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    Create Your Bliss w/Nika Annon Interviews Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy

    in Self Help

    Nika Annon (nikaannon.com) interviews Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D. and Barbara Mainguy, M.A., authors of Remapping Your Mind: The Neuroscience of Self-Transformation through Story.

    Applying the latest neuroscience research on memory, brain mapping, and brain plasticity to the field of narrative therapy, Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy explain how the brain is specialized in the art of story-making and story-telling. They detail mind-mapping and narrative therapy techniques that use story to change behavior patterns in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. They explore studies that reveal how memory works through story, how the brain recalls things in narrative rather than lists, and how our stories modify our physiology and facilitate health or disease. Drawing on their decades of experience in narrative therapy, the authors examine the art of helping people to change their story, providing brain-mapping practices to discover your inner storyteller and test if the stories you are living are functional or dysfunctional, healing or destructive. They explain how to create new characters and new stories, ones that excite you, help you connect with yourself, and deepen your intimate connections with others.

    The authors also explore how narrative therapy can help replace dysfunctional cultural stories with those that offer templates for healthier relationships with each other and the planet.

    CLICK HERE to purchase Remapping Your Mind: The Neuroscience of Self-Transformation through Story


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    The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    We Carry the Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison-Love in Every Stitch with Lee Gant.   On today's show, Lee Gant shares how knitting has saved someone from a life of drug addiction, has helped someone finally leave her house, and how knitting has helped a person transition through the stages of being blind. Some of the stories in Lee's book,Love in Every Stitch, will seem like miracles, and perhaps they are. Lee will share that knitting not only fosters self esteem, hope and healing, but it has the power to save lives. It is what saved Lee's life when she was at her lowest point. Knitting has transformed millions of lives, one stitch at a time.

    Remapping Your Mind: The Neuroscience of Self-Transformation through Story - Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy.We are born into a world of stories that quickly shapes our behavior and development without our conscious awareness. By retelling our personal, family, and cultural narratives we can transform the patterns of our own lives as well as the patterns that shape our communities and the larger social worlds in which we interact.  They detail mind-mapping and narrative therapy techniques that use story to change behavior patterns in ourselves, relationships, communities, explore studies that reveal how memory works through story, how the brain recalls things in narrative rather than lists, and how our stories modify our physiology and facilitate health or disease. Drawing on their decades of experience in narrative therapy, the authors examine the art of helping people to change their story, providing brain-mapping practices to discover your inner storyteller and test if the stories you are living are functional or dysfunctional, healing or destructive.

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    Chief Langley House of Ancestry Genealogy Chit Chat" Questions and Answers"

    in History

    Friday Nite Genealogy Chit Chat- Open Forum. We answer questions to help you get beyond Genealogy Brick walls. Racial Codes, Timelines, Community Remapping. 

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    Finally Discovered How My Recovery Happened

    in Education

    Since my brain injury 37 years ago, I have always wondered why I have done so well over the years?  At last week's Southwest Conference on Disability, I did two presentation that helped to answer that question. Creating a Quality of Life for People with Brain Injuries - Using Neuroplasticity, Mindfullness Meditation and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction.  Recent research has determined that “Neuroplasticity has replaced the formally-held position that the brain is a physiological static organ, and explores how - and which ways – the brain changes throughout life”. Neuroplasticity occurs on a variety of levels, ranging from cellular changes due to learning, to large-scale changes involved in cortical remapping in response to injury. The role in neuroplasticity is widely recognized in healthy development, learning, memory, and recovery from brain damage. Decades off research have now shown that substantial changes occur in the lowest neocortical processing areas, and that these changes can profoundly alter the pattern of neuronal activation in response to experience. Neuroscientific research indicates that experience can actually change both the brain’s physical structure (anatomy) and functional organization (physiology). Neuroscientists are currently engaged in a reconciliation of critical period studies demonstrating the immutability of the brain after development with the more recent research showing how the brain can, and does, change in response to hitherto unsuspected stimuli".

    Playing baseball increased my neuroplasticity through exercise, practice and repetition. Mindfulness Therapy was how I kept my poise while pitching. Mindfulness is all about staying focused, thinking ahead and knowing the situations, staying calm, relaxed and in control (resilience in the face of adversity).

    Neuroplasticity and Minfulness = Baseball.

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    Life's Issues - Remapping Your Life When Loss Changes Everything

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen andhis guest Judy Brizendine

    Judy Brizendine—author, blogger, and speaker—is a woman with a passionate mission that developed as a result of a tragic loss. The statement, “Out of your deepest pain comes your greatest gift,” describes her experience.

    In 1998, Judy’s husband of twenty-nine years died suddenly on a mountain bike ride, and her grief journey changed her life, perspective, and career.

    Because she was painfully unprepared to face grief—just as most of us are—she is committed to easing your struggle to understand and deal with grief. Her goal is to meet you wherever you are, and connect with you in such a way that you will know that you can make it through this experience and discover a new sense of hope and direction.

    Her STUNNED by Grief books gently guide you through the chaos and confusion of grief in a realistic, revealing, personal, and practical way. Readers facing grief and loss have discovered a source of sanity, solutions, validation, and life-changing support in STUNNED by Grief.


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    City Maps: Are African Americans Being Cut Out of Political Power?

    in Women

    Every ten years the Census Bureau takes a count of the population to verify numbers of people representing the various "races". Based on this count, city maps are drawn with boundaries that supposedly allow each race of people to be properly represented in the government. But are these maps used to empower or disempower the people? Political activist Bruce Crosby explains the power of a city map and how it is tied to the economic well being of a community.

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    Judy Brizendine; Author; Stunned By Grief

    in Spirituality

    Judy Brizendine is a business professional whose life radically changed course after the tragic, sudden death of her husband. In her new book, Stunned By Grief, Judy is helping people understand about grief—and changing the way they view one of the toughest experiences each of us will eventually face. Regardless of her title throughout her professional career, research and writing played key roles. And so, when considering a career shift five years ago due to major life changes, writing skyrocketed to the top of her list along with a desire to make a difference. Challenged by the difficulties of her grief experience and its impact on her life, Judy became especially concerned about others struggling to cope with the effects of grief and loss in their lives. The result is a new concept remapping that separates the grieving process into its most basic elements: time, feelings, acceptance, release, renewal, and support. Remapping is a personal, practical approach that looks at grieving from a new perspective, and plainly illustrates the process of moving full-­circle from loss to living a full and reconnected life again. You can follow Judy on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Re-Inhibition: Remapping Movement in therapy and performance

    in Education

    The "body image" is the way a persons body feels to them. However, there is sufficient evidence to prove that a distorted body image can be shown in people with pain, especially chronic pain. Among the evidence of distortion of the neural representations of body image, the primary sensory and primary motor cortex seem to be the areas of focus and with that comes hope for improvement through RE-INHIBITION of previously disinhibited neural networks. 
    Today, we will discuss the body image as well as approaches to therapy/training that assist in re-mapping a body image that may be causing pain or performance issues.  
    Our guest today is Todd Hargrove. Todd practiced law as an attorney in Seattle for 7 years after graduating from the University of Washington. Leaving law, Todd graduated from the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado and is now in his third year of training to be a Feldenkrais practitioner.

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    Dresser After Dark-The Place for Authors & Experts

    in Books

    Welcome to Dresser After Dark! Tonight we welcome these guests to our show:
    Judy Brizendine: Author of "Stunned By Grief: Remapping Your Life When Loss Changes Everything," http://www.StunnedByGrief.com
    Nelson Trout: Author of "Blood on the Ceiling: The Awesome Calamities of Addiction and the Miracle of Recovery," http://www.bloodontheceiling.com
    Daniel Arthur Nelson: Author of "The Virtue of Money: How Money Contributes to Peace, Happiness and Goodness," http://www.thevirtueofmoney.com
    Linda Oien: Author of "power 10" Leadership: How to Engage People and Get Results," http://www.businesspaths.net
    Ricky Brava: Distressed mortgage debt investing expert talking to Michael tonight about purchasing non-performing mortgages & turning them around for a profit while keeping homeowners in their homes; http://www.apollofinancialgrp.com
    Lisa Tillinger Johansen, MS, RD: Author of "Fast Food Vindication: The Story You Haven't Been Told," http://www.fastfoodvindication.com
    Thank you for joining us tonight on Dresser After Dark!

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    Ashford Radio Presents Terence Chatmon

    in Social Networking

    Terence Chatmon, President of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI), a company geared towards the remapping  the model for your preexisting business to promote efficiency and increase revenue. The benefit is future growth and profitability. 
    Hosted By: Tina Reynolds 

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     I am an Agent of Positive Change in the areas of alcohol and addiction upon which I have written a book. I highly subscribe to the biology of belief and the untapped power of the mind. I am a life student in the study and practice of personal development, neuroassociative conditioning, brain remapping, affirmations, positive action, the art of substitution, positive reinforcement and strong nutrition/dieting just to name a few.With alcoholism and addictions of all types effecting 1 in 3 people from all walks of life, recovery from addiction is at a premium! However, according to numerous studies, the mainstream treatment industry has a deplorable success record. Why is this?Hank Hayes breaks open the coconut on the “powers that be” that don’t want you to know why. But more importantly in his book he supplies over 80 PROVEN solutions that the majority of people who do recover without mainstream methods are using today.Since 97% of the mainstream treatment culture uses a one size fits all approach to solving these problems our book’s content is controversial and quite engaging. We bust myths and supply evidence based research that creates a “what do we do now?” environment.He has a get it done, tactical - take no prisoners attitude. However, being once addicted himself, he knows how to navigate the tricky waters with family members of the addicted person, the addict themselves and the argumentative, hardcore, mainstream zealot. Hank’s “5 master key formula for alcohol and addiction freedom” provides a blueprint that anybody can use to identify their true core issues and better their lives immediately. Hank can reach out to either offer treatment solutions or contact folks that were once alcohol abusers addicted themselves and have found alternative solutions that work.