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    Online Reputation Management Discussion: How to Repair a Web Presence

    in Social Networking

    We'll go over online reputation, including what it is, how a reputation can be damaged, what happens when it’s damaged and ways to repair it.

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    A Small Business Reputation Management Briefing

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    Your online digital footprint provides the backbone for your reputation.  Review and complaint websites, blog comments, social media posts, pictures, mentions and more all combine to give an impression of you and your company, good or bad.  In this episode of The Marketing Mojo Show, learn how to find out what others are saying about you and discover how to take control of your brand and your name.

    The reputation management briefing will be conducted by former White House Associate Director of Media Relations, John Undeland.  Currently President of Undeland Associates, this strategic communications expert has represented public sector clients and high profile projects in this area and will offer practical advice for small business owners.  

    Get the conversation started and use the hash tag #mymarketingmojo to answer the question: Do you monitor the online reputation of your company or brand?

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    Scandal...What To Do When People Try To Ruin Your Reputation!

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    Scandal...What To Do When People Try To Ruin Your Reputation!

    Have you ever ask yourself, "Why in the hell would someone lie on me and try to ruin my reputation?"

    It’s not a coincidence you’re reading this. Listen right now and learn how to overcome slander, rumors, hearsay and humiliation. 

    Being lied on, being talked about and being falsely accused is no big deal, that is until it's you that's being scandalized. What do you do? How do you handle it? It's one thing when people are saying good things about you, but when your name is being tossed around in a scandal, it can do everything from ruin your relationship, to damage your brand, heck it can even result in you getting fired from your job. If you, or someone you know, is in being scandalized, you cannot afford to this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young!

    What was meant to curse you is the exact same thing that God's using to bless you! 

    Join Dr. D as he teaches you how to properly position yourself to get everything you want, and that you deserve, from any, and every set of circumstances set before you.

    Instantly start benefitting from what’s happening in and around your life!

    Know that everything is working for your good.

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    Leaders, Entrepreneurs: Be SEEN and HEARD! The Case for Reputation Marketing

    in Finance

    This is part 4 of 4 in the series Be Seen and Heard.  Today's focus is on the use of Reputation Marketing, in other words, what people are saying about you and your business, online reviews, the information people see easily OR SHOULD to decide if they will do business with you. You spend money for ads, for websites, for marketing materials; you spend money to set up your image to the world - but what you really are paying for, is the opportunity to be seen and heard.  Before you spend another dollar to get the word out there, let's deconstruct from the results backwards because the end does justify the means.

    RESULTS MATTER!  The end DOES justify the means.  If your goal is to get your message out there, about YOUR products, services, opportunities, then - no matter how fantastic, how awesome, how better than the rest; if no one knows about it, no money flows!

    Ads, websites, marketing collateral; these are just SOME of the ways entrepreneurs and leaders get the word out to the public and invite them to consider their offer.  There are multiple ways to get a message out, and those who are wise, test and tweak and engage multiple sensory options with their target market.

    This series explored: Getting SEEN and HEARD via:

    Part 1 Press Coverage
    Part 2 The use of Social Media
    Part 3 Getting Comfy Presenting LIVE at Events
    Part 4 Reuptation Marketing. Your Public Image -online and off

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    Managing Your Online Reputation with Josef Mack

    in Business

    Join OSBO as we interview OSBO Expert Josef Mack.  Learn how you can establish a strong online reputation for your business to increase your business profits. 

    -- What is Reputation Marketing?

    -- What is the benefit of having online endorsements for a business without a retail location?

    -- What are the risks of having NO reputation online if you are a business?



    OSBO EXPERT - Josef Mack


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    Take a breath and avoid crashing your reputation.

    in Marketing

    Take a breath and avoid crashing your reputation.  This is RossTalk for the week of July 14, 2014.  In RossTalk, strategic communications consultant Gary M. Ross takes a 90-second look at issues in the news and how they relate to best practices in communications. New episodes are usually posted on Mondays. www.garymross.com   @garyrosschicago

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    The Power of BlogTalkRadio to Build Your Reputation

    in Entrepreneur

    Learn how to increase your visibility and your credibility to boost your reputation and drive traffic to your website.

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    How to Sustain a Powerful Brand Reputation

    in Entrepreneur

    In order to effectively sustain a powerful brand/business reputation, you must consider these various processes and activities that can quickly downsize your professional prominence. Today, we zero in on these reputation killers to help you avoid such mishaps. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE.”

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    Character Or Reputation What is your Character? What is your Reputation?

    in Music

    Reputation vs. Character

    Character  Or Reputation What is your Choice?

    What is your Character? What is your Reputation?

    For am I now trying to win the favor of people, or God? Or am I striving to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a slave of Christ. – Galatians 1:10

    Go: 1. What matters more to you: the opinion of others or the opinion of God?
    2. When you do wrong, are you more focused on the wrongdoing or on getting caught?
    3. Could you be satisfied if God were pleased with you but everyone in the world was displeased?
    4. What if everyone in the world was pleased with you, but God was displeased?


    1 Timothy 2:4
    Colossians 3:23
    1 Samuel 16:7
    Hebrews 4:12-13


    Lord, I am tempted to point the finger and judge others. Help me to look into my own heart. I want to play and live for you and seek to please you. Give me the strength to right the wrongs in my life, even when it may make me

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    Your Online Reputation Can Either Make You or Break You

    in Technology

    When it comes to your business' reputation, the emperor wears no clothes online.  What I mean by that is on the Internet most people will decide whether they do business with you before ever setting foot inside your place of business.  More and more consumers and savvy businesspeople check you out in a number of ways online.  They prowl Google Local, Yahoo Localm  Angie's List, Ripoff Report and YouTube as well as a myriad of other sites in search of reviews and testimonials.  The problem with most businesses is that they do not have an efective mechanism to cultivate positive reviews.  As a result, the only thing that shows up online are negative reviews.  Worse still is the fact that cagey competitors can undermine your business by posting negative reviews without your even knowing about it...ubil it is too late  So if you hope to find a way to make reputation management work for you in this all too wired world, tune into this episode.

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    Business Hippies Discussion on Building and Holding Reputation

    in Culture

    Join professional musician Earl Tiffin and professional artist Hannah Tiffin in a discussion on building and maintaining the reputation of your business of passion or small business. This topic is going to be a tough one! Today there is so much more to think about when it comes to the reputation of our businesses than there ever was before! We have online reviews our customers can leave reviews on, we have websites and Facebook, there are blogs and tweets. There are tons of ways for customers to communicate that they are unhappy with our small businesses today and you would be lucky if you could find them all, not to mention make good on them.

    What is a small business owner to do? Should you go out and purchase reputation management software to let you know when someone is talking badly about your business? Should you be overly nice and give more than you can afford to win their smiles? NO!

    Reputation is really about what we as BOP (business of passion) owned do BEFORE we ever see our customer. We must set perimeters, allow ourselves the gift of saying no to things that will not be good for us, we must be committed to our successes enough to be present and dependable. We must have pride in our work and ensure that what we are presenting really does represent what we want our clients to see. And we must have pride and honesty in the messages we are sending to them!

    Join us for a discussion on Reputation where we will cover all the bases and even share some of our experiences in the past with reputation challenges!


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