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  • Removing The Bandages w/ Sylinda D From The Club House To The Church House

    in Lifestyle

    Guest Marshiela Hall stops by the studio to talk about from stripping to praising.

    Marshiela serves as the active Chaplin for the Atlanta Chapter of BWN SisterHood (Black Women Networking). She is an entrepreneur and business owner of Beauty With Purpose for health and wellness through which she inspires others to be there complete self in the mind, body and spirit. She is currently and purposely the Founder of Prolific Purpose Arts Empowerment Academy. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters  

    Tamia Jones (17) and Zhi'Liana Hall (9).


    Her passion is best stated, “I AM His Purpose for which He uses to create Master Pieces and through these Pieces each individual becomes a Master of their own purpose in Him!”  Marshiela is a powerful Woman of God with a story that knocks you off of your feet.


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    Removing the Bandages w/ Sylinda D Topic: In the Mind of a Man

    in Lifestyle

     First Guest: Adika C. Trimble is employed with the Department of Family and Children Services  where he serves as the Director for the DeKalb Access & Resource Center .

    Trimble serves as the director of the regional fatherhood unit where he and his staff have been successful in helping fathers secure and retain employment, driver’s licenses, and housing.  This Morehouse College and University of Georgia Alumni is known in the community for building partnerships with organizations and schools to county government and law enforcement agencies. He and his wife are the proud parents of 6 children and he is very multi talented in the fields of an  educator, musician and author.

    Second Guest: Mark Brooks is a divorced, father of four.  He is originally from Gary, Indiana and now resides in Indianapolis where he works and is currently pursuing his degree in Business Management. He is a man with a vision that uses a common sense approach to real life situations.  He is an encourager and inspirational speaker to many. Mark's reason for living is his children. 


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    Synergy Soul Sunday/ Removing Baggage and No More Drama

    in Entertainment

    Join Dawn LeRoux and Lonee Taylor as the ladies of Synergy Soul discuss removing the baggage and how to steer clear of the drama.
    Listen UP, Call IN, and Share the Network

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    in Lifestyle

    Removing the bandages welcomes two powerful women: Mrs. Linda Usher Mays and Mrs. Marcellia Faltz as they Remove Bandages and talk about the loss of their sons being murdered by the hands of other young black men and how the two of them are still standing.

    When and where does it end? It's time to take our young men back.....ITS REAL!!!!!!

    We are losing too many of our young men, because they have never had that man to speak into them, push them, pray with and for them. They are making decisions that are causing them their lives as well as others. When our men stand up and take their rightful place, then the enemy will fall and have no power. 

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    Destination: Baggage Check?

    in Spirituality

    What is your final destination? How many bags will you be checking? These are words frequently heard as one travels. Whether by train, plane or bus, carriers always want to know; where are you going? And how much stuff are you taking with you?  

    Our question is Do you know where you are going and what are you taking with you? Can you afford to take all of that?

    Well, just as you must know the answer when you're traveling naturally, even so you must know where you're going and what you are taking with you spiritually and emotionally.  You must understand this naturally, spiritually and emotionally in order to pack effectively for the journey. Especially as you move forward in your life's relationships and ministry.

    Join me and my guest tonight; my friend Prophetess Latrice Leak as we explore the baggage claim department of this season. Tongiht you will discover what things you will need and what things you must choose to leave behind. Those things that are absolutley prohibited for where you are going and those things that are too costly to take with.  

    Join the discussion tonight and learn what is essential and what is non essential to take with you for where you want to go. Dial in to dialogue with us 347-843-4967, or join my chat room discussion at www.angministries.com go to the radio show.

    This will be a show full of fun, laughter and enlightenment. 





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    Emotional Baggage: Why We Carry and How Do We Remedy It?

    in Romance

    Seemingly most people are carrying some form of emotional baggage from previous relationships, childhood, and our respective life’s experiences in general. We will all have our respective ‘levels of awareness’ to our baggage as well. Often people are oblivious to their emotional baggage, while some people may be more aware.

    What type of affect does carrying Emotional Baggage have on our relationships? What are some steps that can be taken to get rid of Emotional Baggage? How sensitive are we to the Emotional Baggage of others?

    Share your stories and examples with us and the world Friday night at Midnight till 2AM!

    Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528...

    Share your opinions with the world!!




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    Please Excuse My Baggage!

    in Motivation

    Did you give your friends,business partners and or spouse your WARNING LABEL...Most importantly do YOU even know the Baggage is there?

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    Removing the Mask with Felecia Pough

    in Women

    A Special Episode with Felecia Pough the author of Removing The Mask. Meet me and my special guest as she provides us with a brief, yet in-depth look inside the dramatic events in her life, as she discloses past-emotional bondage, sexual issues, and physical and emotional abuse. Through her short stories and spiritual devotionals, you will gain knowledge as well as understanding that will help with areas of your life that may have you entangled, thus leading you to a healthier, more productive, and strengthened relationship with Jesus Christ.


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    Removing the Fear of Dating ~ Letting Go of the Past

    in Relationships

    Greetings and Welcome to this "Special Broadcast" of "The Essence of My Love" with your Host Prophet Jeffery Epps Sr. and your Hostess Prophetess Shawna Romance Coach Davis. We are thankful to come to you live from Schiller Park, Illinois. It is such a blessing to be able to broadcast live with this Man of God.

    Tonights Broadcast: Removing the Fear of Dating ~ Letting Go of the Past

    Please join us by dialing in direct at (347) 637-1509

    You may also join us via chat www.blogtalkradio.com/theessenceofmylove

    Please visit our website at www.theessenceofmylove.com

    Tonights broadcast times are 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST, 8 PM MST, 7 PM PST





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    Continuing on with our series on LOA - Visualizing and Removing Resistance

    in Culture

    Hi there!  In this episode of Transforming your Life with Kellie Fitzgerald and Lisa Van Slyke, we'll be continuing our series on using the Law of Attraction to live your dream life.  Last week we talked about what the Law of Attraction is and how it really starts with deciding what you really want yet at the same time, being grateful for what you already have.

    In this episode we'll talk more about the visualizing aspect of the Law of Attraction and then move on to removing resistance to change, even positive change, that we all seem to have.   So, listen closely, take notes if you feel it would help, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about anything we talk about.   You can find our facebook group, with handouts pertaining to this show and so much more, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/883129655059838/.  We would love to see you there!

    As always, thank you so much for listening!

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    in Relationships

    We will be discussing some personal issues, and how these issues showed up in our relationship because they were unaddressed and believed to be relationship survival skills. We all have out dated relationship beliefs that hinder our abilty to walk in love, because we don't realize what it is that we are doing that is wrong. When our primary focus is on the other persons in our relationshiips, we can readily see what is wrong with them, and even blame them for our own behavior. In order to learn how to operate in love, we must find out the kind of personal baggage we bring into relationshiips. These issues have to be exposed so we will no longer continue to do what love insists that we stop doing. 

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