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    Table Talk: Battling Resentment

    in Caregiving

    You're doing all you can to take care of your caree, your career, your finances, your family, yourself. And, yet, someone complains or judges. And, then you feel the resentment built. How do you fight it? Linda Goin, who cares for her dad and cared for her mom, shares what she learned about battling resentment.

    Linda Goin is a 60-year-old writer and entrepreneur. She's now writing a memoir about her experiences about caregiving her mother, who died from bile duct cancer in June 2014. Linda spent the better part of 2013 and 2014 caregiving her mother in her parents' home, and she's now a long-distance caregiver to her Dad. Although the distance between her home and her parents' home is only eight hours, that distance is just enough to make things complicated. The length of time Linda spent with her parents away from her home took a toll on her marriage; but, she and her husband are learning how to work things out through "co-caregiving" this time around.

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    Be Mindful of Resentment | K8199

    in Self Help

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    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed every person that has God in them is a target in this country which is becoming like Hitler, Germany.
    Roy discussed be mindful of your reaction toward resentment.
    Roy said, "The coward is an appeaser".

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    Is there an ex in your life who you harbor ill feelings or "Resentment" towards? TONIGHT on Beauty Shop Talk Wednesdays, we'll break down the lyrics of Beyonce's hit song and explain why 90% of single black women are Emotionally Unavailable in some way. To change your life, listen LIVE by calling 646 200 0366 or at DedanTolbert.com

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    "How to Overcome HURT, PAIN & RESENTMENT"- LIVE 3 Hour Special

    in Radio


    In today’s society, we often hear about women being lied to, cheated on and even emotionally/physically abused…What we don’t hear a lot about is how to deal with the aftermath that’s certain to include hurt, pain and resentment. “The Dedan Tolbert Show” returns LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST with Part II of our two night special on “The Effects of Dealing with a Cheater”. To hear how to move forward with your life with no pain or bitterness in your heart, as well as a classic “Ask Dedan Advice Hour”, call 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years” #RRTM

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    Treat me like Somebody : Have you ever resented his sex, his text or drama

    in Entertainment

    In Today's episode boo's and bae's we getting a little personal...

    For my new banger i'm working on called "The resentment of an independent woman"  i want you guys personal experiences on what is it that you resent? it should a relationship, a one night stand, oops the condom broke, you cheated, dealing with baby mama drama? anything you want its up to you. We might get a little rachet with these confessions but what happens here stay here its just like vegas expect its alot of tea and maybe a little shade y'all straight with that or nah lmao 

    Girl talk
    turn up moment 

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    Free at last! Moving Beyond Anger and Resentment.

    in Self Help

    Are you dealing with anger or resentment?  Perhaps these feelings are buried so deep that they have remained unaddressed for a very long time. Know that the problem is not the anger. The real problem lies in not being able to identify the real reason for the anger so that you can do something about it.

    Anger and resentment occur for two primary reasons:

        1)  You believe someone or something prevents you from getting what you want.

        2)  You believe something should or should not be happening the way it is happening.

    Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying, "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." Join us as we explore ways to change our attention from anger to finding out what we value, meeting these needs, and creating a fulfilling life.





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    DIY for Your Soul Podcast – An Expectation is a Premeditated Resentment

    in Self Help

    There are many reasons we find ourselves wishing that things were different than what they are. One is that we tend to judge most things, especially in terms of good and bad. We want to experience only what we deem good and keep the bad at bay.

    We compare and despair, mistaking what we see on the outside as truth, not realizing that things aren’t often as they seem. We might begin to think that something is wrong with us. We take on a woe is me attitude and soon find ourselves down in the dumps. If asked what’s wrong, we’re likely to say we are just unhappy.

    What we are ultimately talking about here are expectations. We are talking about our need for things, people, situations and life itself to show up in the manner that we desire, so that we can then be happy. And because things, people, situations and life itself often don’t show up exactly as we expect them to, we often find ourselves in a state of unhappiness.

    In this podcast, we’re talking about how our need for certain outcomes, our expectations, keeps us from experiencing the sense of well being and happiness we so desire. We’re being reminded that we must stop waiting for everything to show up like we think it should and learn to take things as they come. We’re discovering that an expectation, is a premeditated resentment.

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    Fuck me over and i will burn your shit to the ground: Krama is a bad bitch

    in Books

    What's good in the Classy Bish house Boo's and Bae's sooo today let's get this nigga back for all the hurt and bullshit he put you through!!!! 

    Let's get down and dirty with the fuckery about these with men and "girl" bestfriends??

    And those annoying ass boyfriends that make you want to beat the fuck out of them yesss but most importantly we gonna talk about the L word and how to accept it and embrace it what to look for? is it fuckery or is it real 

    what would you do if your bestfriend has this "new boo" and every time y'all chop up about her boo she tell you how he killed the box and varoius positions he put her in so one day your man come home all sweaty like he been workin out honey!!!! so he goes in the bathroom to shower and that phone ring guess who calling your bestfriend?? what would you do if your bestfriend became your husband mistress??? oh don't get salty felicia you telling all your business smh

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    How To Stop The Spiritual Co-Morbidity of Bitterness And Resentment

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the necessity of allowing the Spirit of God to take away bitterness and resentment in the hear (soul). Someone noted that all problems of living are human, therefore they can all be solved by human insight.  That is a fine idea, but it lacks credibility because it is limited by a school or particular perceptual framework,whereas the Spirit of God is not.  Bitterness and resentment create terrible suffering in the soul,and the person so bound is trapped in misery. If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. 

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    Love Honor Deceit: Would you still kiss the shoes that walk all over you??

    in Entertainment

    Today Boo's Bae's  We in the Classy Bish House turning up with this:

    What would you tell a girl that's dickmatized over the dick so bad that she don't realize that he playing her right and left? How would you feel if you went through bae's phones and found out he smashing your bestfriend and they both denyed it all but you know you not stupid?? 

    What would you do if you were in the hospital fighting for your life and your bestfriend claims she is pregnant with your ex boyfriends baby after you lost yours due to stress when you found them in his bed smashing where you laid your head? Would you kick him to the curb or say fuck that and be friends to the end? because we all know friends make mistakes???

    How far would you go for love or lust??

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    Releasing the toxicity of Anger and Resentment

    in Self Help

    Do you find yourself filled with impatience or a short fuse and just plain angry all the time? Society further encourages this emotion through sarcasm, and cynicism that is presented in a manner that is supposed to be humorous. Join me as we facilitate releasing this programming and embrace a more peaceful content way of living.

    "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."-Buddha