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    REMOVING THE BANDAGES/Delivered And Set Free

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    Pastor AJ Bowers-Loynes was born in Peoria, IL and raised in Chicago.  He had a tulmutous childhood in between being raised by his mother while enduring sexual abuse.

    The abuse stopped when he ran away to his father's home their in Peoria .  He eventually got saved at 9 yrs old and filled with the Holy Ghost .  His feelings for attraction to other young boys started at 14, which led him into a life of homosexuality.  In 2005 He was delivered and now  pastors a small church' Faith Deliverance Holiness Temple COGIC' in Atlanta, GA. 

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    Marcus Y. Rosier is an author, transformational speaker, life coach and author coach. He gives information and inspiration; to wake each person up to the possibilities and potential of their lives. Once awake he gives his audience practical strategy and step-by-step implementation to win in every area of their life.

    Marcus has a unique story that has afforded him a variety of diverse life experiences. He graduated at the tender age of 16 years old, and by the age of 19 he purchased his first home. He was also part owner of a real estate investment company and Founder & CEO of two companies of his own. In addition, he was the Founder & CEO of a non-profit organization for at-risk youth ages 13-18.

    After years of success Marcus found himself having to fight the declining housing market and economic recession. His life and businesses quickly changed, and he was forced to start all over and embrace the process of rebuilding his life. It was then that Marcus set out on a journey to discover who he was outside of the status and material things he acquired, and to redefine his concept of success. During this process, that Marcus discovered and developed the concept and life practice that changed his life. This practice he titled, “WIN THE DAY.” This concept is to make every hour of the day worth $100 and make the entire day worth $2,400. His life practice was, and is, to invest a minimum of $240 (2 hours and 40 minutes) into his talent, personal growth, and character development, each and everyday. It was the concept of “WIN THE DAY” that helped him to redefine and reclaim true success.

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    Emotion Code: Removing Emotional Baggage With Dr. Bradley Nelson

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    Spiritual Medium Joseph Tittel, aka Spiritman, his spiritual journey more than 3 decades ago. Joseph began his first radio show more than 8 years ago. Joseph's goal is to bring you inspiring guests, such as authors, spiritualists, numerologist and so many more, to help guide you on your path and lead you into the best potential future possibe. 

    Tonight Friend to the show Dr. Bradley Nelson, Author of the Best Selling book The Emotion Code, Will be joining us.  

    Dr. Bradley Nelson is the developer of the most advanced form of energy medicine on the planet. A holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. His bestselling book, "The Emotion Code", is helping people all over the world to improve their lives by ridding themselves of their imbalancing emotional baggage. Users of The Emotion Code technique have found freedom from emotional problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as physical problems including fatigue, pain and disease. Audiences around the world have enjoyed Dr. Nelson’s unique insight on holistic health the healing arts.

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    Removing The Bandages Welcomes The Cast of Answered Prayers

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    Vanessa Richardson stops by along with some of  her cast members, Mrs. Anitra Howard-Wilson and Ms. Tawanda Robinson to talk about her production, 'Answered Prayers'.  Vanessa is An Author, Poet, Playwright, Founder of Certain Ones' Magazine and Radio Talk Show Host.

    Anitra Howard-Wilson of Willow Spring, North Carolina is a gospel artist, actress and has written several stage productions.  She has made several TV appearances.

    Tawanda Phipps is owner of Phipps Boutique. She is has starred in several of Vanessa Richardson's stage productions, and has performed at several weddings and church events.




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    Removing The Bandages/ THE WOMEN WITHIN

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     LaToya Haley is 36 years old. and  a member of New Holy Temple C.O.G.I.C. where her father George Haley is the  Pastor.  She presently resides in Tennessee and  is a  gifted musician and singer and  was blessed to begin her  ministery. She is  Ceo/Owner and Founder of my ministry called Perfecting Deliverance Ministries.  She has an outreach ministry to  men and women that are in a life of homosexuality and are seeking deliverance.

    I began my ministry and since doing so 1000's of men and women have come to me for help and I have led them to Christ.  I have started my own prayer call that I do on Monday mornings at 7am.  She has  been a featured guests  calls that have delivered others from a life of homosexuality.  She  recently started her own radio show entitled Perfecting Deliverance Radio.  She is a mentor and motivational speaker and travels the country speaking to churches, organizations, schools and other companies.  Her book will be released in early Spring 2016.  

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    Removing The Bandages/Speak Into Me

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    Stephan Labossiere is a man on a mission, and that mission is to make relationships happier and more fulfilling. As a certified relationship coach, a speaker and author, Stephan seizes every opportunity to help both men and women overcome the challenges that hinder their relationships. From understanding the opposite sex, to navigating the paths and avoiding the pitfalls of relationships and self-growth, Stephan’s relationship advice and insight helps countless individuals achieve an authentically amazing life. Stephan empowers millions to take charge of the difficult situations standing in the way of the life and love they seek and to make impactful changes on a daily basis. Dedicated to helping, and devoted to keeping it real, Stephan’s straightforward, yet compassionate delivery style, attracts a versatile clientele including: notable celebrities, civic and social organizations, academic institutions, singles, and couples alike, who can and are ready to handle the truth! Seen, heard and chronicled in national and international media outlets including: the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Examiner, ABC, GQ, and Huffington Post Live, to name a few. Stephan is highly sought-after because he is able to dispel the myths of relationship breakdowns and obstacles–platonic, romantic, and otherwise—with fervor and finesse. To coin a phrase by an individual who attended one of his speaking engagements, “He’s definitely the relationship guy, all relationships all the time.” With an international following of singles and couples alike, the name Stephan Labossiere is synonymous with breaking down relationship barriers, pushing past common facades, and exposing the truth. It is this understanding of REAL relationships that he brings to everyone he encounters.

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    DiShan Washington is a native of Valley, Alabama. Married at the age of 16, she became one of the youngest known First Ladies (Pastor’s wife) at the age of 17, and with this feat came incredible challenges that led to bouts of low self-esteem, depression, two suicide attempts, and a plethora of other struggles she openly shares. The landscape of her life changed and her marriage came to an end at the age of 30.  By far her greatest trial yet, her faith was tested on the greatest level.  DiShan is also a powerful and prolific minister, teacher, life coach, and motivational speaker.  She has been seen on TLC & Bravo and in countless National magazine articles.

    Clarisa Yvette has been a spokeswoman and role model for plus size women for years. Standing at 5’9” and at a size 16, Clarisa is a force to be reckoned with in the plus size industry. . She is an American – Caribbean curvy plus size model from the Bronx, New York. Her portfolio consists of Atlanta International Fashion Week, Women Let’s Speak Runway Show, Kontrol Magazine Fashion Week and FITCA. She has also been the face of many brands. She manages to serve as a woman empowerment speaker.

    Her own personal story became the catalyst of a foundation she birthed with a close friend,. She is also the owner of Ienvy Inc. in Atlanta,Ga; a lash and makeup beauty bar. She wants to represent confidence, class, etiquette, selfassurane. Clarisa Yvette  believes in living a balanced lifestyle. When she is not working in the community or walking the runways, she is spending time with her children.


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    EP#12 Baggage Claim: Compromise & Organize

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    Tune In Tuesday, Jan 5th at 9PM ET./8PM CT. to Hearts Exposed Heart Online Radio Show.with hostess Lakrush Hearts. Let's talk about matters of the heart "Baggage Claim: Compromise & Organize". When you enter into a new relationship one thing you have to prepare for are the baggages of life your significant other brings to the table. Join us as we delve deeper into compromises one make when in a relationship and sharing organizing tips for the new year.

    Listen, Comment & Chat
    Call-In 347-989-0691
    (Press #1 To Speak)

    Submit your music, join the discussion, and much more. Visit Our Website: http://heartsexposedheart.com

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    Bullying Couldn't Stop Me/Removing The Bandages

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    Karmin Mosley (Miss Jr)


    Passion and dedication are the words that define Karmin Mosley. When you ask her about her greatest accomplishments in this business she will tell you, that reaching out to less fortunate children are a dream comes true. Making a difference and leaving her mark. She aspires to inspire through dance. Her focus today is Miss Jr's Bulliez coming up against bulliez, one dance step at a time. This disease is taking over our nation. Karmin knows all too well about being bullied. This is why Karmin and her mother, Carmen Mosley teamed up with our youth and created Miss Jr's Bulliez. Karmin was a victim of this disease in middle school and has decided to help our youth over come as she did. Karmin has brought together several talented and gifted teens to share their gifts through storytelling and by dancing, singing, acting, and using instruments. Being accepted into the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive Program on a full scholarship was an amazing experience. Another dream come true was winning the lead in The Wiz the year before. She began taken an interest in dancing since she was a toddler starting out in professional dance schools and in areas such as gymnastics, tap, country line dance, jazz/hip-hop, modern dance, lyrical dance just to name a few, but her focus is ballet and pointe. Creating her own choreography and sharing her love of dance all over the world. Growing in a fast paced industry Karmin grew to have a love for acting. She has done stage plays such as The Nutcracker and more.

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    Throw your baggage overboard

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    you can't cruise through life by reliving your past. If you overload your ship it's sure to sink. Learn to throw that excess baggage overboard for smooth sailing ahea