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    Interview with writer Kristan Cannon

    in Goals

    Kristan Cannon was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario and educated in North Bay and Toronto.  She is a staunch supporter of literacy, reading, and young writer's programs. She also holds a current membership with The Indie Writer's Network and is a member of the NaNoWriMo Ambassador's program.

    When not researching or writing, Kristan exists for sailing her classic wooden sailboat with her cat, friends, and family... or for video games and books when snow and ice have the boat locked in its slip and she can't get away.

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    Finding Your Roots: Geneology From a Critical Thinkers Point of View

    in Entertainment

    Edmund Burke once stated, "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."  Join us tonight as we are joined by tribal chief and historian, professional researcher, and forensic genealogist, Chief Lonzado Langley as we venture into the history of our Native Americans and Black people in this country.  We will address the common misconceptions of researching our history, strategies for discovering your past, and where we go from here.  We will discuss everything including historical records, historical laws, maps, census records, and where to look for historical records.  This is an episode you surely do not want to miss!  (646) 668-2620.

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    The Mutual Fund of Exploring Franchises

    in Business

    "Our business has morphed into attendees who have done research and are on step 3. They’ve cleared a number of different hurdles before they get to one of our franchise expos. They’ve done so much research, they’ve talked to franchisors, they’ve looked at some of the costs and industries, and are really in a different mindset by the time they attend an expo. They’re way more educated. It’s the biggest comment we hear time and time again, that the quality of the attendees at these shows is just off the charts. It’s so much different than it was 10 years ago." - Tom Portesy, CEO, MFV Expositions, when asked how the internet has changed how people today research franchise opportunities.

    This week on Franchise Today, co-hosts, Stan Friedman and Paul Segreto discuss the world of exploring franchise opportunities with their guest, Tom Portesy, CEO of MFV Expositions. Just ahead of Franchise Expo South in Houston, TX, an event produced by MFV with the International Franchise Association, Tom shares his perspective on how individuals have become more educated in the process of researching franchise brands and how the internet has changed the process from just a short ten years ago.

    Franchise Today airs LIVE Wednesdays at 11AM CT / 12PM ET with on-demand access on iTunes.

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    This One Step - Older Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

    in Psychology


                            Help Me!

    Wednesday is dedicated to survivors to call in and let us all know how they are seeking their support.  How are they making the effort to find a support group, volunteer at a non-profit, researching or professional counseling?  It is hard work learning how to find your healing and it takes time to learn how to live in your new life.  Living in healing is something very new to survivors who have broken their silence and it takes a while to get a rhythm and security in their daily walk.

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    Raising Vibrations Presents Special Guest Reverend Rosamaria Machado Medium

    in Spirituality

    On today's show we have a special guest Reverend Rosamaria Machado known internationally as ROSA BRANCO ,  the White Rose,is a healing medium of incredible force and impact.From a very early age she could see subtle energies and now does work with Light Entities .An Engineer at the Kennedy Space Center Rosamaria Machado was climbing the corporate ladder rapidly, until a terminal diagnosis led her to John of God , a Brazilian Medium and Healer .John of God reminded her: “you are not using your GIFTS child”. One year and a half later, after countless hours of reflection and meditation, Rosamaria realized she was not fulfilling her purpose. Healed of cancer by GOD through the Brazilian Medium, she realized she must do God’s will and has devoted herself to helping others. For many years she accompanied John of God as an interpreter, in support of his mission. John of God recently conveyed to Rosamaria,  during a spiritual retreat to Abadiânia, Brazil, “You have permission to go any where in the world as a representative of God”. She began her international ministry, working with the highest levels of energies. As an ordained minister, Rosamaria  sees her purpose in this life to facilitate each soul’s growth to a higher consciousness. Her main focus is to awaken the consciousness of humanity to the spiritual truths which leads to our ascension. A pioneer in the conscious use of the Human Energy Field, the former USA/NASA engineer has been researching and exploring, for more than 25 years, ways for individuals to tap into and use their Energy Field to heal and transform their lives.To arrange a private session with Reverend Rosamaria: please contact her at:386-478-4688 or email her @ xcelministriesinc@gmail.com


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    A Real Man Loves His Wife & Dial Down Mom-Daughter Drama…on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Read My Lips Radio – February 1, 2016 guests: Michelle Lobdell and Colleen O'Grady

    Michelle Lobdell – author of the upcoming Real Men...Love their Wives – has spent 5 years researching and interviewing couples to create RomanceMadeEZ.com (RME), an answer to the devastation of disconnected marriages and divorce. Tune in for Michelle's advice: ** Men: Make Your Relationship “Valentines Day” Proof. ** Why 70% of Divorces Are Filed by Women: WAKE UP, HUSBANDS!  ** How the “Hook Up” Culture is Ruining Lives and Relationships ** Husbands: How to Turn Your Nagging Wife Into a Purring Kitten ** Wives: How to Turn Your Husband Back Into the Romantic Guy You Married … and more.

    Colleen O'Grady – author of Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter, A Guide for Mothers Everywhere – is a licensed marriage and family therapist, life coach, and workshop leader, and a mom-in-the-trenches raising her own teenage daughter. Despite being an “expert”  in parenting theories , Colleen was shocked at how easily she got hooked in her daughter’s drama. Colleen discovered the missing pieces to having a healthy connection with her teenage daughter—and these same principles became the framework for her Power Your Parenting programs, blog, podcast, and weekly e-zine, that help mothers and daughters around the world.

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    Award-winning Filmmaker & Energy Strategist, Nora Maccoby on America Meditating

    in Self Help

    Nora Maccoby is an energy strategist and an award-winning filmmaker who trained in theater directing and playwriting at Oberlin College and earned an MFA in Film Directing from The American Film Institute, where she won numerous awards. She co-wrote "Bongwater" and "Buffalo Soldiers" which was nominated for 6 Independent Spirit Awards and won the Evening Standard Award for Best Screenplay in 2003.

    In 2002, while researching a film on the 1983 U.S. invasion of Grenada, West Indies, she began working with the local government to develop clean energy solutions and later worked with leaders to create Nature’s Partners, a bipartisan energy literacy initiative and common ground for a national energy conversation. Nora is a champion of clean energy technologies and a strategist for bringing them to the public. She has appeared on C-Span, led workshops internationally, and brought together leaders in the investment world with green technology experts. http://www.maccoby.com/nora

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.  Visit our website at www.meditationmuseum.org.  Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.

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    Kadrolsha Ona Carole On Paranormal Filler

    in Paranormal

    Kadrolsha has been involved in the paranormal field since birth Actively investigating, researching, creating and achieving ground breaking techniques and strides in the industry she loves for over 38 year.  She does her best to help others understand  our wonderful world of the paranormal unknown

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    The Yehudah Project: Will the Israelites take the RFID Chip? Or trust YAH?

    in Culture

    The Yehudah Project is dedicated to informing the Hebrew Israelite people of the upcoming prophecies yet to be fulfilled. We have spent countless hours researching information to make our people aware of how late it is. It is time to stop arguing and come together to prepare for the second exodus from our last captivity. We have to began to heal one another and stop abusing each other verbally, physically and emotionally. This captivity has taken a toll on everyone and we need to start uplifting each other so we can began to heal our children. 

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    Efficacy of Music Therapy

    in Health

    Tory Sherlock is currently in the last year of her undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, graduating with Honors and a BA in Psychology. She is trying to continue on to graduate school for music therapy. For her senior thesis this year, she is researching the efficacy of art therapies in a variety of contexts including healing and rehabilitation. This study will focus on the perspective of the therapist and giver of treatment, not just client/patient outcome. Part of her research will include carrying out interviews with prospective therapists who are willing to answer some questions about their stance on their work, what brought them to the field, along with some other similar topics.

    Since I get requests for interviews or information from students frequently, I thought I'd record this one so that other students looking for similar information might be able to use it for their projects, too.

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    Civil War Pension File Reveals Valuable Family Information with Alvin Blakes

    in History

    The Civil War Pension Files of Philip McQuerter of Woodville, Wilkinson County, Mississippi provides revealing information about the family.

    Alvin Blakes is a lifelong organizer and community worker who has been researching African history since he was a teenager, and has travelled to Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and all over the United States to pursue his studies. He has researched his family’s history from Woodville, Mississippi back to the late 1700s in the Eastern US. He is a member of the Dallas Genealogical Society’s African American Genealogy Interest Group. He graduated with a Bachelors and Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree from Howard University’s School of Engineering.  Currently, he is the Manager of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Agency’s Bus Fleet Engineering Group.