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    Talking Story:One Woman's Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual/Healing Traditions

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    Many dismiss traditional healing as being unscientific or superstitious, while others overly romanticize these healing modalities dismissing much that modern medicine has to offer. However, according to Phil Borges, Documentary Photographer/Filmmaker of: Enduring Spirit, Tibet: Culture On The Edge and CRAZYWISE, the value of my guest today, Marie-Rose Phan-Lê’s perspective is that her feet are planted in both the modern and traditional worldviews. He continued to state: Talking Story is a wonderful Bridge that spans across many cultures presenting an expanded view of healing and wellbeing.

    Marie-Rose Phan-Lê has more than twenty years’ experience in film and television production (Northern Exposure, Prefontaine, Ace’s High). She is the founder and president of Healing Planet Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and presentation of ancient healing and spiritual traditions. Marie-Rose has traveled extensively for various projects, including her award-winning documentary film, Talking Story, a companion to her book Talking Story. She has transitioned her flourishing healing practice working one-to-one with individuals to focusing on the one-to-many, consulting with organizations, businesses, and other groups. She is currently the chief operating officer and creative director at High Impact Inc.

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    LE JOUR DU SEIGNEUR avec Jeannette Dick - Docteur MULANGO de MARYLAND (USA)

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    THEME: LA FAMILLE: la responsabilite de la femme vis a vis de son mari



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    The singer-songwriter born  in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduate Career Letters and trained at the National Conservatory also educated with great local teachers vocally and instrumentally. She began her  recording career as a soloist, currently has six albums as a leader and several collaborations notable albums, composing music close to jazz folk poetry with sophisticated sound.

    In 2001 she won a Martín Fierro, the most important prize of TV in Argentina as an author. His albums Limbo (EMI 2004, RCA / Sony Music 2008) and Entremundos (S-Music 2006 RCA / Sony Music 2008), were produced along with musician Pedro Aznar, former Seru Giran and Pat Metheny Group, winner of Grammy Awards and several times winner of the Gardel Prize for Music Argentina. Both albums were awards and nominations Gardel Awards and remarkable reviews.

    In 2009 she produced and directed The voice beyond a DVD recorded live at 5.1 with known figures of the local scene.

    In 2010 he edited Finnish Film Archive, in duo with pianist Adrian Iaies, three times nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards, with an original language of both, including repertoire of Thelonious Monk and Cuchi Leguizamón. This album was nominated for Best Jazz Album of the Gardel Awards in Argentina.

    In April 2011, presented Innocence, a record with own pieces and classic Argentine folklore, whose sound is defined by musicians from the jazz and Guillermo Klein and Adrián Iaies.

    In 2011 he collaborated as guest singer on the album The Landing, the Argentine singer León Gieco. On this album also included the likes of Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Gustavo Santaolalla.

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    Chrissy Monroe MRTR

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    Celebrating Over 150 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio interviews VH1 Love And Hip-Hop New York Star: CHRISSY MONROE.

    Chrissy Monroe resides in NYC but grew up as a homeless teen on the mean streets of Baltimore. She managed to stay clear of all the negativity around her and pioneered her own fabulous path. Art, fashion, music, and acting were Chrissy’s first loves. She landed a role on a Baltimore City Cable soap opera and also became a regular fixture on “Shakedown,” a popular dance show. She opened a vintage clothing store and with her fashion forward style and over the top personality, she soon became a well-loved socialite, traveling the world and attending the hottest A-list events.She moved to NYC, where she was signed to the Pabst Brewing Company as a model/brand spokesperson. She quickly landed roles in Michael Moore’s “The Awful Truth” and was a recurring character at Monique’s Comedy Club/Baltimore City Soap Opera Studio sitcom. Chrissy also runs a full spectrum talent agency, Le Jeu Entertainment. This season, Chrissy and her fabulous celebrity teacup Chihuahua, Marge Tiffany, have joined the cast of “Love & Hip Hop NY,” but she still finds time to give back to the community by mentoring troubled youth. Chrissy is in a relationship with producer, Chink Santana and believes he is the one.


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    Blingin the Airwaves with the Author Le' Vonne Barber and Miss Bling

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    I have the pleasure of interviewing one of my Classmates from High School. Le"Vonne is an Author of 3 books and a host of a BTR show called the Mirror. We get a chance to catch up and talk about all things Le'Vonne! Tune in to find out about her novels, "Sideline Hoe 1&2 and GurlFriends". All month, Bling Radio will celebrate women of excellence in media, business and more! If you are a woman in business or would like to submit an interview request for someone you know, send a email to: blingradioshow@gmail.com

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    L'incantation pour la 'seconde vue', et aventures auprès des royaumes magiques

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    En puisant de nouveau dans le Livre des Enchantements d'Almine, nous récitons pour vous une incantation pour préserver la 'seconde vue' de l'enfance, si souvent bloqué dans le colonne vertébrale (Book of Spells, page 233). Ensuite, Marc nous traduira une partie particulièrement intéressant de l'interview avec Almine au sujet des royaumes magiques, souvent cachés de nos yeux d'adultes.

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    The radio program "Celt In a Twist"

    Canada's Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour, March 15 & 22, 2015

    For St. Patrick's Week, a global Celtic celebration w/ a debut fr. Irish taste-makers, Altan. You got yer Celt In A Twist!

    Daimh - Lads and Lasses
    Peatbog Faeries - Abhainn A'nathair
    Le Vent Du Nord - Montcalm
    Irish Moutarde - Glasses To The Sky
    Rocky Roads - A Day In The Hay
    Old Blind Dogs - Terror Time
    Baltic Crossing - New Fano
    Merry Hell - Lay Your Head Down
    Kamerunga - Mulligan
    Altan - The Tin Key
    Emer Kenny - Parting Glass
    Anna Schaad - Miss U
    Barleyjuice - St. Patrick's Day

    2nd hour: A St. Patrick's send-off fr. Black 47's Last Call, Altan's Shamrock Shore + special guest April Verch on The New Part.

    Altan - Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
    Basco - Hog Eye Man
    Qristina & Quinn Bachand - Kolyana/Banks of Loch Gowan
    Spirit Of The West - Home For A Rest
    Richard Thompson - Stony Ground
    Tartan Amoebas - New Day Dawning
    Young Dubliners - We The Mighty
    * interview with fiddler, April Verch
    April Verch - Midnight Serenade/Stern Wheeler
    Mozaik - Train On The Island
    Black 47 - St. Patrick's Day
    Kila - Rachel Corrie
    Frigg - Jalla Jalla

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    LE JOUR DU SEIGNEUR avec Jeannette Dick / Pasteur ASSEMIAN du Canada

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    du CANADA



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    Pasos Para Superar El Miedo Al Fracaso Mas Los Beneficios

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    Pasos Para Superar El Miedo Al Fracaso Mas Los Beneficios, este es el tema del dia. La verdad es una y esta es que todos quedamos superarnos. Queremos sentirnos realizados que estamos cumpliendo un proposito de vida y que de una manera u otra estamos contribuyendo al mundo y a la sociedad en la cual vivimos. Para manifestar este sentimiento de realizacion muchas veces tenemos que tomar acciones a la cual le tenemos miedo, miedo de fracasar en ellas. Pero hoy comparto los pasos para superar este temor mas los beneficios que tendras en otras areas de tu vdia. 

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    El día 11 de Marzo, 2015 – En Vivo a las 12 del día PST! 

    Hora de  España y Europa Central: 8:00pm; 
    Hora de Islas Canarias, Reino Unido y Portugal: 7:00pm 
    ;Hora de Ciudad de México: 1:00pm; 
    Hora de Buenos Aires, Argentina: 4:00pm; 
    Hora de Colombia: 2:00pm

    Por favor consulte su hora local con 
    relación a la hora con Los Ángeles, E.U. (PST)

    Hola a Todos!, 

    Buenas Noticias!

    Hemos decidido realizar un evento adicional en vivo para todos ustedes que no pudieron atender al evento pasado y para dar oportunidad a otros a estar en directo, o hablar en directo con el Dr. Yuen… Muchísimo interés y emoción se generó en el último evento gratuito en vivo y por ello deseamos dar la oportunidad a muchos de ustedes que no la tuvieron de participar de la experiencia y resolución sobre su dolor y sufrimiento. Este será el último evento gratuito del mes, de manera que si usted se siente atrapado por cualquier tipo de problema en la vida, tome ventaja de esta oportunidad para borrar su dolor con el Dr. Yuen y así continuar con su vida. 

    Gracias a por la gran cantidad de emails que ustedes nos han enviado expresando la fortaleza y mejorando su sentir de estar vivos que sintieron al unirse en el evento gratuito pasado.

    Le invitamos muy cordialmente a unirse a nosotros si están atravesando por depresión, o cualquier problema que les este afectando negativamente, u otra circunstancia; ¡el estar en vivo con la energía del grupo y del Dr. Yuen le fortalecerá a usted también!

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    Evento gratuito: Únase al Dr. Yuen, Borre su Dolor y Estrés al Instante

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    Vea este vídeo Ahora

    Basada en el Libro Más Vendido en Amazon International en las categorías: 
    ¡Nº1 en Problemas y Enfermedades Relacionados con la Edad Y 
    Nº 1 en Auto Ayuda!

    Las dificultades y problemas emanan de su condición mental de “no saber qué hacer” ni “cuando ni cómo empezar.”

    ¡Borre estas dos debilidades comunes y discapacitantes en esta Consulta Clínica!

    En ella se le orientará y fortalecerá para conectar fuertemente con su INTELIGENCIA FÍSICA (saber), para que esté libre de dolor, enfermedad, achaques y de todo sufrimiento.

    Problemas de Dolor Físico y Sufrimiento que pueden Abordarse:

    ¿Quiere BORRAR cualquier problema físico, enfermedad, lesiones, dolor agudo o crónico y dificultades con la edad o con la reducción de peso al instante?
    ¿Quiere mejorar el rendimiento físico, al instante?
    ¿Quiere mejorar la forma física al instante?
    ¿Quiere fortalecer y optimizar todas sus funciones corporales?

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