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    All About Relationships: 10 things to do to succeed in any relationship

    in Psychology

    Join us to learn the ten things to do to succeed in any relationship! All About Relationships is a different type of talk-show with Hosts Evinda Lepins, and Steve Atkinson, M.A. Evinda is a survivor of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and Steve was her therapist for over seven years. Together they transparently talk about emotional wounds which lead to weaknesses and cause worries and bring to the table through their wit, encouragement and life experiences ways to acknowledge those things that keep us just surviving instead of thriving. They offer, in real-time,ways to overcome these wounds, weaknesses and worries. They have been reaching out to the walking wounded for several years, helping to make a difference one life at a time. If you struggle with any kind of wound, a weakness, aka an unhealthy habit, and/or are consistently worrying about anything and everything, then you will want to tune in for 30 minutes of free life coaching/counseling! Do you have trust issues? Then you will want to join us for the first of ten things to do to succeed in relationships.

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    Distant Relationships – Closer than Ever

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon and Jim - Eaglewolf - for Healing Mirror Holders Radio on Sunday 9/14 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time for the flow of more about the Spirit Twins medicine that is the connection of relation-shifts!

    As we are getting VERY close to a point on no return in the shift to the New Earth, so we need to test our energy to see if the current flow is the best one for the rest of the road. The time of retracing, closure and a lot of release can cause pain and disease, not to mention discomfort. These can create big trust and surrender 'earthquakes'. Luckily the time of awareness of the Earth Mother and nature is pouring light over the dark times of doubt, fear and anger. As is our connection to one another - those awakened to the changes before us.

    We will talk about how big the energy can be between spirit twins, twin flames and soul mates no matter what the physical distance is between those in the circles of healing and creation. And how, for balance, we need to recognize that the physical element is also vital and critical to all kinds of relation-shifts now. Especially with our soul families and nature. Now it is time to come together as one, all our relation (shifts) – MITAKUYE OYASIN!

    Talking stick is now YOURS!

    We invite listeners to come and participate in the discussion and the sharing of knowledge. And we thank all our listeners for truly “being” the shows we air. Join us!

    We will see you soon.

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    Austin Gets Real Talk From Women

    in Entertainment

    When seven ladies get together in Austin TX conversation gets hot and interesting. We are about to dive deep into a pit fire of lusty reltionships, and why Black women are wired to test the life limits.We also ave the inside scoop on Austin and all of the good/bad it has to offer PRESS PLAY AND CALL IN TO ASK QUESTIONS !

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    "Key to a Man's Heart? Respect"

    in Christianity

    We are beginning a series on “Understanding and Supporting Gender Differences”.  Today will we learn the way to a man's heart; the #1 most important, and effective way to have success with the man you love, or any man in your life.  This is a fairly exhaustive list, but a very helpful list of all the ways you can secure and support your relationship with the man you love, or any man you are in relationship with.  Although I will address ways to make the man you are most intimate with feel loved, I will also show you how many of these techniques work with all man.  They are effective with fathers, brothers, male co-workers, sons, nephew, and male neighbors; really, any man.   So, encourage your daughters, girlfriends, mothers, and co-workers to listen to this helpful teaching on the power of respect. 

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    Age and relationships

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on Set it Off, the beautiful ladies Jane and Pinkyy will be holding it down and discussing the questions, Does a Significant age difference matter in a relationship?
    How does a difference in age affect partners in lesbian relationships? Is the generational gap good for relationships? Are older partners in reltionships often controlling? Are people that only date older or younger partners guilty of having ulterior motives? Find out Tonight on Set it off. 9/8C (646) 716-5840 and press 1 to talk

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    Love & Relationships

    in Entertainment

    Join the beautiful ladies Jane and Desiree as they discuss the various points on love in reltionships. Do you believe in love? need relationship advice or just wana share your thoughts? Tune in with DS Radio this thursday.

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    in Culture

    Have you heard how Black men don't like to travel or Black women don't like to go to the opera ?
    Is that just an excuse to hop the fence or is this stuff true ?
    Call and let me know

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    Arise! for Life- Living the Sabbatical Energize 4 Success

    in Motivation

    Living the Sabbatical Life learn principles to achieving personal, physical, spiritual and emotional success.  Discover how Sabbatical Living Principles will help you achieve your goals by opening up your creative flow. Energize your perspective on life to succeed...

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    The Patriot and Preacher Show March 23, 2013

    in Radio

    News of the day - what's really important
    Founding Fathers - Benjamin Franklin
    Noel Sheppard comments on the debt
    Margaret Hardisty - Reltionships
    7 Secrets to Success - Look for a Window
    Rainbows In Cobwebs - Stories of Hope in the Storms of LIfe

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    Are We As We Are Perceived Or Who We See Ourselves To Be?

    in Lifestyle

    Often we allow ourselves to embrace others opinion of us as being more valid than our own opinion of ourselves. Join us as we discuss on the next Pluto-Nalagy Show.

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    Healthy body Healthy relationships

    in Fitness

    Creating a healthy body in the gym starts at home. Having a healthy stress free, supportive home front can make your training and focus that much better.