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    PUFF TV Morning Convo.. "REMY MA IS HOME"

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    THANK YOU for listening to the PUFF TV Morning Convo!

    If you have any questions about the show please email us..pufftv@me.com

    Thanks again

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    Da Lodd Manafess Show/The TRU Vision Take OVA.

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    Da Lodd Manafess Show We have 2 special guests on Air for an Interview. Earl Grey will be with us Tonight talking about his new Album's he has coming out.  Also Jobsonian Smith will be a guest on the show for an interview and talk a little bit with us about his new Album.  This is a Hip-Hop Only SHOW! meaning no R&B what so ever!!!!!  Hosted by Raaddrr-Van and Co-Host Ms.TruVision

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    Dr Robyn's Heart: The essence of the authentic Vedic Learning System.

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Dr Robyn's Heart. Dr Robyn Mills is a psychologist and inspirational speaker who engages and expands the goodness in the heart of humanity. This show will introduce you to concepts that will expand your knowledge and challenge your belief systems.  Let's travel this journey together for a little while and learn about the Vedic learning system.   Today we will here from Ma Maheshwara, 13 yrs Old, originally from Texas, United State, currently living in India. In 2010, Ma Maheshwara participated in eN-genius program. It is a 21 days program designed to awaken and express the extraordinary dimensions in the child through the essence of authentic Vedic Learning System. After eN-genius program, Maheswara dropped the need to watch television, cartoon, video games, eating junk food effortlessly. In 2012, Maheshwara joined the gurukul to learn Yoga. Gurukul provided the right environment, right guidance from the higher energy to start expressing their extraordinary dimensions that the current social system holds them from. She feels that Life is so simple to live by the technique of completion. In Sep 2014, Ma Maheshwara started doing third eye reading and started experiencing tremendous change in her cognitive ability. During blindfold reading, She goes into a thoughtless space and can see words in golden letters. She is constantly experiencing what it means ‘be in the moment’. Recently, Ma Maheshwara has demonstrated third eye blind fold reading in Mind Body Soul Conference in Victoria University, Wellington.
    Ma Supraja- Mother of ma Maheshwara

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    Episodio 27 - San Ignacio De Loyola

    in Christianity

    Hoy con nosotros en la radio estára el Padre Mauricio Pineda y el Padre Javier Carralón, transmitiendo directamente desde El Salvador.  Estaremos en vivo así que llamen durante la entrevista para hacerles ustedes alguna pregunta sobre cómo va la obra y el apostolado de ellos en San Salvador.  También, Antonio hoy nos hablará sobre un gigante de santidad, Ignacio de Loyola, cuya fiesta es mañana. ¡Pasemos la voz!

    3 Formas de Escuchar

    Aquí en Blogtalk, click "Play" arriba a las 7:30 PM o en

    www.facebook.com/escueladeliderazgosantamaria o por teléfono llamando al

    347-857-3183 (marcar 1 si desea hablar).


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    Freedom Journey Outpost Sunrise Intercession

    in Christianity

    Prayers, decrees and intercessions for all the saints to join in - from America's Hometown - Plymouth MA - at Freedom Journey Outpost. Every Thursday from 7:30-8am.  Join us if you are in the area, but you can always agree with us in prayer online.  God bless you and may He give us the victory!

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    Tonight at 9pm est we go live tune in or call 657-383-1848 press 1 to go live.

    We are kicking the night off first with Bobby Coah an upcoming artist. Aslo joing us tonight female artist Desi Ma an releasing exclusive music from her upcoming prodjects. Then well known Zumbi Zoom from Zion I. Tonight is another epic show again tune in or call 657-383-1848 press 1 to go live. 

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    Episode 59: Aaron Fischman Stops By

    in Sports

    Aaron Fischman (Writer for @Ozy, @VantageSports. @Cowbell_Kingdom editor, who loves features. USC MA (Digital & Print Journalism), UC Davis BA.) stops by to discuss the offseason, summer league and the upcoming season.

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    Pure Hope #29 Young LIVING Oils

    in Spirituality

    There is a reason why they call these oils “LIVING.”  That is because they are!

    Join us LIVE on the air and listen and ask questions about Essential oils.  Oils have

    been used by royalty and in religious ceremonies thousands of years ago.

    Now a comeback has begun to happen with using these oils for a plethora of reasons

    and occasions.  Our guest will be Jennifer Galvin-Anderson, MA, found her calling to

    holistic healing work at the young age of 14 after a near-death experience, followed a

    year later by cancer.  That journey opened the door for her to explore first-hand the

    benefits of a Holistic approach to wellness, and verified for her that she came back to

    teach and serve this to others.


    In 2008, Jennifer received her Master’s degree in Holistic Health from the College of St.

    Catherine.  She completed further training in Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop

    Technique and Spiritual Anointing from the Center for Aromatherapy Research and

    Education.  Please join us for this important journey of learning more about Essential

    oils and what they can do for you and your family and the world!  The number to call to

    ask questions of Jen is 213-559-2974 just press one and our program director will take

    your questions and Jen will be more than happy to answer them for you.  We have not

    had a live show for a while so please join us for a cup of tea and some fascinating and

    educational information.

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    Turn up Tuesdays

    in Entertainment

    "A frank, sometimes-disturbing debut novel that highlights the darkness that can lurk within picture-perfect families"-Kirkus and they say, "...the story's brutal emotional honesty is what keeps it moving."-Kirkus Reviews.Kelly Flook Has left no stone un-turned in telling her story because she wanted to help alleviate some of the pain and shame suffered by the 39 million Americans sexually abused in the 20th Century alone (1 in 4 boys and 1 in 6 girls). As well, Huff Post printed Teresa Huizy the Exec. Director of National Children's Alliance saying 315,000 children were reported sexually abused in the US last year. At that rate there will be another 3 million plus more abused in ten years. 

    (In her own words) I did everything society said to be happy. I got the degrees: BA, a Montessori degree, and an MA. I married the “right” men who could “give me respect and boost my confidence.” First an attorney. Had one daughter. The marriage ended after seven years because of his affairs. Eight years later, my second husband was a cardiologist from Virginia. We had a bi-coastal, whirlwind coke-induced love affair for eighteen months. The marriage lasted six months. I did things I thought might help society. I sent women to London for abortions before Roe v. Wade. I was active in the peace movement to stop the Vietnam War. I started NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) with my first husband. I had the right jobs: I wrote and produced for PBS. I won numerous awards. I wrote screenplays to shine the light on inequities. None of this alleviated my pain, shame and suffering from the childhood beatings and sexual abuse that led to my self-abuse. My healing journey began withShhhh!     


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    Remy Ma Back? \\ Nicki Minaj Still? \\ Upcoming NY rap events \\ New releases

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    The long-awaited-by-some return of NY rapstress Remy Ma after serving a moderately long prison sentence, had the rap world buzzing, even if a bit premature, thanks to irrespnsible "reporting" by some of hip hop's loudest mouthpieces. Her return was punctuated by a quick freestyle assist by DJ Khaled, the inevitable "Is she going to do anything of value?" and "What does this mean for Nicki Minaj?" discussions.

    The combination of all thes things lead us to tonight's initial topics:

    1. Can Remy Ma make any headway in today's rap landscape?

    2. Why do so many people who are praising her return, have to disparage current rap queen Nicki Minaj at the same time? What is it about the rap audience that has a problem with there being MULTIPLE successful artists at one time, particularly female? 

    3. But if we're going to compare, let's analyze the freestyle by Remy and the verse of Beyonce's Flawless remix that Nicki Minaj dropped almost simultaneously, and what both releases might mean to both artists.

    4. (I'm sure we'll slip in some snark at the irresponsible "hip hop media" who once again, carry on as if spreading misinformation to millions of people ain't no big thing.)

    5. As always, event reviews and previews and some new, noteworthy NY rap releases as well.

    Join us live. Call in with your thoughts. We expect this to be a heated discussion, and we're looking forward to your input.

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