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    Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler

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    Don Feeney is "a retired United States Diplomat and United States Air Force officer. He has a Masters of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Southern California, and teaches graduate school part-time. Don lives with his wife Andi, and their cat, Kismet, in Indian Harbor Beach, Fla."  Don Feeney is that author of Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler.

    According to the book description of Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler, "Don Feeney has seen it all. As a diplomat working for the United States, he served in embassies and consulates around the world. As an air force officer, he had some daring exploits of varying levels of sanity and sophistication. He's lived, worked, and played in more than fifty countries on five continents. In his memoir Gathering No Moss, Feeney recalls his three-decade trip down the wild, weird, and surprising journeys of his life. A somewhat reluctant traveler, he conveys the heavy burden of loneliness on the road while driven by the search for meaning, spirituality, and love. His life has been one of thought-provoking questions, highly charged emotional situations, and brushes with both greatness and tragedy. He's been an airman, an officer, an instructor, a commander, an administrator, a trainer, a consular officer, a manager, and a diplomat. He's sold paintings on a street corner, washed dishes, worked in a paper mill, flipped hamburgers, painted houses, and tended bar. He smoked pot, drank too much, and fell in (and out) of love (including four marriages). He went AWOL, was shot at three times, survived a brain aneurysm, and beat colon cancer. His mantra- "The more you know, the more you don't know sh*t" or TMYKTMYDKS-reminds us all that the human mind will never let you understand the human mind."

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    The Reluctant Psychic: Interview with Debra Robinson

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    Join ParaNation Radio as Alex Matsuo interviews psychic Debra Robinson. If time allows, Debra will also do live readings during the second part of the show. Alex will talk to Debra about how she came into her psychic abilities as well as her published works and future projects coming up.

    Debra "Reb" Robinson is a multi-faceted individual; an author, musician and psychic. As an author, her first book, A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of a Reluctant Psychic, her memoir, was released July 2013 by Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing. Her second book is Sarah's Shadows, a novel of supernatural suspense. She also has an upcoming book with Llewellyn Publishing which will be released September 2014, titled, The Dead are Watching: Ghost Stories from a Reluctant Psychic.

     Debra was born with inherited psychic gifts and is a professional palm reader and clairvoyant. She also lectures on palmistry and psychic abilities. You may also book a Haunted Tea Party in her haunted house through the website below. Debra's friend and fellow author Annie Wilder (www.anniewilder.com) has been holding haunted tea parties for years, and kindly shared her tips.  Book Debra's Haunted Tea Party here-www.psychicdebra.net

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    Confessions of A Reluctant Ghost Hunter ~ A Cautionary Tale

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    Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker & Helene Olsen as they speak with Von Braschler a very reluctant ghosthunter!

    Despite early recognition of his own psychic sensitivities and ability to see spirits, Von Braschler did not seek to become a ghost hunter. He embarked on this path through a "chance" encounter with a professional ghost hunter. After training with her, he returned to Oregon where he began exorcising ghosts for friends and acquaintances and quickly stumbled upon forces far beyond his level of experience. 

    Sharing his true story of what can go wrong when ghost hunting, Braschler will discuss his training sessions with the professional ghost hunter and details his most difficult and dangerous attempts to remove spirits from haunted buildings, including an old church in Portland and an herbalist’s trailer on Mount Hood, where he encountered a spirit known to choke people in their sleep. 

    Braschler provides practical lists of what to do and what to avoid when removing ghosts from a haunted building; how to identify what kind of spirit you are dealing with; whether it is safe to attempt removal, and how to approach the ghost and convince it to leave. Detailing his own intense and sometimes hellish battles with unseen spirits, he cautions those who try to contact ghosts and spirits purely for entertainment.

    Von Braschler, a former faculty member at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, has led workshops throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. A lifetime member of the Theosophical Society, he is the author of several books, including Seven Secrets of Time Travel. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.


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    If you’ve never known anyone who had some pretty rugged child custody battles, you may not know what supervised visitation is. In cases where the courts are reluctant to allow a parent to spend time with his or her children alone (maybe there are assault or domestic violence issues), the court will order the parent to use the services of a visitation supervisor. This person or organization arranges for the hand off of kids between one parent and another, or will go on the visit with the kids and the parent to be sure everything is all right. Sometimes the parent will have the visit right at a protective facility. Sounds like a great solution for situations where there could be some danger, right?

    Well, maybe. There are plenty of down sides, and like most things, there are consequences.

    Join us Saturday when Tracee Parker shares her knowledge about supervised visitation. She was the Program Director of the Safe Havens Visitation Center/Safe & Sound Visitation in the Seattle area during its operation from January 2005 through December 2012. Her background includes domestic violence advocacy, community organizing, violence prevention, mediation, nonviolent conflict resolution training, and domestic violence perpetrator treatment. Tracee is currently working on her doctorate in clinical psychology where her research focus is post-separation battering, family law and domestic violence, and coercive control.

    Join us Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to learn more about supervised visitation.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways



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    A.W. Evans Author of Darkness, Scream My Name

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    In a crime ridden neighborhood of Houston, Texas, a woman’s mutilated body is found in a weed choked lot. She will become the eighth victim found within an eighteen month period. Darryl “Dice” Jackson, ex-addict, ex-convict, turned cynical drug counselor, begins to ask questions after a graduate of his drug program goes missing. Using knowledge gained from a life in the gutter, and with help from an eclectic bunch of colorful characters, Dice traverses a sultry city of dirty cops, drug dens, ruthless gangs, and deaf, dumb, and blind streets in an ever more determined search for answers to a growing series of late night disappearances and murders. But our reluctant anti-hero is hiding a deadly past of his own; a past that threatens with each turn, to expose his skeletons and bring his whole world crashing down. When a woman’s body turns up clutching a tiny silver crucifix and missing her eyes, Dice finds himself caught in a desperate race to expose a sick killer working the inner-city streets of the Bayou City before another woman is found mutilated and slain; women whom society have labeled expendable, with no face for the world to see and no voice with which to cry out.


    A.W.Evans has been, at various times a truck driver, gravedigger, convict, and evangelist. Having grown up in a mortuary and blessed with a vivid imagination, he is the author of several novels, including, Foul Shot, Chocolate Bayou Blues, and the memoir, Long Time Comin’. He currently lives in Houston, Texas and would love to hear from his readers.evansallen52@yahoo.com

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    1.  In the News   2.  Civil rights advocates and criminal justice scholars talk about the potential benefits and drawbacks to capturing police activity on camera, including technical and legal issues. Other topics included the militarization of police forces around the country, and why police officers are reluctant to report instances of abuse. Steve Silverman in his remarks gave his five rules to video recording the police and showed how to do so, and said that citizens have a right to video record police in public.  3.  Book Talk  

    4.  Listener Calls


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    Into the Light w/Seth Michael & Teresa Kleve-(Ron S. Past life-Annie P. ETs)

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    In the first hour, join mediums, Seth Michael and Teresa Kleve, as we welcome the winner of our, “Be a Guest Co-Host,” contest, Annie Palmer. Our discussion will be a speculation of various topics of extraterrestrials and their motivations.

    The 2nd  hour we will be speaking with, Ron Sohler, Author of, Journey of a reluctant Shaman, and Returning to Peig Sayers (My prior life.) He will be sharing events around his magical trip to Ireland in the quest to uncover a past life.  Ron’s website at www.ronsohler.com

    *Into the light is designed to enlighten and inspire those who are interested in learning about their own abilities and connecting with the other side of life.

    Seth Michael is a professional, natural born Psychic Medium/Spiritual Advisor with over 20 yrs. of experience in giving readings. His passion and intent is to assist others in reaching their higher-self.

    For additional information and to make an appointment for a reading: http://sethmichael.wix.com/sethmichael

    Teresa Kleve is a Spiritual Medium, Empath and Mentor with 50 years of experience and who became aware of her spiritual gifts at age 4. She specializes in bringing messages from loved ones through.
    Email: teresakleve@yahoo.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mediumteresakleve

    Featured song: "Moon Guides my Way"  by Soul Distraction 

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    KTL RADIO presents END OF THE WORLD PT2/ THE EXODUS ft Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus

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    Tonight on KTL RADIO we welcome back Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus for the conclusion of his EPIC presentation, "THE END OF THE WORLD." 

    In PART ONE we ventured with Hakim on his recollection of his latest vision quest. He discussed the revelation of a problem that is deeply embedded in the crevices of our primal brains, a lever that is undermining our personal development and advancement. 

    In PART TWO we will discuss the solution as to how to rid yourself of this parasite. The solution is non compromising, you HAVE to rid yourself of this parasite for GOOD! People have been reluctant to do so, up until this point though. 

    Now that the technology exists to rid ourselves of this parasite, Moorpheus is prepared to sound the alarm...it is TIME FOR THE EXODUS!! 

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    LOP Radio's Official Survivor Series Recap Show

    in Wrestling

    With Survivor Series freshly in the books, join us here on LOP Radio as we break down all the happenings from the big event. Along for the ride will be your usual host, Repo, (@bearforcewon), and his partners in crime, De, (@IIDeaIID), and host of The Late Shift, Steve, (@YourAyatollah).


    Was Team Cena able to overcome the strength of Team Authority, or is the McMahon/Helmsley Regime still firmly in power? What sort of misery did Bray Wyatt bring, or suffer, in his effort to "save" Dean Ambrose by any means necessary? Were the tag teams, somewhat on the back burner in the lead up to this show, able to pull out the usual excellent match and steal the show? Was AJ Lee able to maintain her grasp on the Divas Championship despite Nikki Bella's (reluctant) helper in the form of her indentured servant sister, Brie? What, if any, surprises did WWE spring on us?


    All of these questions and plenty more will be answered as your hosts break down all the events from the show, LIVE right after it goes off the air. You, too, can join in the fun by Tweeting your comments and questons to them during the show, or by simply adding the hashtag #LOPRadio to your Tweets. 

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    Young Mens Health: Nurse Mindy on Saturday at 2:30pst: Ms Sherri's Truth 4 Youth

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    Health is a very complicated topic. It not only includes all the organs of your body, but your emotions, relationships with others, and your life-style (or the choices you make).

    It is so complicated, in fact, that we cannot tell you everything there is to know. We can however, provide some basic information about teen health. It's also important to remember that there are adults in your life who can answer many of your questions. Talk to someone you are comfortable with a parent, school counselor, extended family member like an aunt or uncle or your doctor. Even if they or you have been reluctant or embarrassed to start the conversation, they really do want to talk to you.

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    You Don’t Need to Conduct the Orchestra! ~ Jack Armstrong

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    We humans often feel the need to make things happen – to have things turn out the way we think they should. If we’re facing serious challenges, or if something we’re working on hasn’t happened, our minds tend to jump into action, trying to figure out what to do next.

    But the more we struggle to have things go our way, fear, discouragement or frustration can set in, only adding to our struggles.

    In Jack Armstrong’s new book, You Don’t Need to Conduct the Orchestra!, Lessons on Letting Go, Trusting and Allowing, he shares previously unpublished spiritual teachings that gently remind us that we can let go of the struggle and then trust and allow our highest good to flow into our lives.

    For more than 35 years, Jack Armstrong has been a reluctant, yet willing, conduit for receiving and transcribing remarkable spiritual teachings through a form of channeling known as Inner Dictation -- the same phenomenon through which A Course in Miracles was received.

    After publishing his first book, Lessons from the Source, in 2008, Jack decided to devote his life to sharing these inspiring messages with others for whom they can be helpful, and You Don’t Need to Conduct the Orchestra! is his third publication.

    Jack is an explorer on the spiritual path whose life’s journey has included stops as a nonprofit executive, Peace Corps volunteer, congressional candidate, small business owner, actor, voiceover artist, and hospice volunteer. He lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and strives to practice the lessons he has received.

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