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    BJPenn.Com Radio Features The Metamoris Take Over W/ Renzo Gracie & Ralek Gracie

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    Renzo Gracie is kicking off the show!!!! That's right, the one and only Renzo Gracie is dropping by the show for the first hour and a half. Renzo is stepping back on the mats to take on the notorious "Gracie Hunter" Kazushi Sakuraba at Metamoris 5. Renzo has had an amazing career on the mat as well as inside the sport of MMA, and we will discuss it all. We will talk with Renzo about his early life and growing up Gracie. We will talk to Renzo about when he started training. Renzo has fought in some of the biggest promotions in the world including Pride, K-1, Rings, and even the UFC. We will talk with Renzo about the decision to fight and his famed career, including some of his most memorable fights. Renzo has also competed at the highest level of BJJ and we will talk his time on the mat, as well as what he thinks of the current state of the sport. You know we have to talk his upcoming bout at Metamoris and what it means for him to get this rematch. Renzo has an amazing school and has worked with some of the sports best athletes from GSP, Frankie Edgar, Chris Weidman, and more. We will talk with Renzo about his academy and teaching, as well as his desire to come back and fight inside the UFC. If time permits we will see what kind of crazy fight stories we can pull from Renzo. Get over to Twitter and follow Renzo at @RenzoGracieBJJ

    Wrapping up the show is the man responsible for some of the biggest and most entertaining BJJ matches in years, Ralek Gracie. We will discuss with Ralek the upcoming Metamoris 5 card which takes place Saturday November 22, 2014 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Ralek continues to top each Metamoris card with even bigger names, in even bigger match ups. We will have him break down this card, and how he chooses who will be matched up against who on the white mat. We will discuss with Ralek the future of Metamoris and how things have changed even since the last event. Follow Ralek on Twitter @RalekGracie

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    Interview with Renzo Gracie & Mark Pavelich

    in MMA

    Join us as we cover the blow by blow the latest in UFC, Strikeforce, and everything that is MMA. Tonight we feature an exclusive interviews with one of the members of the first family of MMA, Renzo Gracie and MFC owner Mark Pavelich.Call in via headset, Skype or just join in via the chat room

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    thereal-pgh-ep-13 featuring warren stout of renzo gracie and maticulous hiphop

    in Entertainment

    thereal ep 13 featuring Warren Stout representing renzo gracie/stout PGH, and maticulous hiphop producer from NYC

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    The BS Show 23

    in MMA

    Tonight on The BS Show Canada Boyd and Rick will joined by 902 Submission Series organizer and promoter Cat Clarke. Also joining the show will be two grapplers who will be competing against each other on the upcoming 902 Submission Series "Lock and Finish" event on January 23rd. We will be joined by Zobmbieproof head instructor and BJJ purple belt, Kent Peters as well as Titans/Renzo Gracie purple belt Gavin Tucker.

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    BJPenn.Com Radio Marlon Moraes, Kelvin Gastelum, & Javier Vazquez

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    Our first guest Marlon Moraes, is the WSOF Bantamweight Champion and riding an 8 fight win streak. We will talk with Marlon about his upcoming fight against Josh Hill, which is a re-scheduled fight from back in September of last year. We will talk with Marlon about having the bout rescheduled, his opponent, his current win streak, and where he places amongst the worlds other bantamweights. We will discuss who is left for Marlon at 135 inside of WSOF, if he is willing to take catch weight fights, and much more. Follow Marlon on Twitter @MMARLONMORAES

    Our second guest is set to take on Tyron Woodley January 31 at UFC 183. Kelvin Gastelum is on the show and ready to talk his upcoming fight. Kelvin has the biggest fight of his career coming up and we will talk to him about his journey to get here. Kelvin could be the next in line to fight for the title with a big win and we will talk the pressure or motivation that comes with such a fight. The Ultimate Fighter Winner is undefeated and looking to keep it that way, get ready for a great interview and an even better fight. Follow Kelvin on Twitter @KelvinGastelum

    Our last guest for the night Javier Vazquez is set to take on Garry "The Lion Killer" Tonon at the Gracie Nationals. We will talk with Javier about his upcoming match, competing, his career inside the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and of course how he is staying busy. We will talk with Javi about where his game stacks up inside the current division, how BJJ has changed and where it is headed inside of MMA, his academy, Battle Balm, and the big expansion he just did at his academy. Tune in tonight to hear about it all and follow Javier on Twitter @javiershowtime


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    PRW Radio Episode 137

    in MMA

    Tonight we will be joined by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Tori Applegate. We will talk to her about a variety of topics including what initially got her into Jiu Jitsu, her future goals, teaching kids classes, her achievements such as Silver Medal at the 2014 Gracie Worlds and more. 

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    A Show of Thanks

    in Books

    Join Gumbo Ya Ya host Debbie Workman
    welcome Beau Coup authors Dina Redmon, Gracie Wilson, and Nicole Andrews Moore for Gumbo Ya Ya's Thanksgiving radio show. They'll be sharing what they are thankful for, talking about their latest releases as well as giving us a sneak peek of what's next in store for their fans and readers.

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    Bad Decisions with Eddie Law presented by CrossBonesMMA Radio

    in MMA

    Eddie Law takes on the world of MMA, talks controversies, results, little known facts, weird subjects, and rants a lot. Tune in EVERY SUNDAY and follow Eddie @ELaw31 and @CrossBonesMMA also go to CrossBonesMMA.com

    On today's show we look at the winners and losers from UFC Fight Night: Austin, who called for a title shot after their win in Austin, as well as the results from the card, and of course what happened at Metamoris 5. All this and more on Bad Decisions with Eddie Law!

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    We Won't Waver, Walking the Christian Walk

    in Christianity

    Join Rhyme the Word and Gail Gower as Grace Brown talks about being a Christian in high school. How she keeps on track with her faith, faces opposition because of what she believes. Grace is a wonderful young lady and she will inspire you as she talks about her life and her ministry. She will encourage young girls to live a life following Jesus and give hope to parents of school age children.

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    thereal ep 45 interview w/ daniel camarillo (camarillo jiu jitsu)

    in MMA

    On this episode of "thereal" im honored to have on daniel camarillo. Ralph Gracie black belt, and 3rd degree black belt in Judo. He is the  owner of Camarillo jiu jitsu - jiu jitsu and judo competitor, and  brother of Dave Camarillo. Daniel grew up  up in Bakersfield, CA. He Started training in Judo when he was about 4 years old with my father.  He started competing when he turned 6, and  competed all over the US in every tournament he could get to. His  father would encourage him to fight at his weight but the weight up as well. He won a few junior national championships, then High School nationals, and went on to win the National Ladder in 1996. Throughout his career he  has been to Japan twice, and competed there as well. During his training he moved to Fresno and joined the Fresno State Judo team. He was number 6 in the US at the end of 1996. In 1997 he moved to the Bay Area and joined the Ralph Gracie JiuJitsu Team. This is where his ground skills really took off. He received his  blue belt in just two months of training from Cesar and Ralph Gracie. He wo n the Joe Moreira tournament in 1998, and took 2nd in the absolute division. He kept competing for a career that spans over 2 decades. Here are some of his awesome and amazing accolades. He has more i just ran out of space.


    2nd 2000 National Jiu Jitsu Championship
    2nd 2000 US Open, 3x Submision Wars Champion, 3x Guerrilla JiuJitsu Grand Prix Champion, (2012-2014), 3rd Pan American JiuJitsu Championship, 1st 2013 US Open JiuJitsu Championships, 1st 2014 US Open JiuJitsu Championships


    1st 1996 National Judo Ladder Championships
    5x California State Champion

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    Reverie Radio Presents a Conversation with Author Gracie Wilson

    in Books

    Join host Lori Hays for a conversation with Beau Coup author Gracie Wilson.


    Look for her in the trees enjoying nature's wonders, traveling to see the latest animal conservations, or at aquariums all around the world. This girl loves nature and all animals. She has many pets and is always adding new additions. The more the merrier in her mind. Sitting under the shade reading a book, letting the world around her pass by, while she is safe in her bubble of imagination. Well that is where she'd love to stay. She is a softball player, can be talked into the occasional Karaoke and loves going out to dance. She is a first generation Canadian living in Ontario. Her family is from Scotland, so finding her in the hot sun for very long is unlikely, but give her rain and thunderstorms and she's golden.

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