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    Gmo food threatens to systematically destroy the health of the global citizen, the industrial  farm inputs to accelrate growth of plants to maturity, depletes the soil because the natural replenishment cycles can not cope with this rapid plant growth, This means that fertile soil will be gradually made barren soil and the food grown will be less potent nutritionally.

     Aggressive destruction of jungles to get at the subtreanean minerals, taking square miles of trees for paper and furniture every day is not sustainable, thus the climate, expanding deserts, new extreme drought zones, and changing weather patterns  is impacting us more negatively then bloody wars, we currently see in flung countries and our community streets.,

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    AKANFO NANASOM: AKRADINBOSOM Pt. 11: Afi (Het Heru) - Creativity, Sensuality

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    In this episode of AKANFO NANASOM - Ancient Authentic Akan Ancestral Religion, we continue our series on the AKRADINBOSOM - the Abosom (Deities) who govern the solar, lunar and planetary bodies which govern the 7-day Akan week and also the Okra/Okraa (Soul) of the Akan individual.

    We examine the Female Obosom of Fida (friday) and the okyin nsoromma/planet Afi ('venus'): Afi (Afua) is called Het Heru in Khanit and Kamit, Oshun in Yoruba and Azili in Vodoun. She governs the sensual attraction which is the precursor to procreative activity and the replenishment of its harmony. She governs the Divine Reproductive System, and thus marriage, creativity, innovation, art, music, dance, song and more.

    We examine our publications: 

    Afi - Obosom of Afi and Fida ('venus' and 'friday')



    Amen Men - Obosom of Amen Men and Menmeneda ('saturn' and 'saturday')



    AKRADINBOSOM - Abosom of the Okra/Okraa (Soul) and the 7-day Akan Week



    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America 


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    ARISE! for Women - When You Feel Like Quitting-Principles for Replenishment

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    ARISE! for Women when you Feel Like Quitting Principles for Replenishment! Sometimes we get to a point where we feel Enough is Enough. Tonight we are going to dive into the Life of one of God's anointed as we talk about When You Feel Like Quitting Part 3 (Final Episode)!  Spirit Journal Notes are available for those who desire to receive them FREE of Charge email us at spiritalive12@yahoo.com with title and date of broadcast.  ARISE! for Women airs every night at 9pm(EST).

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    Second Coming Watch Sunday Roundup #27

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    This is the Second Coming Watch Sunday Roundup for July 27, 2014. On the Roundup we feature the top 10 prophecy-related news stories that happened this past week which point towards the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the end of the world as we know it. 

    1. Hamas agreed to a 24-hour truce after initially rejecting a similar offer by Israel, as fighting on both sides resumed Sunday. The 20-day conflict has left more than 1,050 Palestinians dead. In Israel, 46 have died, including 43 soldiers and two civilians.

    2. The Pentagon has stated that Russia is moving troops and adding heavier artillery near its border with Ukraine where separatists are battling government forces, in the latest escalation of Moscow's involvement in the conflict. 

    3. The British Daily Telegraph has reported that Hamas and North Korea are in negotiations for a deal that would provide the Palestinian Islamist group in Gaza with a replenishment of missiles and communications equipment that would be used to continue its offensive. 

    4. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon visited an Iron Dome battery deployed in central Israel on Friday evening, telling the troops to be "ready for the possibility that we will instruct the IDF to significantly expand the ground offensive in Gaza very soon."

    5. Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in London and Paris on Saturday, calling out against Israel’s military operation in the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave. 

    6. Across Zhejiang province in China authorities have toppled -- or threatened to topple -- crosses at more than 130 churches. Experts and church leaders believe there is a campaign to repress Christianity, which has grown so rapidly as to alarm the atheist Communist government.


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    I Came To Praise The Lord (I Dont Know What You Came To Do) Psalm 118: 16-24

    in Christianity

    I Came To Praise The Lord (Eric Rogers, Ph.D., Pastor-Teacher  Church Without Walls Chicago

    In a day and age when sin, ungodliness and unholiness seem to reign supreme, Christians found themselves beleagued and bewildered with doubt and discouragement.

    But like the soldiers and servants of ancient ages past, who in the face of defeat, difficulties and disappointments sought refuge and replenishment through the practice, purpose and proclamation of praise.

    "I Came To Praise The Lord" is a sermon that explores and examines how to worship, who to worship, why to worship and what to worship for to praise God's Holy Name.

    King David is an old man now. He looks back at his life and reflects on how good and how worthy God is to be praised. He has fought one battle after another. He has seen blood shed, families in disarray and experienced personal crisis in his own home.

    David charges the nations to praise the Lord and to recognize God's mercy. In his distress, he called upon the Lord and got an answer.  David argues what God will do when your enemies come at you. He talks about how there were times when he got himself in trouble and only the Lord could get him out and for that God is worthy to be praised. David ultimately concludes that he doesnt care who is  preaching, who is teaching, who is singing in the temple, just let him get into the House of Worship and he will praise the Lord.

    For this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it.


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    Patricia Crisp - Naturopathy and Wellness

    in Education

    Tonight our very special guest is Patricia Crisp.

    Pat is a classical naturopath and specializes in healing. Her use of natural remedies is designed to support the body's innate wisdom and natural tendencies toward renewal and replenishment to achieve optimal health.  Pat explains our health reflects our unique life history, including our beliefs, habits and emotional style.  That the path to wellness is as personal as the circumstances that contribute to our lives.  

    Pat focuses on identifying the root causes of her client’s symptoms and then tailors a specific protocol to enable her clients to work with their body's own innate self-healing intelligence, ultimately leading to wellness.

    During our talk she spent considerable time explaining how candida, which is found to be increasingly more pervasive within society, is a major contributor toward myriad of health issues across the population.


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    Interview mit Walter Ott, Team Leader / Replenishment Systems EMEA , Pfizer Pharma GmbH

    in Business

    Hoeren Sie ein Interview mit Walter Ott, Team Leader / Replenishment Systems EMEA, Pfizer Pharma GmbH zum Thema „Innovative Konzepte des Replenishments“.

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    Jennifer talks to Bernadette Darnell about her retreats in Kefalonia plus Runes!

    in Spirituality


    Jennifer talks to Bernadette Darnell about her retreats in Kefalonia Greece.

    Bernadette has been putting on retreats in Kefalonia Greece for a number of years now.  Today I get the chance to talk to Bernadette live on air about her magical retreats and what makes them so unique. 

    "A 'Breathe In Space" retreat or personal residency in Kefalonia Greece, offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.  

    A chance to live in a traditional Greek community, whilst enjoying the quiet uncommercial seaside village of Poros, with it's long white pebble beaches, a sprinkling of cafe bars and little tavernas, and its charming port, which comes alive twice a day  with the arrival of the ferry.  

    A Gentle Space in a magical place for rest, relaxation, recovery, rediscovery, replenishment & restoration.....A place to slow down, dig deep, find peace, experience creative transformation, recover your smile, re-envision your life and dare to dream some long held dreams.  Small Groups max 12.....A really special retreat held only twice a year on the beautiful Greek Island of Kefalonia.  

    I am really looking forward to this interview with Bernadette, as I visited Kefalonia last year only to completely fall in love with the magical little island and I am returning in September to assist Bernadette (Detta) with her retreat in September.  This years Small Group Retreat   a 7 day retreat with Four Days of Psychic Development workshops in Sacred Places around this ancient and spiritual Island.  Te Readings.


    call via skype or telephone

    Music by Dyan Garris Reflecting Pool and the Journey.


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    Living Well with Dr Mari

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    MARI SÁNCHEZ WOHLEVER, M.D., a native of Puerto Rico, and a family physician. She helped start a clinic for the uninsured in Central Florida and served in the US Air Force. She's the wife of pilot-turned-preacher and mother of three children. She serves as a physican at Disney's Center for Living Well, and as author and speaker across the U.S. and abroad. 

    Dr. Mari's work as a family doctor turned into a ministry as she learned to care for people from the heart. She strives to care for the soul and minister to the spirit while treating the body. Her book, Walking wth Jesus in Healthcare, is an inspiring devotional for healthcare professionals and caregivers. Her newest title, The Ultimate Girls Body Book (co-authored by Dr. Walt Larimore) answers all those awkward questions that girls have about their changing bodies and more, mixing fun with great advice for growing girls. The book emphasizes the need for girls to communicate their questions and feelings with a trusted adult. Her message of hope is further magnified through her blog, Dr. Mari's Faith Stop, and her work as Spanish translator and copy editor for Hope Matters. Her words and actions deliver a sense of replenishment and hope!  

    From her recent talk at the Physician Wellbeing Conference and mentoring at an entrepreneurship conference to sitting on health panels with Ret. Lt. General Mark Hertling and articles inside the Latina Style Magazine Orlando Business Series, Dr. Mari is an inspirational messenger. Join us in this episode of living well and cultivating hope!

    Click HERE to get in touch with Dr. Mari.

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    The Strategy for the Success of a Sustainable Small Business

    in Business

     This week on Joyful Living for Women Entrepreneurs Talk Radio at Noon

                                Meet Deborah Petty, CEO/Owner of the Essex Sports Cafe

    Former owner of six Subway sandwich shops, present Proprietor of a restaurant and owner of a four story commercial building in a major metropolis.

    Call in and talk with Host Dr. Devereaux and guest, CEO Deborah Petty, to learn strategies for running a sustainable small business.

    There are many needs in running a small business, monthly accounting services, replenishment of office supplies, and major appliances checked at least twice a year.  Generally, sustaining your enterprise is determinative on how many customers come through the door. There are several important tasks which require your attention if you plan to stay in business. Tune in and hear from a successful businesswoman and expert in creating and sustaining a business.

    Share this great opportunity to listen and learn from an expert with your friends.

    Dr. Devereaux is available to speak at conferences, workshops and for mastermind coaching.

    If you would like to be a guest on the show please contact Dr. Devereaux at info@joyfullivingforwomen.com


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    A Meditative Relaxation Exercise

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    The mind anf the body work in unison -- to be healthy or to be diseased. IT is vital to deepen the connection between the two by training one to relax the other so that replenishment can occur -- life is busy and stress filled with challenges and daily hassles. The mind and body crave a release from what it takes to survive it all.
    Dr Herbert Benson, cardiologist at Havard, created The Relaxation Response decades ago and Dr Deb Carlin has been practicing it and teaching it for nearly as long, guided by his encouragement more than 30 years ago.
    Give yourself the gift of about 20 minutes here to sit down comfotrably, get quiet, tune in, and refresh your entire self. You'll come to crave doing this.