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    Cool Queers and Representation in Television

    in LGBT

    A discussion of how the media is slowly yet surely accepting more of the LGBTQ community on television. No longer are they just simply there for comedic relief, but are actually having their own lead roles in a new show, or as extremely important supporting characters. Tonight, we talk about shows coming up that should have more representation or doing a great job doing so. And past shows that were just teaming with wonderful array of the LGBTQ community.

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    Community Representation - Are we scared we don't get what we deserve?

    in Entertainment

    I often wonder if the staunch defense of problematic icons in marginalized communities is some sort of residual internalized self hate? Or desperation? Or both?

    what would happen if we smashed all the pedestals of the rapists, misogynists, and domestic abusers in the black community?

    Not to say these types of predators and abusers don't exist in white communities- but white people have more visibility and more options. I know Rape and domestic Violence are underreported in white communities as well, so we may well be consuming movies and music by abusers. But when consuming white media I can easily choose to watch horror movies not affiliated with Polanski. I can watch comedies not directed by woody Allen or starring Sean Penn.

    But if I want to watch a nostalgic family friendly tv show featuring a black family and I ditch "the Cosby show"... I've got... "family matters". Those were the only 2 mainstream black family shows I remember from my childhood. Those were the only places I could watch people who looked like me, had hair like me, dealt with confusion about dating, family, growing up, and racism all at the same time.

    Is that why the black community hesitates to shun abusers in our midst? Because we won't have any representation if we cut out the bad people? Or is it because we think we don't deserve better representation and we secretly believe the lies we've been fed about ourselves?

    Is it a mix of both? Don't we deserve better? Both in terms of more representation and better role models? 
    Why don't we demand more for ourselves? Are we scared we don't deserve more or scared we won't get what we deserve?

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    Cool Queers and Representation (Pt.2) in Music

    in Pop Culture

    A continuation on Tuesday's episode discussing the queer community and how they are represented in the media. Last time, we talked about how whether television has succesfully or not, portrayed or at least included the LGBTQ+ community. Such as current airing shows, or past ones. In this episode, we'll see how the music industry has done when it came to representation. Famous musicians who are queer,the public's feedback, musicians who freely express they're queer friendliness, and the list goes on!

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    MADDADS will be discussing the representation of your side of town.

    in Lifestyle

    Give your comments on our Stop the Violence march and festival from June 6, 2015.

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    YouTube Represent!

    in Politics

    On July 24th of this year, YouTube presented their seasoned veterans of the Internet to discuss topics of race and representation, and its effects on their online community. We come to see that representation is an important aspect of media. 

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    Is Facebook A True Representation of Yourself

    in Entertainment

    Are you really who you potray yourself to be on facebook

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    in Radio

    Topic; We will be discussing the responcibilitys we have to each other as a People Culture and Humanity,What is our roles and what part do we all play? What are our obligatios to one another?  have we been furfilling them? Far to long selfishness,stupidity and greed have kept us from truly progressing, and so today this is were at,Weve lost the directive and have become entangled in the illusion of fame and fortune,What about culture? What about the youth? What about the future? We cant run from ourselves,Until we first understand that theres no me with out you,and no you with out me,we are one "UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL",

    We cant allow those who practice in behaviors and activitys that keep us from reaching our potential to be in the fore front of our representation,we have enough house niggers in the game,and alot of sell outs,who dont see the true spectre of the situation,They are blinded by the illusions of grandure,i call em "SLEEP WALKERS" or better yet "ZOMBIES"






  • Two's Company, Three's Allowed w/ Shaun Surplus

    in Politics

    The representation of Aborigines, ummm, sorry I mean Aboriginals, ummmm, sorry I mean Abbos, Ummm, errrrr sorry I mean the indigineous is scrambled and needs to be dealt with...  Dr. Duke slaughters Alex "jew wife" Jones in an interview and tears him a new jewgina.  And much more, as always on TCTA w/ Renegades most hated host, (besides Kyle) (and maybe Dana) (and perhaps Drew) (And that anti-semite Dion) Shaun Surplus.  Join us on Thursday 20th for a BYOB broadcast.

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    Subtle Sensual

    in Spirituality

    Hello Kings and Queens, 

    Tonight is another episode of MakeupIntuitive bringing forth to you nothing besides straightforward Queen-ish. Tonight's topic is about a  phrase that I have created to represent a woman's demure approach to embodying herself and sexuality. Being a subtle sensual is more than just being a description, it is a representation. Find out more here. Also, I have more beauty news to deliever tonight! 8 things every person should do before 8 AM according to Benjamin Hardy. You will want to follow these tips for a successful beginning! Stay connected with me after tonight's show: twitter - @shaquasial_ , for more questions or just to leave a comment e-mail: shaquasiafuller1@gmail.com, and blog: www.makeupintuitive.com

    Stay beautiful, Kings and Queens.

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    Talking to David Meltzer author of Connecting to Goodness

    in Lifestyle

    Today's guest is David Meltzer. In his early 20s, David Meltzer was at the top of his game in the business world and lecturing around the globe. But something was missing, and the multimillionaire went on a rapid downward spiral that ended in bankruptcy. It was only then that David realized, in order to revive and thrive, he needed to blend spirituality with business. He started to develop his newfound life and business outlook as CEO to sports super agent Leigh Steinberg, where he, along with Leigh, and Warren Moon, negotiated over $2 Billion in sports and entertainment contracts. In addition to athlete representation, LSSE served as creative and technical consultants on movie and television projects such as: Jerry Maguire, Any Given Sunday, For The Love Of The Game, HBO’s Arli$$.The common perception of successful sports agents is an aggressive-to-be-effective persona that is as powerful at negotiating as their athletes are at sports.


    Connecting to goodness seems an unlikely goal in either sports agenting or sports marketing, but it is the best un-kept secret of one of the best sports agents in the business.  David is now the CEO at Sports 1 Marketing, a Warren Moon Enterprise, and was former CEO to sports super agent Leigh Steinberg. In the making, losing, and remaking of millions in sports agenting and marketing, David Meltzer has indeed become all about connecting to goodness as a tool for actual and worthwhile success in business and in life. Before he found the connection he made and lost millions.  Now enormously successful, he never forgets the value of that connection – and he is here today to discuss it with us.