years, helping people with ADHD embrace their gifts and overcome roadblocks.
    www.missadd.com @justineruotolo fb.com/missaddjustine

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    Overcoming Rejection Regrets and Resentment

    in Lifestyle

    The 3 R's they hinder us and hold us hostage. Rejection, Resentment,  and Regret. How do we overcome these obstacles? Join us Thursday night 9:00pm EST on Nthaflow on blogtalkradio or (646) 478-3518. Let's Talk about this together .

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    This one along with solitude are those issues which seems to have no end.  It is believed to be a good thing but it has a very dark side.  This dark side is often underestimated adn therefore claim many victims.  Don't be the next one, join us to figure out how to win.

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    Prof. Boileau on temporality, resentment, and existential violence

    in Psychology

    Enjoy us for continuing exploration of the existential roots of violence within ourselves.  We will study together the dialectic between the Apollinian and the DIonysian, the slave type and the master type, within each one of us.  Let's figure out together the root causes of violence.  Is it a fear of death?  Is it our lack of control over the passing of time?  Let's see.

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    What happens in a relationship when there is resentment towards your partner???
    What causes it???
    How do you recover from it???
    Is it worth it???
    Often times we give up something of ourselves and want it back do we blame ourselves or the other person.

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    You - Envy and Resentment

    in Family

    To you envy things that other people have and what other people can do? Do you resent the fact that you don't have the things and the lifestyle you think you deserve? You can't be You on Purpose with Envy and Resentment in your life.

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    A Psychic's Perspective On Resentment

    in Spirituality

    If you’ve ever been the victim of abuse then you know the feeling of resentment. If you’ve never really expressed what it was like for you, then don’t miss this show!  Come join California Psychic Tori Hartman in this Spiritually healing show as she walks you through tips and techniques to experience the value of resentment as a key for Spiritual Enlightenment.   Tori will take your calls, and do LIVE mini-readings On Air. Call In at (424) 222-5249 or Visit blogtalkradio.com/torihartman. She is the creator of the Color Wisdom Cards and will use her oracle deck to tap into an answer just for you. You can use the cards free at ColorWisdomCards.com   Find out more about Tori at ToriHartman.com

  • "How to Avoid Being the Grinch that Hates Christmas-LIVE Pre Christmas Special"

    in Radio


    Whether it’s going through drama with a loved one or being depressed because you don’t have a loved one…There are MANY reasons stemming from dating and relationships why many women have grown to hate the Christmas holiday season. Please join me for our annual Pre-Christmas Special on “How to Avoid Being the Grinch that Hates Christmas”, where we’ll discuss exactly how to allow God to remove any built up hurt, pain and resentment and go into 2015 with a clean heart and a renewed spirit. To hear both our brand new “What’s Going on in the World”  segment and “Ask Dedan Advice Hour”, where we’ll discuss the many reasons men cheat, call 646 20 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters” #10years

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    The New Year is upon us, and that brings out one of the most popular events held for humankind at this time - New Years’ Resolutions. The surreal part of this is that over 80% of all New Years’ Resolutions FAIL within the first few months. There are many indications and opinions based upon WHY so many people fail with their top wish coming true at the beginning of each year.  But it can be stated that even when someone has a proven set of instructions given to them on how to achieve that desire, they simply fail anyway. So we can be sure that knowing something doesn't attest in doing it. We don't fear change, we fear being changed. We get comfortable in our lives and getting out of that comfort zone is too demanding for us to make that change - so we resort back to our 'path of least resistance.' In this segment, we will talk about the most aggressive and sure fire ways to take control of the path you are seeking, to release the fears, and to achieve your desires for this upcoming year and the ones to follow.

    In this segment, we will discuss and consider the following:

    * How to let go of old feelings, etc.

    * Why it is harmful to keep living in the past

    * The most important steps you can take to live out the greatest life you are seeking

    * The importance of meditation, autosuggestion, and mental visualization with regards to achieving your New Year Resolution

    * How to release old intimate relationships

    * Letting go of resentment, anger, and lack of forgiveness

    This show is set to run for approx. 2 hours. Phone calls will be taken from callers for the last 60 minutes of this segment, so be prepared for any questions you may have for the host at this time upon calling in to the radio show hotline.

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